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Friday, September 10, 2010

US Military Burns Bibles

Apparently Don't ask and Don't tell extends to religion as well as sexual preference, at least in Afghanistan. In light of the administrations efforts to quash the 1st Ammendment rights of a Florida pastor who wanted to burn Korans I thought it appropriate to revive this story you problably never heard anyway.

Here is the transcript of the above video:

May 20, 2009 The Situation Room.

BLITZER: Meanwhile, the U.S. military is caught in a raging controversy over bibles that were burned. Some Christian groups are furious that Americans were involved in what they consider to be an unthinkable act right in the midst of a war against religious extremism in Afghanistan.

Brian Todd is here in THE SITUATION ROOM.

You've been digging on this story because it's pretty shocking.

BRIAN TODD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It is, Wolf. And it speaks to the very delicate and often dangerous balance that U.S. commanders face in war zones -- books that are holy to the majority of U.S. service members burned in the name of protecting them.


TODD (voice-over): Bibles written in Pashtun and Dari, the two most common Afghan languages -- bibles sent by a church to a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan, bibles that were later burned by the U.S. government. These holy books were confiscated about a year ago at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

An independent film aired by the Al Jazeera Network had shown Evangelical soldiers worshipping at Bagram and talking about ways to share their faith.


TODD: But military rules forbid troops of any religion from proselytizing while in Afghanistan. And U.S. officials were concerned that the bibles would be used to try to convert Afghans to Christianity.

A U.S. military spokesman tells CNN, that kind of religious outreach could have provoked a violent backlash against Americans in this devoutly Muslim nation.

But in trying not to offend the Muslim population there, the military seems to have offended some Christians. The president of a Christian group called Open Doors USA is quoted as saying: "It really should shake the core of every Christian to realize that bibles are being burned."

A military analyst, who's also a Pentagon adviser, agrees.

LT. COL. ROBERT MAGINNIS (RET.), MILITARY ANALYST: There's no need to burn the bibles. They could have been shipped back. Just imagine if we were to -- you know, the same United States military were to take a bunch of Korans and burn them. I can imagine the -- the ramifications across the world.


TODD: Could those bibles have been shipped back?

Well, the military says, not really. A military spokesman tells us they worried that the church that had sent them would turn around and send them to another organization in Afghanistan, giving the impression that they'd been distributed by the U.S. government. So the decision was made to throw the bibles away.

And in war zones, U.S. troops are required to burn their trash. A U.S. military spokesman says they understand the sensitivities of Christians here, that this was not an easy decision, but they had to do this force protection -- Wolf.

BLITZER: Is there any indication that any of these bibles were actually distributed to the local population?

TODD: The military says they have no evidence so far that the bibles made it off of Bagram Air Force Base. The soldier who had gotten them did not know that he was not supposed to distribute them. A military chaplain on base corrected that soldier and confiscated the bibles. As far as they know, they never made it off the base.

BLITZER: Brian Todd, thanks very much for that story.

You have to ask yourself when Obama, Hilary, Petraeus, Gates, the FBI and who knows who else can lean on this pastor, what will be next? Who will be next? What won't you be able to say? I am just asking here as I am more than a little concerned.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Problems: Pastor Burns Korans. Bigger Problem is Islam.

As of this point everyone up to and including the POTUS has asked the Florida Pastor not to burn Korans on 9-11. Muslims all over the world are protesting, burning flags and are beside themselves with hatred for America. Don't you have to ask yourself that if these people are this volatile over this issue that perhaps they may go nuke over who knows what.

There are no secrets that Muslims are hard to negotiate with. Take a look at history and tell me when the ever conceded anything or co-operated for any length of time will anyone including amongst themselves. They are always involved in tribal warfare and even now they cannot bring together successful governments in many of the countries they dominate: ie. Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, etc.

As of right now little kids are taking off their shoes in airports and Americans are receiving full body scans because of some Islamic martyrs on 9-11. When I left Cozumel, Mexico a week ago the security inspection I received was superficial at best. Why? I suppose they figure let America do the tough security. Who knows? My point is that America is the target and we are largely on our own. No matter what this pastor does or doesn't do Muslims will get their panties in a bunch over something. They already call Americans "racist" who disagree with their stance on the ground-zero mosque. Face it. Muslims are a powder keg. The slightest thing sets them off and no one can predict that "thing". There has never been sustained peace in a muslim country. Never. It is my opinion that they are hyper-sensitive and that anything and everything is offensive: particularly non-muslims.

Our soldiers in Afghanistan are in harms way. No doubt about it. If they are Christians they are prohibited from sharing their faith with the Afghans. Why? Because we do not want to offend the Afghans. Ok. Along this same line the US military rounded up bibles that had been printed in the local Afghan dialect and then the disposed of them. How? They burnt them. Bible burning by Americans to appease Afghanis. Excuse me. Did you see Christians threatening war of the bible burning. No. It is my guess that you never even heard of the bible burning.

My point is this: It is best to handle a problem while it is small. If muslims in America and throughout the world think they can control us with their threats; they will. Right now they are doing a fine job of it. The Florida pastor has a small church of 50. Everyone is calling him a loon, fanatic, zealot, whatever. Look at the circus our government and press have made of this. Is this an example of never letting "a good crisis go to waste?" Had they just dropped this matter no one would even known about it. The pastor says he wants to draw attention to the problem. I think he has done a fine job of that; except everyone is calling him the problem. We would all agree he has the right to do it but that we might think it wise not too; kind of like the ground zero mosque.

You might be thinking that in a day or two this will all blow over. I think not. The more Obama tries to snuggle up to muslim countries the more demands they put on us. If you have not taken the time to look at the videos in this and my previous post please do so. There is no "Politically Correct" way for me to say these things but they need saying. We live in uncertain times. I am certain of few things. One of those things is that muslim Sharia law will enslave America to some Imam. Think it over. Lsstly. If you quit your church will you be killed. No. Quit islam. The prescribed punisment is death.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Muslims Hate and Kill Christians in America, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and everywhere else...

Muslims Hate and Kill Christians. This is not news. It is a well known and documented fact. Still here in the United States the outcry is for tolerance of muslims. This despite history which shows that every time there has been tolerance shown to the muslims, they cannot reciprocate in kind. Even now as the muslims look to build on ground zero soil they are practically urinating on Sacred Soil. To date not one American muslim group has stood to show sensitivity to the plight of the Americans. Rather, there has been hatred and condemnation from Muslims worldwide and claims that those who oppose the mosque are islamophobic.

Do the muslims adopt our society or merely take from it that which suits their purpose. Do they seek to be Americans or do they only seek the benefits of living in America. Do they respect the rights of other Americans (Christian and Jew and others) or do they keep to themselves with an agenda known only to them? For me the answer is clear. None speak out for the rights of Christians. No. Not even one. Why? Is it because of fear? I think so. If you research what Sharia law does to those who speak out you will see that it is death for them. If they fear their own religion, how much more should we who are more despised than any fear them? Do you not know that any non-muslim is an abomination and worthy of death? I suspect that in your heart you are nervous but in your mind you fear being marked as a bigot and hate monger.

What kind of person does it take to see evils happen before their eyes and do nothing? Our kind? For years we have been walking past violent acts and evil doings of all kinds, turning our heads like children hiding beneath the covers. And to what result? To the result that now, in our lifetimes, reasonable people cannot have a difference of opinion without fear of reprisal. Americans are falling under their own form of Sharia law: Political Correctness. Under the PC banner you have had your intelligence and very “self” removed from you and replaced with remote controlled guilt, shame, and thinking. Now in this most turbulent of times we continue to surrender to the will of others who come calling us racists, bigots, islamaphobes, homophobes, ignorant, hate mongers, and more. I am none of those. I am me and I have a right to believe in what I will: even if you don’t like it, agree, or respect my right to do so.

And, while I don’t agree with a pastor whose church wants a “burn the Koran day” I absolutely agree with their right to have it. You cannot legislate the way people believe. Pastor Terry Jones believes in his right to oppose Islam. He has received death threats and yet he continues. Who would issue such death threats? Law abiding Americans? I think not. And while I would not attend Terry’s church and would suggest alternate ways of expressing his displeasure with Islam he does draw attention to the issue.

Consider this. Our troops are in harm’s way. Muslims want to kill them. Burning Korans will make the muslims want to kill our troops more. Following that logic you could burn a half-dozen bibles and conquer the world. No. Because Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and others are not driven by the same ideology as muslims. What would you have to do to get Christians to riot like that. Do you see my point? Muslims are different. Rev. Terry sees it. Our troops see it. America sees it. We just don’t want to talk about it. Know this for certain: Muslim is not a religion; it is and ideology that includes a religion. Accept that now and deal with it; or don’t. At the current rate you will have to make a decision by 2030 as muslims may be the majority. Maybe sooner with a little help from Barry and Bloomberg.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Obama Lies. America Cries. Media Denies.

In developing news, today Obama blamed everyone but himself for everything as he polishes his Nobel Peace Prize, having just missed a 3 foot putt on the 18th. “Somebody left a spike mark,” he whined as he entered the golf cart. Minutes later the 5 hour delay for tee times at St. Andrews mysteriously disappeared. These days, everywhere Barry goes, Barry shuts down highways, businesses, neighborhoods, golf courses, and Democrats futures. Rumor has it that he has that same effect on christian churches in all nearby states. In the near future it is expected that he will be able to shut down all of America. Fortunately for him there will be someone else is to blame. Today’s blame rests keenly with the GOP, the greens keeper, and John Boehner. Tomorrow he will leave out the greens keeper and John Boehner is a coin toss but the GOP is on the blame schedule.

History in the making has never been so enthralling but then America is witnessing its first messiah. Fortunately for “his Obamliness”, he knows the answer to everything and doesn’t require assistance. Neither doth he require competent people in responsible positions near to him. Those jobs can be filled by tax cheats and scoundrels and even those with treasonous connections; as long as they have finger holes in the backs of their puppet-like heads. Their roles are insignificant to Barry as he alone determines America’s course. Just today Barry annouced he is planning to spend 50 billion on roads and stuff. He did this using his own head and not one of the talking ones. According to Barry, even though he just spent quadrillions on roads and stuff he wants to spend some more to show America how sensitive he is to the unemployed. So, in a humble speech taking up almost none of his precious time he threw a bone to the same construction crews that got the last work. Sources said he can now get to the more important business of feeding his ice cream addicted family.

Since Barry doesn’t have to work with actual numbers the 50 billion could be rounded up to as high as gadzillions. We will have to wait for the actual documents to know which pork projects he failed to mention. Meanwhile back at the Obama digs they have been redoing the oval office at “Allah only knows” what cost to the people. In true Barry form the carpet contains a misquote wrongly attributed to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Like everything Barry does, you don’t see what your are getting until it is too late. I suspect the rug is some right-wing conspiracy thing anyway. We can ask Gibby in the morning.

Assuming you have read this far it does appear that I have accused someone of being a muslim. This is just not the case. Barry is not religious by traditional standards. By definition a belief in god would necessitate a supreme being. If “one” is "the one" then that “supreme being" could only be "ones self" thereby needing to worship “himself”. Think about it. This frees up Saturdays, Sundays, and anything else that might interfere with golf. Note: These synonyms for “self worship” are quite illuminating.

aloof, assuming, audacious, autocratic, biggety, bossy, bragging, cavalier, cheeky, cocky, cold-shoulder, conceited, contemptuous, cool, disdainful, domineering, egotistic, haughty, high and mighty, high-handed, imperious, insolent, know-it-all, lordly, on an ego trip, overbearing, peremptory, pompous, presumptuous, pretentious, proud, puffed up, scornful, self-important, smarty, smug, sniffy, snippy, snooty, snotty, stuck up, supercilious, superior, swaggering, uppity, vain, wise guy

Okay. So perhaps Barry is not a “wise guy” in the traditional sense.

Lastly. The Old Press outlets had nothing to report today except what someone told them to say. I did not get a copy of that message so I had to write my own. Apparently they get theirs all completed with photos and envelopes containing little yellow pills that make their brains tingle and sometimes their legs.

Listen to Barry perfect his skills: