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Sunday, August 30, 2009

When Government Won't Listen to You

When I first started my blog my intention was to clear my thoughts by writing them out and to possibly stimulate some thought in others. I am not sure how much I have accomplished on toward either goal but I have come to a greater understanding of how our government was intended to work. In using the past tense I am inferring that the Government no longer works as intended. Furthermore, I believe that this was foreseen by the Founding Fathers and the great statesmen that have since served this magnificent nation.

My understanding of the Constitution was not formed by an education at Harvard like Mr. Obama’s. While we both have knowledge of it I think that our thoughts and beliefs are inspired by different motives. This is likely to be true of everyone and surely is one of the foundations of a person’s Ideology. My understanding of the government as formed directed in the Constitution is of a body of individuals, otherwise engaged, still dedicated to the common good of the nation. These people were to be of fine character and representatives of the states and peoples who dispatched them.

Current officials, not limited to but certainly including Mr. Obama, seem interested in the Constitution from a perspective of its loopholes and language, and to profit greatly from their office. Nearly every politician in Washington today is a lawyer and is educated in the turning of a phrase to suit one’s perspective. This gives career politicians tremendous advantage to manipulate and justify within themselves whatever meaning they choose to give this great document, or for some, a way to implement something that they believe it does not address.

Since 1776, many have written to caution us about allowing government to grow, all to great applause. With applause still echoing members of the Executive and Legislative Branches have seized more power until we now find the cost of government is far greater than its income. This we call deficit spending; spending more than you have. Every day the government spends even more. Mr. Obama has explained how spending will save us and the Congress is more than willing to comply, even anxious in some cases. Yet each thoughtful American knows this cannot be sustained. Still we allow it.

The list of grievances held by the masses is great. Each could be listed but to what purpose if allow government to speak to us and not for us.

Thomas Jefferson declared that this was the normal condition of the governed; to be mishandled, misrepresented, overtaxed, and bullied well past the point of being angry. It was only because we had leadership that united us that we ever gained our independence from tyranny in the first place. Now I am afraid that we are again being governed by tyrannical leaders.

So, while I am feeling that I have cleared my thoughts and perhaps some of yours, I must say that I fear Town Hall meetings may not get it done. Shortly we will know if I am right. I suspect that congress will pass Health Care Reform by whatever means necessary. For me that will be the legislative action that proves Americans don’t matter. I hope I am wrong but I doubt it. Maybe we have stood up to them in time. Maybe they will listen to us. Maybe Obama is not as I think he is.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Obama a Racist: Me Thinks So!

Many of you are aware of the “” and their efforts to silence Glenn Beck by pressuring his advertisers. These are the actions of a racist group to Becks statement that Obama is a racist. It is true that it is unusual to hear a White person calling someone a racist. Our society has become conditioned to hear that kind of “racist” declarations from a black person or other minority. For many in white society it is such a powerful word that it can stop us dead in our tracks. It is like Green Kryptonite to Superman. Just the mere presence of this charge, “you racist” or “if I wasn’t ____” you wouldn’t treat me that way, is enough to sap our strength. It seems indefensible. After all, how can you prove you are not a racist?

Ok. First of all you don’t have to prove ideology. This is a strategy to sidetrack you from the subject at hand. You are involved in a given action and the charge “racist” is issued and immediately you want to seek a defensive posture. No No No. The person with the charge has the burden to prove it. In fact, more often than not, the “racist charge” is used only to disarm you, and very often by a “racist” person. Wake up. People of every color can be racist: not just White People.

If you take a close look of many in the Obama administration you will see that he has appointed and/or been associated with some of the most racist, white-hating people of the century. Obama’s 20 year membership in a Black Liberation Theology church is a powerful indicator of his beliefs. A primary founder of Black Liberation Theology, James Cone, states, “We must not expect white people to give us freedom. Freedom is not a gift, but a responsibility, and thus must be taken against the will of those who hold us in bondage.” It is not a greatly different belief than those held by the Black Panthers.

This subject may in fact make you uncomfortable. Good. As a white person I continue to be amazed by the amount of hatred there is against White Peoples. And while it is impossible to estimate the percentage of blacks who are racist we can know some things. Of all blacks who voted 97% voted for Obama. As of last month, “Ninety-six percent of African-Americans approve of how Obama is handling his presidency, according to a CNN/Essence Magazine/Opinion Research Corp. poll released Thursday.” In that same poll only 46 percent of White people approved of his performance. The numbers speak volumes. Considering the margin of error, Blacks think Obama is doing a good job. Whites on the other hand are falling away in great numbers. Why is that?

It has been said that Whites will never understand the Black Experience. Clearly we don’t. Whites thought the election of a president was about a new President. It was an election thing and not a Race thing. I am not thinking that the Blacks see it that way.

These things said, let me encourage everyone to consider. Racism in any form is evil, whether it be Whites against Blacks or any combination of those or any races. Therefore, any political group who hopes to advance one race above another would also be racist, thereby unacceptable. Kindly consider this. Speak the truth in peace but speak it. Don’t be a hater but don’t let the haters go unchallenged. Don’t be a racist but stand against the charge of racism with courage. Do not enable wrong by refusing to right it. Speak up peaceably but with conviction.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One thing is clear but it isn't transparent

If there is one thing the Obama Administration can do it is create confusion. During his campaign there were promises, one right after another, that have yet to be honored. My favorite was his promise of transparency. The only thing he has made transparent is that there is nothing transparent in his administration. Sure, his administration has twice offered to investigate what was done by the CIA and the Bush administration regarding terrorist interrogations. As for me, these things, if they need investigated need to be handled by a panel of qualified and clearance personnel. They do not need to be the discussion of the evening news. Yet nothing in the Obama administration is transparent; not even the WhiteHouse visitor list.

Now here is something that needs some transparency: Legislation. Who wrote the Cap and Trade and Healthcare Bills that have circulated through congress? We all know that congress can’t agree on the level of socialism to put in these bills. They could have never agreed long enough to get 1100 pages plus of legal gobbly goop. Then they were supposed to have sat around all night and argued and came up with another 300 pages. That just won’t add up for any reasonable person. Now, there is this other information out there that states that these bills have been written by Special Interest groups with a dog in this fight. Now that makes more sense doesn’t it Mr. Obama?

Van Jones who is now the Green Jobs czar… By the way, this whole business of Czars is Obama’s way of getting projects, money, authority and power outside of the purview of the Congress. In addition, these czars are not vetted by the FBI or Senate and owe no allegiance to anyone. Back to Van Jones, the Green Jobs czar. He was a founding member of the Apollo Alliance with a background that includes being a self-proclaimed Marxist and a Black Nationalist. Jones also co-founded the “Color of Change” website which has recently targeted Glenn Beck in a Boycott Campaign. Now according to their website and Harry Reid who thanked them, they were instrumental in the formation of the Cap and Trade Bill. Okay so where is the transparency on this. Mucking this up a bit more is Wade Rathke (the founder of ACORN) was on the board of the Tides Group who funded the Apollo Alliance. Ok. So transparency isn’t so easy with these layers of radical socialists. Then again, I never thought Obama was going to be honest with us. So far I am right.

Now if this is all clear as mud then you are exactly where Mr. Obama wants you. The less you understand the more likely you are to sit and take your Kool-aid. If there was one thing that my folks taught me as a kid that I have found to be true is that: things done in the dark cannot bear up under the scrutiny of light. I would love to see these deeds brought to light yet I fear that we are fighting against dreadful evils in very high places. Soon even this blog will not be allowed. I firmly believe that. If this sounds like nonsense, enjoy your Kool-aid.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Obama and Trust like Oil and Water

In a very spontaneous move the DEMS have announced the scheduling of 500 rallies before September 8th. Why didn’t we conservatives think of this and how come they have all the good signs? I suppose if you consider that Obama never left campaign mode even after moving into the Whitehouse that could explain some of it. Then of course if you keep the public confused with sleight-of-hand moves you can do all sorts of magic. Today for example the Whitehouse stated that as many as 90,000 could die of swine flu or H1N1.

It would not be my intention to minimize the potential of this flu but it would also not be beneath the Whitehouse to use this issue to distract us from something, say: the war in Afghanistan is going badly or the president’s polls are down, or perhaps the administration plans to probe every orifice of the CIA for wrongdoing. Of course, anything they find can be used as another red herring to enable sliding some facts past the “angry mob”.

I guess what I am trying to get at with all my sarcasm is that I just don’t trust Obama nor his administration. It’s no real surprise. The polls are showing that fewer and fewer people trust him. I even saw it on PBS television. Whoa! For me it was an easy thing not to trust him. I took a look at his career and his lack of candor about his past and voila: distrust. He doesn’t want me to see his school transcripts or admit that he knows and hangs out with leftist terrorists and PLO representatives, that is okay with me. I already know how dangerous he is. That info wouldn’t help me in the slightest.

Now, for all of those Americans out there who haven’t a clue nor a concern about this Socialist Reformer, them it might help. How they ever trusted him is beyond me. Perhaps it was that hypnotic tone in which he….drones on….and on… and occasionally makes a point… but then loses his thought... and says let me be clear about this. (By the way, I take his “let me be perfectly clear about this” to be Freudian slippage for “I am getting ready to feed you a line of crap.”)

So, before my own ratings go any lower let me just say that there is still nothing going on with this administration that could not be predicted. We have his playbook from the campaign. Now it is time for the ACORNs, and SEIUs, and little Obamaites to spontaneously parade and cheer. Then in 2 weeks the strong-arming will begin and the Whitehouse phones will light up with threats and offers.

In closing, isn’t it something that there is a spontaneous HealthCare Reform gathering just now being announced on September 13th in Washington, DC. It seems that it is “Grandparents Day” and that the 11th and 12th were taken by “Tea Baggers” and “Mobsters”. Excuse me while I dislodge my tongue from my cheek.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dear Soon to be Unemployed Congress Person

Soon the schools will be full of students and congress will reconvene its fall session. Doubtless there is much pressing business to be dealt with but it is unlikely that anything but Healthcare Reform will make news. Unemployment is still devastating the lives of countless Americans and costs of things in the stores, particularly food, continues to rise. They say that there isn’t any inflation to speak of. I don’t know where “they” shop but it is not near me.

Lest I create a dismal mood let me remind you of all the good that has happened of late. For one thing, more Americans are involved in their government than I can ever remember. I have seen and heard people quoting Thomas Jefferson, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence like school-kids on exam day. Many of our legislators seemed to heed our concerns and those who didn’t revealed themselves so that we can vote them out. I suspect that a number of Incumbents will soon gain a firsthand understanding of unemployment. Too bad most will have lifetime salaries and medical care. Which brings me to my point: Legislators should have term limits.

It seems that once a politician goes to Washington, they soon fall into lock step with all the “good ole boys” on the hill. With their arrival they learn about getting reelected and party loyalties at the expense of representing those of us who sent them there. It has been said that it is nearly impossible for a political candidate to beat an incumbent. I suspect that is largely due to our ignorance as constituents and our lack of involvement. Perhaps now we have been jolted into understanding a “Government of the people, by the people, and for the people”. President Lincoln went on to say in that Gettysburg Address that it was his hope that this type of government “not perish from the earth”. That would be my prayer as well.

I find it interesting that the one who now sits in the Whitehouse likes to think of himself as another sort of Lincoln. The only similarity I can find is that they both are tall. From there they differ greatly. One’s belief was for Liberty, the other for dependence (a form of slavery of the most evil kind). One desired to heal a nation, the other hopes to redefine it in his image. One was a great man who acted common, while the other aspires to be great at any price. Indeed, one was a statesman and spoke with power and conviction. The other speaks as convenient and never reveals his true intent. One had a monument erected to his memory, the other poses on every television channel everyday as a living monument unto himself.

Great presidents and even ordinary presidents have term limits. Perhaps our founding fathers knew how slothful and corrupt men can become with such power. Should we not seek to use similar wisdom in those who represent the people? (It should be clear that I do not believe Congress is currently doing representing us.) Should we not set clear limits as to their length of office, salary, and the nature of their benefits? Do you not find in odd that the chickens in the coop and in charge of the grain and even the farm? Congress doesn’t want our healthcare, our opinions, or our concerns. I think it is time that we remind, even bring about a new understanding with them. We are the Boss. Mr. Obama that goes for you as well.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a “Right” but “Three Lefts Do!”

August has been a month to remember for legislators back in their home states. For a large number of Democrat Congress People they have heard from their constituents on Health Care Reform among other thing. Until now most of these people didn’t even know that had constituents and certainly never considered how important they can become. To be fair, all of the town halls were well attended whether Democratic, Republican, or Independent. Most of the video I have seen went one of two ways. Either the voters were treated with respect and given a chance to speak or the Legislator hosting the meeting refused to listen to their concerns. There was that third category of “Town Hall” where the pews were packed with friendly, supportive, and agreeable faces. Those are not town halls but are rather "photo ops".

The main justification for rushing through this health care reform has come with the argument to “right what is wrong” with healthcare. A similar argument was used to elect Obama. Remember “anything is better that Bush and McCain is another Bush”? I wonder if John McCain still looks like Bush to these folks. Anyway, logic that states that “anything is better that what we have” is not LOGICAL. Just because something has needed attention for years, say healthcare costs, doesn’t mean that rushing into the first thing will be a great idea. Of late I have heard that the reason to do healthcare reform now is because, we need it, insurance companies have gone wild, George Bush was a lousy president, and the more esoteric “now is the right time” answer. Obama not only thinks it is the right time, he guarantees that healthcare reform will pass this year.

It is interesting that the Democratic Party and the most liberal of them appear to be at odds with the president. That will change soon enough as Obama calls them to support his plan. He knows something that he thinks we are too stupid to understand. He does not have to get the plan he wants this year, he only needs to get the plan that opens the way for his real plan. Face it! If Obama said, “Hi. My name is Barack Hussein Obama and I want to turn American into a Socialist county and you will all be my followers and I will be your king” you would think he was crazy and demand his removal. Yet everything he has done and said, where he has worked and those with whom he associated, and his complete ideology has these things as goals. The evidence is there. If you have not read it or will not read it, it is nevertheless true.

So let me assure you. Obama knows that if we see it as wrong or leftist, we will fight it. He also knows that if he can slip it by us, he only needs a couple more apparently “right things” to have us all going LEFT. Read his writings. Look at the videos of what he has said. Research Black Liberation Theology that he has believed for 20 years. Look into the lives and history of those with whom he associated. Finally, listen to what he says. He never speaks to Americans as people of intelligence but as people needing his message and goals.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obama. Patience of a Saint, Ethics of ...

There is no question that Mr. Obama and his policies have awakened Americans. Whether it be healthcare, government spending, taxes, or his energy policy he has gotten the attention of the voters and moderates and conservatives in particular. As for me, I am proud to see this impassioned debate and questions being asked that should have been asked years ago. I guess it takes a certain amount of noise to waken a sleeping giant.

However, let me caution you that we need to pace ourselves and continue to write, protest, and speak up. We will not be able to quit in September or November or anytime soon. First there is the matter of the Obama administration. Mr. Obama’s background is as a community organizer. They do no quit. They regroup and attack. Then attack, attack, attack. It is always attack. Even if they look as though they are packing-it-in you can be sure they are attacking. We did not get into this mess on January 20, 2009. It has been in the works for years.

The television has been filled with stories of what Obama said about compromise, and what Sebelius said, and Barney Frank and so on and so on. A trusting person might think that the liberals (aka progressives) are confused and ready to negotiate. Don’t be deceived. First they leak that Public Option is not mandatory and the Mainstream Media fills the airwaves with that goo. A number of aficionados weigh in and the airwaves buzz again. Then the big “O” speaks and all of his flock fall right in behind. What they have said and what they intended to say never seems to have any relationship to their goal: more government control.

One thing that is often hard to understand about Politicians, Community Organizers, and to some extent, all of us and that is: the end justifies the means. Everyone will stretch or modify the truth to some extent even if innocently. Then there are those whom have no limits, nor moral guideline, no reason not to say and do as they please. Ordinary people don’t understand this and don’t like to believe that there are people like this. Sorry to be the one to break it to you but this current Administration will stop at NOTHING to reach their agenda. They will do whatever and for however long it is needed, and the truth is not necessary. Just look.

Americans are out of work. Costs are escalating. Social Security is broke. Obama is jetting to another vacation at the Grand Canyon and Golf as usual. Do you think he is worried about you? He is on a four-year holiday with Americans picking up the tab.
In closing, we are making progress. We must pace ourselves. Once we have the government where it is responsive to the people we can relax. Until then I say it is vigilance that will save our nation.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Liberty? Certainly. But, at what price?

There is a condition borne by mankind whereby individuals will tolerate abuses and injustices rather than risking action with uncertain consequences. Surely, we have all had times whereby we have endured or even encouraged wrongdoing rather than risk ridicule. As a young person I found this within myself and as a very mature person I find it still there. I remember making fun of people who were different and often when I didn’t want to. Perhaps you too can remember similar acts in your past as ways to try and fit in or to avoid being the brunt of ridicule. As you read on, you may get the urge to stop reading. Please don’t quit.

Certainly there is a time and an age when we must begin to do the right thing regardless of the consequences. Far more intelligent people than I have pondered this thought. Thomas Jefferson comes to mind when he wrote this in the Declaration of Independence:

“…accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

He was writing about the suffering of the people at the hands of government. In 1776 he knew that the masses would suffer evils rather than correct them. I bring this up because we find ourselves with a government that has a great number of us nervous and even alarmed. As I consider this I wonder what price will I pay, or for that matter, will anyone pay to right these wrongs. Experience and history has taught me not to expect too much from anyone, let alone myself. So, I pose this question to you. What will you pay to right the wrongs, to maintain the Constitution, to continue as a Republic, and to insure the future of America in the way we have enjoyed it.

Currently I blog, I gripe, I speak out when appropriate (and sometimes when inappropriate), I write emails and faxes. It shames me to say I have not been at a Tea Party yet I promised myself to go. Even now I wonder if I will attend or am I only fooling myself. The one town hall that I could’ve attended I skipped with the excuse that “there will be so many there I will never get in”. I didn’t see my standing outside as anything beneficial enough for me to give up my evening for. My thinking was clearly clouded by convenience and not illuminated by purpose.

Now my point is this: This is a normal human condition. I suspect everyone has this character trait to some degree. My goal is not to guilt anyone into acting or doing anything but to stimulate thought as to what price is doable for you. Listening to conservative radio and reading blogs is informative but accomplishes little else. Sending a link to someone to these blogs may be some better and of course you can tweet. I suspect that the bulk of blogs and tweets inform but produce very little real effort.

In my heart I know that I don’t want to be the first one to the microphone, or leading the march, or protesting congress. Still I know it has to be done. I am convinced with every cell of my body that our nation is in trouble that only the American people can fix. And I also know that history has shown that you and I both “prefer the pain we feel over the pain we fear”.

Thanks for reading. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I might have the wisdom and courage to change the things I can. Good luck to you.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama. The messiah performs yet another miracle.

Well, even with the re-funding of Cash-for-Clunkers, the dealers are still not getting paid. Some are waiting on millions of dollars owed to them and getting nervous. Yep. I know the feeling. Obama has spent billions and even trillions of dollars that we don’t have. I would be very nervous. In fact I am.

The government doesn’t currently owe me anything nor I them. With the sweep of a pen that could all change. There is nothing that Obama would like better that to get all of America dependent upon his social programs. Then he too could govern the way of his heroes, Chavez, Ahmadinejad, or Saudi King Abdullah. Some might think me wacky. Some thought Obama was a really nice speaker and had the interests of America at heart. It is a good thing we can think what we want.

So back on the cash for clunkers deal car dealers who weren’t eliminated by restructuring of GM or Chrysler may soon be in dire financial straits. Oh wait. It wasn’t GMs or Chryslers that were the big sellers. It was Toyota and Honda. I wonder if that was an accident? See how well this is working for the used car business.

Okay. Here is the scenario. You don’t want a new GM or Chrysler. That is why they are going broke is because no one wants one. But, the government says “Let me give you some money to buy a new, fuel-efficient automobile.” Are you going to buy what you didn’t want before or are you going to buy some nice new high mileage Toyota Corolla? Hum? Well. The Corolla has outsold all of the others. Perhaps that is why Dave Wilson of Orange County, CA is panicked. As of today he had been paid for 3 of 92 deals that he has submitted to Washington for payment. Can you say “What have I done?”

My readers know that I am cynical and tend to be sarcastic as well. Is there any chance that Obama decided to help out the GM and Chrysler by further weeding out the competition? I wonder. At the very least, I’d say that there are some car dealers beginning to wonder about how well the government can manage anything. Sound familiar?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All men are created equal... Some are just more equal than others!

“All men are created equal…” is arguably the best known phrase of any of America’s political documents. Thomas Jefferson was using it to refute the philosophy of the day: “The Divine Right of Kings”. Essentially, the Monarch answered to no man but to God alone: not that very different than the attitude of our current president Barack Hussein Obama. That may have come across as comical but I am quite serious. Have you seen Mr. Obama yield to anyone on anything? It is not within him.

Things were not always this way and there was a time when those in political power did listen to the people. Now, they have fashioned for themselves positions with lifelong salaries and the best of everything. Nancy Pelosi has a jet at the taxpayers’ expense while Charles Rangel only has an $800 a month Cadillac. So even within the Elites there are levels of Elite or should I say “more equal”.

Now it is interesting that I pull these two names. These are two of the most liberal legislators in Washington and they propose socialistic programs for us. For themselves, they have no desire to be equal with us. One of them is currently under investigation for improprieties and the other seems to be a habitual liar. Actually they both may be habitual liars.

In any case, Thomas Jefferson had a different idea in mind when he penned the Declaration of Independence and stated that “All men are created equal”. He meant that we had the same worth and value as human beings and that we all had voices to be heard. He never meant to say that we would all have the same things or earn the same wages. I am the one who ran off on that tangent. Thomas Jefferson did mean for the Congress to be responsive to us and was very instrumental in seeing to it in the Constitution.

The Constitution is all about the balance of power or even the limits of power. This current administration is all about the increase of Government and thereby its power. Mr. Obama favors ignoring the people altogether except when it suits his purpose. I guess that is because he is the “most equal”.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

America's best Hope is Her People

For nearly a year now, many have remarked at what a momentous time it is in America; referencing the election of the first black president. Yet, for many Americans the honeymoon was short lived. Soon we recognized that our new Bridegroom, Obama, was not the One he appeared to be but the one we feared him to be. Obama began, not by bringing the change he promised, but rather the change he envisioned and had hidden in his heart.

Observing Obama and his style of governing has been the topic of many of my blogs. I often find in his past the evidence that should have screamed out to us what he would do, how he would govern, whom he would empower, and those he would hope to destroy.

Today I find myself reflecting upon recent events and pondering how we got here. It is said that history is the best teacher and with that in mind I read some. Below an excerpt of one of the most famous documents in American History. I think it might benefit some of us to refresh it in our minds. Do you know this Document? Read it slowly and aloud. Hear it again for the first time.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

While the first line is so familiar I think recollection tends to fall off for the majority of us after that. Did you guess the Constitution? These words come from the Declaration of Independence. For me they are the foundation that the Constitution was laid upon. Notice what it says about the reason of government…

“…governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

Do you ever feel that you are responding to the government or fear it or its power? Do you feel that the government is responsive to you? Yes? No? And what does it say about the rights of the people?

Now hear me clearly, I am not for violence nor am I for cessation. What I am for is a government that is responsive to the people: the governed. When I see “town halls” packed full of “plants” and the ordinary people locked out I become concerned. When I hear “Administration Officials” and even the President himself making light of our concerns, I become even more concerned. And, when I cannot get my representatives to hear nor consider my grievances, I become alarmed. And when I find that the Obama Administration has created its own media and the means of controlling the Mainstream Media, my spirit groans within me.

It is my firm belief that Americans are speaking up and that government is denying “the validity of that Right”. To that end I encourage you to recognize and commit yourself to changing that government. If you have found yourself concerned enough to be reading this far, you are concerned enough to finish your God given right. Put these tainted bureaucrats out of office. Vote. March. Protest. Let your voice be heard. Speak kindly to everyone but be heard. Hide from no one. Be bold.

Hillel, a famous Jewish scholar, wrote:

“If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?"

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Obama Plan is Working: Frustrate and Enrage

On the 4th of August, 2009 I wrote that it was the policy of the Obama Administration to “Discredit, Divide, and Attack Americans Personally”. I said that Obama hoped Americans would ratchet up their efforts. They are doing just that. Some town halls are being held with rules designed to silence the voices of ordinary Americans and they are becoming angry. Arrests are being made and citizens are being locked out of public meetings. This is the goal of Obama. Remember, Obama is a community organizer. He is not skilled in governing. His background is breaking the will of people. Here is a headline from today.

White House Vows to Defend Democrats on Health Reform, Will 'Punch Back Twice as Hard'
WASHINGTON -- Top White House officials counseled Democratic senators Thursday on coping with disruptions at public events on health care this summer, officials said, and promised the party and allies would respond with twice the force if any individual lawmaker is criticized in television advertising.

These officials also told skittish senators that fresh polling suggests an emphasis on issues such as barring insurers from denying coverage on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions is a political winner, able to increase support among independents, women, seniors and rural voters.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to discuss details of the closed-door session that took place hours before lawmakers headed to their home states for a month long vacation.

Do not be deceived. These things are all part of Obama’s plan. Have you seen or heard of one effort by his administration to reconcile with anyone that disagrees with him? Obama does not negotiate; He tramples. No dissenting voices are considered legitimate. If you don’t agree, you must be part of the unruly mobs.
According to Obama’s Community Organizing philosophy, he is willing “to watch society descend into utter chaos and anarchy.“

In order for Conservative America to have any chance to triumph over this dictator we must change our strategy. We must outwit them and use their own Trojan horses filled with “kool-aid free” conservatives. WE CANNOT SHOUT them down from outside. We must overwhelm them from inside. We have to get into the meetings first. There we stand a chance to reason with our representatives. From without, we will lose.

Check out these dangerous Missouri protesters.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Freedom of Choice: Carrot, Stick, or Cattle Prod

Much has been said about creating a Bi-Partisan relationship in Congress. During the campaign I heard so much talk about “reaching across the aisle” I thought I would get ill. Like so much that is said during campaigns bipartisan, smartisan. It is history now.

Today, Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the newest Supreme Court justice. The vote was 68 Yeas to 31 Nays. Nine (9) of the Yeas were from Republican Senators. The Democrat Senators marched in lockstep with 100% voting for Sotomayor. Ted Kennedy did not vote. Now I know what the word “bipartisan” means. It means when republicans vote with the democratic controlled congress. It is similar to a one way street. Notice that there was not one democratic dissenter in the bunch. I was going to say how strange it is but I think “scary” is a better word.

Mr. Obama is all the time summoning democrats to the Whitehouse. Sometimes billed as a luncheon but we all know it is to keep the Dems in order. It must be a wonderful meal because afterwards they return all energized in renewed efforts, the phones all a buzz. In the first days, Obama invited republicans but it seems that has grown out of fashion. I suspect their dietary requirements were too difficult.

The hot potato in congress these days is Health Care Reform. For awhile there was talk of the need for a “Bipartisan” bill but that has fallen away. Apparently, there is so much on the democrat’s agendas to pack into this bill that now some of the democrats are not so sure about this reform. They call these democrats “Blue Dog” democrats. These are democrats who may not get reelected if the people at home find out that they voted for something unpopular. Even the rest of the Democratic Party is having difficulty with how to craft this bill. To them it is like another lunch, this time at KFC. The tax payers are picking up the check. Some prefer mild and others spicy. Then of course there are the arguments over all the side orders. So many choices, so little time.

Senator Reid has come up with a plan to get Health Care through the senate without a single republican vote and not needing all the Dems either. It is basically a legislative way to fund something that matters very much to a few and well the rest can just lump it. That way no one has to reach across the aisle.

Actually, now the Obama administration doesn’t necessarily want nor need politicians or the people to be happy with his governing. Now, Obama just wants Americans to tell (rat out) on their friends and neighbors who disagree. You can just email the Whitehouse and report the dissenters and they will be invited to the Whitehouse for a beer. Actually, that is not true. You don’t get a beer. You get an audit from the IRS and every other agency of the government probes every orifice of your body. Oops. Now I said something you can report.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Obama: Discredit, Divide, and Attack Americans Personally

The Obama Administration is provoking Americans to ratchet up their protests. I believe he hopes to incite violence by denying the concerns of ordinary Americans and making light of their protests, thus frustrating and enraging us (common Community Organizing strategy). Today the White House Press Puppet (Robert Gibbs) addressed the validity of protests against Health Care Reform. Gibbs said "I hope people will take a jaundiced eye to what is clearly the Astroturf nature of grassroots lobbying," when describing eruptions at Democratic legislators' town hall meetings as "manufactured anger." They have even attacked Drudge for this report.

Gibbs is following the Obama’s lead on this and that is any disagreement with the administration’s policies must be politically motivated. True enough. Americans, as never before, are becoming concerned, educated, and active in political matters. For too long we Americans have allowed the system to check itself. No more. We are now standing up a demanding that our voices be heard even if our elected officials aren’t listening. They will listen or find new jobs. We voters will vote them out of office. Be sure of this.

This “grassroots” effort is growing at exponential rates with an agenda to return America to her “roots”. Mr. Obama and your administration: If there was a time to underestimate us it is not now. Should you desire to mock us, do so while you can. Your efforts to isolate, polarize, ridicule, demonize, and blame us is right out of your “Community Organizer” spiritual father’s Saul Alinsky’s play book.

You target Americans as the enemy, apply pressure by any means, and then appear to be the angelic alternative. Your efforts isolate and ridicule us will not bear the fruit you seek. Be not deceived, we are united in the common goal of “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”.

So hear this Mr. Obama. If you are thinking to activate the conservatives you have done that. I believe that you hope to incite violence and I believe your hopes will be dashed. Some may become more vocal and active than we would desire but the majority will use the system to defeat your socialist, racist, fascist agenda. To be sure, you will go down as the Worst President in America’s history. We The People of the United States will see to it. Barring your impeachment, your days as President are numbered. See the countdown above.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Liberals to pass Health Care Reform no matter what:

Senator Chuck Shumer D-N.Y. has stated "We will have contingencies in place. These plans will likely be considered as a last resort, but they are on the table." The Senator was referring to a provision where the Senate could pass the bill with a simple majority. This would mean that 51 votes could pass Health Care Reform in some manner and would therefore bypass needing neither any Republicans nor even all of the Democrats in the Senate. Now there is commitment for you.

Essentially what Shumer is saying is that he would rather pass a watered down, lame, ineffective bill by Sept. 15th than to work on a useful bill later. Hear it clearly America, the urgency is on the when and not on the WHAT. Schumer and many other liberals favor a government-run insurance plan that would compete with private insurers, and all the plans passed so far have included that. Just do it NOW.

When I am faced with a decision say for instance the purchase of a new car and the Salesman says, “You must buy it right now.” I get nervous and I back away. The harder they push the pen into my hand for a signature on the dotted line, the more I suspect their motives. Since January 20th of 2009, all I have heard from this administration is it must be NOW. Impending doom lies in delaying to gain the facts. Peril will surely overtake us if we take time to read the fine print. America will be destitute among Nations if we don’t act now. And, if you don’t, we politicians will find some way to beg, borrow, or steal this bill into law.

This sort of government sounds like they really don’t care about us. It is like they don’t need us or our opinions. It’s almost like a socialist county. Isn’t it?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

When White People Behave Badly Everyone Suffers

I have recently become aware of how we whites have been unfair to the blacks. Yes, your heard me right. We are unfair when we don’t stand up to them and call a “spade a spade”. Hear what I said: No more. No less. My choice of words will make some readers nervous. I chose them for that reason and to illustrate a point: to ‘call a “spade a spade” means the same as not “beating around the bush”. Sensitive white people will fear using this term wanting to avoid a racial slur. The word “spade” has had a racial connotation. The saying, calling a spade a spade has been around far longer (1500s) than the racial epithet. Sensitivity is a wonderful thing. Hypersensitivity is a disorder. Read on.

With regard to race relations, we whites often find ourselves in situations where voicing our opinion or speaking up for ourselves would likely cause a “scene” or so we imagine. We don’t know for sure but we fear it. We are all aware of that particularly loud and aggressive person, the one we wish to avoid. As a result we often “enable” bad and even racist behavior. Our inaction actually encourages bad behavior. Please read on. This problem did not come quickly and cannot be easily explained.

There is a saying that I often use, “The pain I feel is preferred to the pain I fear”. Being in a situation where a black person for example says “If I wasn’t black, you wouldn’t treat me that way” is unpleasant at best , particularly if untrue. Yet, using my phrase you may choose the anger inside (the pain you feel) over the fear of their escalated wrath (the pain you fear) when deciding whether to speak up for yourself. This dynamic is true in all of life and not just in race relations. Sometimes it is easier to accept the Status Quo rather than change it.

Of late there has been a tremendous amount of press on race relations in America. Even Mr. Obama inserted himself into racial matters. Generally it has been handled as a black and white issue with a Latino thrown in here or there for good measure. Few if any mention Chinese, Vietnamese, Philippine, or east Indians. So much of race talk in America is a black white thing.

Let me pause here and say that I am not a racist and don’t believe racism should exist. I, like many of you, have been accused of being a racist. It most often occurred at those times when I spoke against certain issues. While my eyes see color my heart does not.

Yet it is time for White Americans to stand up and say “Having a Congressional Black Caucus is in itself and act of racism”. The formation of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus was equally wrong. Division never leads to unity. It just can’t happen. There are “The Black Yellow Pages”, Black Newspapers, the United Negro College Fund, and on and on and on. These groups were created using the guilt that Whites feel for the suffering Blacks have endured. And while these groups may have aided some blacks to prosper they have done nothing to unify our country. In name alone they separate themselves into Black vs. White instead of us: We the People. These are racist groups.

Many will argue that there was and is a need for these groups. These same people will become quite upset if you disagree with them and surely will call you a racist. I am certain that they will say the same of me but in their hearts they will sense the truth of my words. Some will argue about past events and wrongs as justification for such things. I say, “When will 2 Wrongs ever make Right?” Never. "Continuing to try and get new results by the same efforts is by definition: Insanity."

So how can we Whites improve our relationships with African Americans? By treating them as equals. No More. No Less. Do not enable them by cowering to their charges of racism. If they accuse you of treating them badly because they are black, tell them they are only “speaking like that to you because you are white”. Do it in kindness and firmness. This action shows that you are not a racist and have no guilt. Cowering leaves the impression that you might be a racist and certainly shows you as weak to their attacks. I am not proposing war, but peace; not weakness, but strength; not division, but unity.

If you think that what we have done for the past 50 years has worked, keep on doing it. But, if like me, you think it is time for results, Change. Do not pickup that racial guilt and you will not have to live with it. I write these things to White America and those needing to hear this. In the words of the Scholarly Professor and Author Walter E. Williams to White America:

Therefore, from this day forward Americans of European ancestry can stand straight and proud knowing they are without guilt and thus obliged not to act like damn fools in their relationships with Americans of African ancestry.

And in closing I leave you with these words from Jesse Lee Peterson, Author, Pastor, and Radio Talk Show Host. Oh yeah. Mr. Peterson is black.

Years of scapegoating and charges of racism have intimidated whites to the point that they no longer speak out on issues concerning race and morality.