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Sunday, August 30, 2009

When Government Won't Listen to You

When I first started my blog my intention was to clear my thoughts by writing them out and to possibly stimulate some thought in others. I am not sure how much I have accomplished on toward either goal but I have come to a greater understanding of how our government was intended to work. In using the past tense I am inferring that the Government no longer works as intended. Furthermore, I believe that this was foreseen by the Founding Fathers and the great statesmen that have since served this magnificent nation.

My understanding of the Constitution was not formed by an education at Harvard like Mr. Obama’s. While we both have knowledge of it I think that our thoughts and beliefs are inspired by different motives. This is likely to be true of everyone and surely is one of the foundations of a person’s Ideology. My understanding of the government as formed directed in the Constitution is of a body of individuals, otherwise engaged, still dedicated to the common good of the nation. These people were to be of fine character and representatives of the states and peoples who dispatched them.

Current officials, not limited to but certainly including Mr. Obama, seem interested in the Constitution from a perspective of its loopholes and language, and to profit greatly from their office. Nearly every politician in Washington today is a lawyer and is educated in the turning of a phrase to suit one’s perspective. This gives career politicians tremendous advantage to manipulate and justify within themselves whatever meaning they choose to give this great document, or for some, a way to implement something that they believe it does not address.

Since 1776, many have written to caution us about allowing government to grow, all to great applause. With applause still echoing members of the Executive and Legislative Branches have seized more power until we now find the cost of government is far greater than its income. This we call deficit spending; spending more than you have. Every day the government spends even more. Mr. Obama has explained how spending will save us and the Congress is more than willing to comply, even anxious in some cases. Yet each thoughtful American knows this cannot be sustained. Still we allow it.

The list of grievances held by the masses is great. Each could be listed but to what purpose if allow government to speak to us and not for us.

Thomas Jefferson declared that this was the normal condition of the governed; to be mishandled, misrepresented, overtaxed, and bullied well past the point of being angry. It was only because we had leadership that united us that we ever gained our independence from tyranny in the first place. Now I am afraid that we are again being governed by tyrannical leaders.

So, while I am feeling that I have cleared my thoughts and perhaps some of yours, I must say that I fear Town Hall meetings may not get it done. Shortly we will know if I am right. I suspect that congress will pass Health Care Reform by whatever means necessary. For me that will be the legislative action that proves Americans don’t matter. I hope I am wrong but I doubt it. Maybe we have stood up to them in time. Maybe they will listen to us. Maybe Obama is not as I think he is.


  1. If they pass healthcare reform - the only choice we have is to wait until 2010 and hope we can put enough people in Congress who can de-fang the bill until we can see Obama go gentle into that good night - and unwind the damage he's done.

  2. The foundation that this healthcare reform forms is to dangerous to let stand. It would be like trapping a rat in a shoebox and saying, well we don't have to worry about that for a while. Unified peaceful resistance is what is needed.


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