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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One thing is clear but it isn't transparent

If there is one thing the Obama Administration can do it is create confusion. During his campaign there were promises, one right after another, that have yet to be honored. My favorite was his promise of transparency. The only thing he has made transparent is that there is nothing transparent in his administration. Sure, his administration has twice offered to investigate what was done by the CIA and the Bush administration regarding terrorist interrogations. As for me, these things, if they need investigated need to be handled by a panel of qualified and clearance personnel. They do not need to be the discussion of the evening news. Yet nothing in the Obama administration is transparent; not even the WhiteHouse visitor list.

Now here is something that needs some transparency: Legislation. Who wrote the Cap and Trade and Healthcare Bills that have circulated through congress? We all know that congress can’t agree on the level of socialism to put in these bills. They could have never agreed long enough to get 1100 pages plus of legal gobbly goop. Then they were supposed to have sat around all night and argued and came up with another 300 pages. That just won’t add up for any reasonable person. Now, there is this other information out there that states that these bills have been written by Special Interest groups with a dog in this fight. Now that makes more sense doesn’t it Mr. Obama?

Van Jones who is now the Green Jobs czar… By the way, this whole business of Czars is Obama’s way of getting projects, money, authority and power outside of the purview of the Congress. In addition, these czars are not vetted by the FBI or Senate and owe no allegiance to anyone. Back to Van Jones, the Green Jobs czar. He was a founding member of the Apollo Alliance with a background that includes being a self-proclaimed Marxist and a Black Nationalist. Jones also co-founded the “Color of Change” website which has recently targeted Glenn Beck in a Boycott Campaign. Now according to their website and Harry Reid who thanked them, they were instrumental in the formation of the Cap and Trade Bill. Okay so where is the transparency on this. Mucking this up a bit more is Wade Rathke (the founder of ACORN) was on the board of the Tides Group who funded the Apollo Alliance. Ok. So transparency isn’t so easy with these layers of radical socialists. Then again, I never thought Obama was going to be honest with us. So far I am right.

Now if this is all clear as mud then you are exactly where Mr. Obama wants you. The less you understand the more likely you are to sit and take your Kool-aid. If there was one thing that my folks taught me as a kid that I have found to be true is that: things done in the dark cannot bear up under the scrutiny of light. I would love to see these deeds brought to light yet I fear that we are fighting against dreadful evils in very high places. Soon even this blog will not be allowed. I firmly believe that. If this sounds like nonsense, enjoy your Kool-aid.


  1. Nikita Khrushchev called it in 1962. I believe his dream has come true. Now as you stated it needs to be scrutinized in the light and exposed. I just wonder if it is too late. The young people and education wackos really dont get it. I will continue to fight the good fight. Semper fi

  2. Well said Ken. Waxman and Sustein have both floated the idea of controlling internet content, including our blogs.


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