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Monday, August 3, 2009

Liberals to pass Health Care Reform no matter what:

Senator Chuck Shumer D-N.Y. has stated "We will have contingencies in place. These plans will likely be considered as a last resort, but they are on the table." The Senator was referring to a provision where the Senate could pass the bill with a simple majority. This would mean that 51 votes could pass Health Care Reform in some manner and would therefore bypass needing neither any Republicans nor even all of the Democrats in the Senate. Now there is commitment for you.

Essentially what Shumer is saying is that he would rather pass a watered down, lame, ineffective bill by Sept. 15th than to work on a useful bill later. Hear it clearly America, the urgency is on the when and not on the WHAT. Schumer and many other liberals favor a government-run insurance plan that would compete with private insurers, and all the plans passed so far have included that. Just do it NOW.

When I am faced with a decision say for instance the purchase of a new car and the Salesman says, “You must buy it right now.” I get nervous and I back away. The harder they push the pen into my hand for a signature on the dotted line, the more I suspect their motives. Since January 20th of 2009, all I have heard from this administration is it must be NOW. Impending doom lies in delaying to gain the facts. Peril will surely overtake us if we take time to read the fine print. America will be destitute among Nations if we don’t act now. And, if you don’t, we politicians will find some way to beg, borrow, or steal this bill into law.

This sort of government sounds like they really don’t care about us. It is like they don’t need us or our opinions. It’s almost like a socialist county. Isn’t it?

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