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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obama. Patience of a Saint, Ethics of ...

There is no question that Mr. Obama and his policies have awakened Americans. Whether it be healthcare, government spending, taxes, or his energy policy he has gotten the attention of the voters and moderates and conservatives in particular. As for me, I am proud to see this impassioned debate and questions being asked that should have been asked years ago. I guess it takes a certain amount of noise to waken a sleeping giant.

However, let me caution you that we need to pace ourselves and continue to write, protest, and speak up. We will not be able to quit in September or November or anytime soon. First there is the matter of the Obama administration. Mr. Obama’s background is as a community organizer. They do no quit. They regroup and attack. Then attack, attack, attack. It is always attack. Even if they look as though they are packing-it-in you can be sure they are attacking. We did not get into this mess on January 20, 2009. It has been in the works for years.

The television has been filled with stories of what Obama said about compromise, and what Sebelius said, and Barney Frank and so on and so on. A trusting person might think that the liberals (aka progressives) are confused and ready to negotiate. Don’t be deceived. First they leak that Public Option is not mandatory and the Mainstream Media fills the airwaves with that goo. A number of aficionados weigh in and the airwaves buzz again. Then the big “O” speaks and all of his flock fall right in behind. What they have said and what they intended to say never seems to have any relationship to their goal: more government control.

One thing that is often hard to understand about Politicians, Community Organizers, and to some extent, all of us and that is: the end justifies the means. Everyone will stretch or modify the truth to some extent even if innocently. Then there are those whom have no limits, nor moral guideline, no reason not to say and do as they please. Ordinary people don’t understand this and don’t like to believe that there are people like this. Sorry to be the one to break it to you but this current Administration will stop at NOTHING to reach their agenda. They will do whatever and for however long it is needed, and the truth is not necessary. Just look.

Americans are out of work. Costs are escalating. Social Security is broke. Obama is jetting to another vacation at the Grand Canyon and Golf as usual. Do you think he is worried about you? He is on a four-year holiday with Americans picking up the tab.
In closing, we are making progress. We must pace ourselves. Once we have the government where it is responsive to the people we can relax. Until then I say it is vigilance that will save our nation.

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