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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a “Right” but “Three Lefts Do!”

August has been a month to remember for legislators back in their home states. For a large number of Democrat Congress People they have heard from their constituents on Health Care Reform among other thing. Until now most of these people didn’t even know that had constituents and certainly never considered how important they can become. To be fair, all of the town halls were well attended whether Democratic, Republican, or Independent. Most of the video I have seen went one of two ways. Either the voters were treated with respect and given a chance to speak or the Legislator hosting the meeting refused to listen to their concerns. There was that third category of “Town Hall” where the pews were packed with friendly, supportive, and agreeable faces. Those are not town halls but are rather "photo ops".

The main justification for rushing through this health care reform has come with the argument to “right what is wrong” with healthcare. A similar argument was used to elect Obama. Remember “anything is better that Bush and McCain is another Bush”? I wonder if John McCain still looks like Bush to these folks. Anyway, logic that states that “anything is better that what we have” is not LOGICAL. Just because something has needed attention for years, say healthcare costs, doesn’t mean that rushing into the first thing will be a great idea. Of late I have heard that the reason to do healthcare reform now is because, we need it, insurance companies have gone wild, George Bush was a lousy president, and the more esoteric “now is the right time” answer. Obama not only thinks it is the right time, he guarantees that healthcare reform will pass this year.

It is interesting that the Democratic Party and the most liberal of them appear to be at odds with the president. That will change soon enough as Obama calls them to support his plan. He knows something that he thinks we are too stupid to understand. He does not have to get the plan he wants this year, he only needs to get the plan that opens the way for his real plan. Face it! If Obama said, “Hi. My name is Barack Hussein Obama and I want to turn American into a Socialist county and you will all be my followers and I will be your king” you would think he was crazy and demand his removal. Yet everything he has done and said, where he has worked and those with whom he associated, and his complete ideology has these things as goals. The evidence is there. If you have not read it or will not read it, it is nevertheless true.

So let me assure you. Obama knows that if we see it as wrong or leftist, we will fight it. He also knows that if he can slip it by us, he only needs a couple more apparently “right things” to have us all going LEFT. Read his writings. Look at the videos of what he has said. Research Black Liberation Theology that he has believed for 20 years. Look into the lives and history of those with whom he associated. Finally, listen to what he says. He never speaks to Americans as people of intelligence but as people needing his message and goals.

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  1. Excellent! Thanks for posting that. We need more of this kind of stuff.


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