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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama's Enemy Revealed: The American People

For the longest time now American’s have felt that there was just something “odd” about the way Obama treats our nation. Well, in a recent statement he cleared up his thinking by telling Latinos to “punish their enemies” when speaking of the upcoming elections. Not opposition but enemies. Not the other side but enemies. Not people who see it differently but enemies. Enemies!?! If you have been paying attention to BHO politics you had to notice that there was something about the way he perceives people. While he may lump Americans into many categories he clearly looks at the people as either “friends or ENEMIES”. This could explain much if you think it through.

It explains Barry’s making fun of and belittling the Tea Party protestors. He calls them “Tea Baggers” as it is the most offensive term he can use of them. He states that republicans must “...sit in the back of the bus”. He is forever denigrating his opposition and even apologizes for America. Listen up America! You are an enemy of Obama if you love and respect this nation. It has taken 2 years but he has finally gotten his true feeling out about the great nation and her people. You are either with him; which means to crawl out of your pod and follow him blindly or you are his enemy. While you may have instinctively known that he didn’t care much for you or your way of thinking, did you know that you are his enemy?

It explains how Barry seeks to put us on a destruction course of spreading the wealth at the expense of destroying our economy and even our nation. America and the American way is his ENEMY. While democrats distance themselves Barry does what “Community Organizers” do: he attacks. He has attacked every good and decent thing or person in America. Do you happen to know where Barry will be 2 days after the election? In India. That of itself is not so bad except when you find out that they are taking up all 570 rooms, all the restaurants, and all the meeting rooms of the Mumbai Taj Mahal. He is taking Air Force 1 and Two Jumbo Jets full of folks and filling one hotel and parts of two others. Does he know we are out of cash? I guess a little 10 day vacation will do him good.

Do not misunderstand. I want our president rested and traveling in style. Barry is just not our President. He is president to some nation that resides in his mind and that he is trying to create. We that love America are merely the enemy and the current government is just the vehicle he is using to bring about his “hopeless change”. Do vote next Tuesday and stay prepared. Obama is about to show us what he is really capable of.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Obama 2.0 now More Offensive and Elitist than Before

The dems haven’t even lost the congress yet and Obama and his folks are leaking info through the New York Times are about Obama 2.0. Suggestions about the new and improved Obama suggest that ole Barry would like a second term. Of course this contradicts with his official comments of not caring about one. Which also contradicts his self aggrandizing attitude of being the savior of the world. So what could we expect in the upcoming release of Obamolotics? More of the same. It has long been said that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck; it’s a duck. Barry is a duck. Okay not really a duck. Well you give him a name.

Barry has no familiarity with the truth, the American people, or the heritage of the majority of our history. He has made promises which he did not keep and deceived us with cloaked promises that he did keep. He has spoke ill of our nation and has elevated foreign nations above us. He has spent more money than the sum total of all American Presidents.

He has made fun of the American people and anyone that stands for anything that doesn’t mirror his viewpoint. More than any president I know of, he has lain the blame for everything at someone else’s doorstep. His presidency, if it can be called that, is exactly that of a community organizer where he bullies his way into getting what he wants. The Obama ideology is clearly socialistic and favors racial divisions.

The Obama administration is that of unproven Academics who having never achieved anything in the “real world” know everything about how we should go about it. If it weakens America he is for it. If it impoverishes America he is for it. If it destabilizes our standing in the world he is for it. If it involves taxing, spending, and growing government he is for it.

Obama 2.0. I don’t think so. Regardless of what happens November 2nd, Obama has to go in 2012.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nanny State or I'm Not Giving Up My Teat!

Years ago we owned a small store when you could only buy staple goods with food stamps. The idea was that if you are broke, flour and milk are better purchases than Twinkies and a Coke. Some in government said, “No, we all have to be equal. Folks with food stamps should be able to buy the same things as everyone else.” There are 2 sides to this argument and both are slippery. During our years of owning the store we saw the abuses of the Food Stamp Program. It was truly sad. It was sad to see folks having tough times and sad to see how easy the system could be gamed. People actually sold their food stamps to unscrupulous store owners for cash, literally pennies on the dollar. They wanted the cash and the storekeeper could deposit them at face value. An old proverb states, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Tragically, many of the people with the stamps had no money management skills which may have added to them being in the program. The longer they were on the program the more immune they became to stretching, even breaking the rules. If you called the state offices for assistance with abuses they would tell you that it was up to the shopkeepers to police the program; they didn't have but 2 agents for the state. Sound familiar. Create a program and then take no responsibility for it nor oversight of it. That said. I don't favor the "dole" though I have been on it myself during hardship. I also don't favor big government or programs that can be easily abused. So then what?

As a kid I stood in "relief lines". They were aid places for people in need. My mom had died and my dad was raising 5 of us with the help of hired housekeepers; when he could find one (Who wants to raise someone else’s five kids?) Anyway, standing in the Relief line was painful for us but even more so for my dad. However a couple of us kids would tag along with him in hopes that someone would toss in an extra pound of butter or something. It is hard to see hungry kids. The attendants of the line almost always tossed in something extra: rightly or wrongly. It was very confusing. We were proud to help and ashamed at the same time; people were supposed to strive to make it on their own. We knew good from bad and right from wrong. Oh well. Right doesn’t seem so important when you are hungry. Seeing that, good, decent, well meaning government employees bestowed extras on us. I guess it was some form of this program that re-emerged as “Food Stamps”. Things are different now.

It seems to me that many if not most Americans have a sense of entitlement now. Who knows why? It just somehow became part of our society like Welfare, Medicaid, ADC, Unemployment, Agricultural Price Support, and to some extent Social Security as well as many others. To be fair most of us have paid for decades into programs with the hope of using the benefits when we retire but “Government Knows Best”. In all their wisdom they have created generations of de facto “wards of the State” whom they will never wean from the teats of the American taxpayer. We all see it and complain about it but I wonder who can or will do anything about it. They won’t say that these programs are broke. There is no money in the program but it is not broke. You can redefine the meaning of any word so that you are not “technically” lying. Remember, “It depends on your definition of what “Is” means.”

When all sides have been heard on this matter it really comes down to the people. What will the people do? What will the people tolerate? What types of entitlements will the people pay for? This all begs to the nature of the modern person. Being one I am amazed by us. We all have a solution but can we pay the price as individuals? America is asking to cut the spending but I wonder what it is that we will willingly give up? Ask the elderly if they will take less of Medicare for the benefit of their grandchildren; then see if you can whip Granny ‘cause the fight is on.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why

As a young person I was taught in English class to write using the Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why. It was said that this method would get the audience interested in what you were writing and so most of us that were taught this, use it. And so I will…

Who? Who in the h..l does Barack Hussein Obama think that he is to suppose that he is smarter that anyone and that he alone has the right to determine America’s future?

What? What give this same Obama the right to destroy long held traditions and procedures in favor of his delusional policies?

Where? Where did Barry learn to hate America so bad that he and his wife have no respect for her?

When? When did Americans lose their country to the few who disrespect the many?

How? How can a nation that takes its government leadership so lightly, survive these attacks from within?

Why? Why does Barry, the Press, Congress, (fill in the blank), seem hell-bent on the destruction of this nation?

For me to answer these questions it would take many words; words which you already have in your own minds and are rotating within trying to understand what the answers are. Why do you do that? Why do we try and assign meaning to all of these actions of Barry and his Academics who have seized power by deception? Do you not try to figure this out? Would it not be easier to understand the workings of the universe than to understand someone who wishes to destroy our way of living and governing? Surely.

I have come to realize that our enemies from within our borders are far more dangerous to us that those afar. Those in foreign lands hope to enslave us with fear while those here in America hope to enslave us, our children, and their children to the sick ideologies which they seek to impose. As of now they have socialized most of our economy, weakened our status in the world, alienated our closest allies, and empowered our enemies. All of the thinking on who, what, when, etc. will never make sense to you as you already know the real truth: Barry is not for us.

He lied about his past. He lied about his associations. He denied us his history so that we might examine his records. He placed inexperienced intellectuals with the same ideology as his in the highest offices in the land. He coached those appointments on how to get past the senate and what not to say. He denied any involvement in anything or denied to even deny. To date he has yet to tell the truth about anything of import and even many things that don’t matter. These are his good points.

Still, Americans hope and wait as if this “Deceiver” incarnate will suddenly become pro-America. He is pro-Muslim, pro-African American, pro-Illegal Immigrant, pro-Deficit Spending, and pro- Baby Killing. Yes. This man actually voted and supports Postnatal Abortion where if an abortion fails and the baby is born alive, then it is allowed, rather sentenced, to die amid a pile of bloody rags. To this man you spend energy wondering Who he is and Why he does, etc.? American listen to your own conscience. This man has none. He is like one who speaks “lies in hypocrisy; having "his" conscience seared with a hot iron”. His soul is scarred over and he can’t, won’t, and dares not even listen to those who see differently than he.

Did he not ignore the calls, cries and requests of the people just like he does to those babies whom he leaves to die in clinics and hospitals everywhere? Would you continue to hope that this “One” will see the light and turn from his ways? My fellow Americans: do not expect good to come from Barry or his minions. They are like him and do his bidding. Hope. Surely you should hope and pray if you believe. Vote. Vote every possible chance and Speak Up. Too long have we remained silent for fear of offending someone. I am not inciting offence but neither will I wither from those who disagree with decency, honesty, Americanism, and the Constitution. If my love of God and country offends you then I warn you to be ready to be offended for millions and tens and hundreds of millions of Americans are soon to offend you. Do what you will but DO NOT wait for Obama to become like you.

So Barack Hussein Obama I say that you should begin considering the questions: who, what, when… as America sees you for what you are.