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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why

As a young person I was taught in English class to write using the Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why. It was said that this method would get the audience interested in what you were writing and so most of us that were taught this, use it. And so I will…

Who? Who in the h..l does Barack Hussein Obama think that he is to suppose that he is smarter that anyone and that he alone has the right to determine America’s future?

What? What give this same Obama the right to destroy long held traditions and procedures in favor of his delusional policies?

Where? Where did Barry learn to hate America so bad that he and his wife have no respect for her?

When? When did Americans lose their country to the few who disrespect the many?

How? How can a nation that takes its government leadership so lightly, survive these attacks from within?

Why? Why does Barry, the Press, Congress, (fill in the blank), seem hell-bent on the destruction of this nation?

For me to answer these questions it would take many words; words which you already have in your own minds and are rotating within trying to understand what the answers are. Why do you do that? Why do we try and assign meaning to all of these actions of Barry and his Academics who have seized power by deception? Do you not try to figure this out? Would it not be easier to understand the workings of the universe than to understand someone who wishes to destroy our way of living and governing? Surely.

I have come to realize that our enemies from within our borders are far more dangerous to us that those afar. Those in foreign lands hope to enslave us with fear while those here in America hope to enslave us, our children, and their children to the sick ideologies which they seek to impose. As of now they have socialized most of our economy, weakened our status in the world, alienated our closest allies, and empowered our enemies. All of the thinking on who, what, when, etc. will never make sense to you as you already know the real truth: Barry is not for us.

He lied about his past. He lied about his associations. He denied us his history so that we might examine his records. He placed inexperienced intellectuals with the same ideology as his in the highest offices in the land. He coached those appointments on how to get past the senate and what not to say. He denied any involvement in anything or denied to even deny. To date he has yet to tell the truth about anything of import and even many things that don’t matter. These are his good points.

Still, Americans hope and wait as if this “Deceiver” incarnate will suddenly become pro-America. He is pro-Muslim, pro-African American, pro-Illegal Immigrant, pro-Deficit Spending, and pro- Baby Killing. Yes. This man actually voted and supports Postnatal Abortion where if an abortion fails and the baby is born alive, then it is allowed, rather sentenced, to die amid a pile of bloody rags. To this man you spend energy wondering Who he is and Why he does, etc.? American listen to your own conscience. This man has none. He is like one who speaks “lies in hypocrisy; having "his" conscience seared with a hot iron”. His soul is scarred over and he can’t, won’t, and dares not even listen to those who see differently than he.

Did he not ignore the calls, cries and requests of the people just like he does to those babies whom he leaves to die in clinics and hospitals everywhere? Would you continue to hope that this “One” will see the light and turn from his ways? My fellow Americans: do not expect good to come from Barry or his minions. They are like him and do his bidding. Hope. Surely you should hope and pray if you believe. Vote. Vote every possible chance and Speak Up. Too long have we remained silent for fear of offending someone. I am not inciting offence but neither will I wither from those who disagree with decency, honesty, Americanism, and the Constitution. If my love of God and country offends you then I warn you to be ready to be offended for millions and tens and hundreds of millions of Americans are soon to offend you. Do what you will but DO NOT wait for Obama to become like you.

So Barack Hussein Obama I say that you should begin considering the questions: who, what, when… as America sees you for what you are.


  1. Great post Ken! I have been saying for a while that the threat within is much greater than that from without.

  2. That is a great one Ken. That is a handy guide for writing. You use it well.


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