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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Obama 2.0 now More Offensive and Elitist than Before

The dems haven’t even lost the congress yet and Obama and his folks are leaking info through the New York Times are about Obama 2.0. Suggestions about the new and improved Obama suggest that ole Barry would like a second term. Of course this contradicts with his official comments of not caring about one. Which also contradicts his self aggrandizing attitude of being the savior of the world. So what could we expect in the upcoming release of Obamolotics? More of the same. It has long been said that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck; it’s a duck. Barry is a duck. Okay not really a duck. Well you give him a name.

Barry has no familiarity with the truth, the American people, or the heritage of the majority of our history. He has made promises which he did not keep and deceived us with cloaked promises that he did keep. He has spoke ill of our nation and has elevated foreign nations above us. He has spent more money than the sum total of all American Presidents.

He has made fun of the American people and anyone that stands for anything that doesn’t mirror his viewpoint. More than any president I know of, he has lain the blame for everything at someone else’s doorstep. His presidency, if it can be called that, is exactly that of a community organizer where he bullies his way into getting what he wants. The Obama ideology is clearly socialistic and favors racial divisions.

The Obama administration is that of unproven Academics who having never achieved anything in the “real world” know everything about how we should go about it. If it weakens America he is for it. If it impoverishes America he is for it. If it destabilizes our standing in the world he is for it. If it involves taxing, spending, and growing government he is for it.

Obama 2.0. I don’t think so. Regardless of what happens November 2nd, Obama has to go in 2012.

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  1. Those are some good thoughts Ken. The question is, will he just veto everything, and cry about a lack of partisanship, or will he try to pull a Clinton? I think he'll play the leftist victim role, and go on the attack with his army of useful idiots.


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