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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You Just Can't Make this Stuff Up!

Breaking news: Newark NJ mayor has ordered the city to stop buying toilet paper. Apparently the 70 Million dollar shorfall has caused the Mayor to react. In a lesser headline Citigroup had to switch from 2 ply to 1 ply. Be sure to keep this in mind as you make your travel and financial plans. Your money could wind up in dirty hands.

When I was much younger I used to be amused by the old people and the things that they would say. Things like, “What is this world coming to?” and “At this rate there won’t be any: (multiple possibilities) right or wrong, truth, morals, principles, values, justice, money, America, honest politicians, ethics, etc., in a few years.” Now I am the old person that I made so much fun of and the only thing changed is the intensity or extremism of these fears. That, and the fact that many many young people now see the dangers as well. The things that are going on, well, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Over the weekend Obama stated that he could feel America’s pain with regard to the economy. He stated that he and Michelle were not that far removed to relate to you. I suppose if you have taken a half dozen vacations this year, are taking your daughter to Spain booking 35 rooms in a 5 star hotel, made $5 million dollars last year, and are hated by 2/3rds of America you might be who O’clueless is talking about. He doesn’t understand me or my life nor anyone I know. How elitist and indifferent to America can this man get?

In a less intelligent position Sen. Barbara Boxer tried to equate her time in the senate as equal to serving in the military. Hum? Apparently the halls of congress are now filled with sandbags and automatic weapons. Still I haven’t heard of any Congress people being shot. Truly Barbara. Do you really think like that? And people voted for you? Whoa!

The good news is that this is America is a free country. That is unless you are a Christian and go to college in Georgia at Augusta State University. If you go there you have to be in agreement with gays, lesbians, transgender, and whatever. If you hold to a Christian belief that doesn’t approve of these lifestyles, well then you will have to just go someplace else like Saudi Arabia. Of course in Saudi Arabia you can’t be a Christian either or gay or lesbian or transgender, etc. They basically have a Dictatorship and we soon will have one.

On a lighter note Obama decided to skip the 100 year anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America in favor of appearing on the View. Let me imagine how he processed that, “Ok. I can show support for a 100 year organization that does good works, promotes values, and helps boys to become men or I can sit and gossip with some women.” It must be difficult to try and remain hip and do the right thing. His idea of the right thing is just so different that the rest of America.

Lastly, the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) announced that we cannot continue as a Nation with this extreme deficit spending. The last I heard the administration was only listening to the CBO when they came out with numbers the met their approval. Look for the Whitehouse to make a statement (or not) stating that the CBO forgot or overlooked some Obamunist program that will change all of that.

Many pundits and the Whitehouse themselves like to make fun and minimize the blogosphere’s importance. Look folks. I am not making this news up, merely relaying it. You just can’t make this stuff up!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It Burns Me Up

It just chafes me when I see a politician propose to speak for me after denying to listen to what I have to say. The Whitehouse in general does this. They talk as if they represent me but deny everything that I stand for, believe, and hope for this country. To hear Barry tell it I am just dying to become enslaved to his entitlement programs for those who won’t work. Even more he pretends to speak for me in that congress is doing great work at the beckoning of the people. If that were true congress might have more than an %11 approval rating. Surely they must know what a joke they have become.

Lately some Democrats in congress are starting to latch on to the idea to keep the Bush tax cuts. It is not clear whether they want the cuts to remain or just want to be seen as pro “Working Class”. I tend to suspect the latter. In my district the politicians are all talking like they have already been elected or reelected. Not so fast. My candidate for congress in Missouri’s 3rd congressional district is John Wayne Tucker. He is everything that a thinking and concerned voter would want without the trappings of political system. Still, the typical Democratic and Republican favorites are speaking out with the entitlement attitude of aristocracy. This kind of attitude just burns me up.

The other day the Obama administration pulled the trigger and fired Shirley Sherrod for what appeared to be racist comments. After further examination they decided she wasn’t all that racist but more of the elitist, spread the wealth kind of ideologue that the Whitehouse loves. Now there is all this talk of making her some kind of “Race Czar”. In her new found celebrity her true racist tendencies are really starting to surface. It just may be that she is a racist commie who would love to take from the haves and give to the have-nots. Great. Another loon for the Administration.

It remains to be seen what effect Americans can have at the polls this fall. After that we will have our hands full righting the aberrant legislation that the Obamunist Administration has enacted. In the meantime we can continue focusing on our local elections and contributing to those causes we believe in. America. You are a great and shinning light to the world no matter what the libacrats say. Forget Hollywood and the words of Elitist politicians. Make sure you are registered and vote in any election within your reach. This is our birthright and our heritage. Those in power got there by deceit but they shall not hold it long. May God Bless America.

PS. If you can afford it, send John Wayne Tucker a few bucks. He is a true Patriot who will do all of America some good.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

…god Damn America! ???

There is no way around it. Jeremiah Wright thinks that God should Damn America and his student of 20+ years is trying to get that done. Yes. Barack Hussein Obama is doing all he can to damn America. To damn America is to “ruin” America and Barry is all about that. Time left most of this out of the year in pictures. Here is a quick review.

Even the leaders of the world are starting to become concerned with Obama thinking. Had we trusted our instincts we would have known what his plans were. It wasn’t as though he didn’t tell us.

To fundamentally transform America is something different to Barack than it was to the Americans who voted for him.

Even CNN has reported Obama's abuses

If that isn't bad enough, Obama attacks the Tea Party. These people are your mom, your dad, your neighbor, you...

God Damn America? If Barack and his Anti-American administration continue to go unchecked that just might be the case. You see it with your own eyes. No one can make this stuff up.

See you at the Polls, in Washington, and anywhere I think I can do something to save my country. Barry if you don't like it here, go where you would like it better.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blacks are More Deserving than Whites. Ask Them!

Michelle Obama spoke before the NAACP and so plainly stated that Blacks have it worse than Whites in America. She offered no solutions other than they should “not rest on their laurels…increase our intensity”. This organization which is by definition racist: the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. They are not for the advancement of all people but just colored people. Why is it that racists get to charge others with racism as if they were somehow above it. It was White peoples guilt that allowed such organization to play these major roles in America. Sure we want equality and if this NAACP will help then so be it but that is not what they are about. America wake up! There are:
United Negro College Fund
Black Business Council
Black Entertainment TV
Black Pride Month
Congressional Black Caucus
Black Greek Letter Organizations
Black Muslims
100 Black Men of America
African American Planning Commision
African American Speaker Bureau
National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators and Developers
National Association of Black Accountants
Be Someone Inc.
Blacks In Government
Black Culinarians Alliance
National Association of Market Developers
Black Wall Street Merchants Association
Black Women in Sisterhood for Action
National Black Child Development Institute
National Society of Black Engineers
Jack and Jill of America
National Urban League
Miss Black America
Rainbow Push Coalition
National Action Network

This is by no means an exhaustive look at organizations which only provide service to black people. The list is nearly endless. Some are led by Poverty Pimps and Race Hustlers like the “Reverends” Jesse and Al. They feed off the emotions of their followers leaving them with less money and more hatred for the conditions they find themselves in: trapped and enslaved by the system. Yes. They are enslaved by their own minds not believing that they can be anything but poor. Most of these organizations will foster that belief while they condemn the community and the government for not giving more. And what have they added, these organizations and others like them, what have they done to improve race relations? Yes. I thought so.

Obama was supposed to be our Post-Racial President. Instead he and Michelle have become dividers-in-chief. Yet you have to recognize that with the elections looming in the near future it is time for the haters and baiters to mobilize their base. They have to get them to the voting booths. You know that hate is a strong motivator.

Now here are the folks that Eric Holder’s DOJ let go free from charges of voter fraud. How much “ramping up” do you need?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Same O Same O

Coming up with new and stimulating reading for my followers is something that I give serious thought to. Since I tend to blog about Obama and his administration there are some things I have noticed. How many times should I point out that Obama lies. Everyone knows that. Even those people who do or were supporters of his know that he is incapable of telling the truth. And then there is the underhanded or around-the-back way Obama legislates. Surely everyone know by now that he has no concern for “the process” but only the result. In other words, he doesn’t care if it is legal, constitutional, ethical or perhaps even moral as long as it is something that “he” wants. He did this with healthcare and he did it with the budget. Truthfully, I struggle to come up with new information to interest you.

Lately I have been researching the progress Muslims have made in taking over America. As you probably know that is one of their stated goals. On first glance it doesn’t seem all that alarming until you find how many Muslim organizations are in the U.S. and how well they have placed themselves in government and academia. I used to think they were just a religion but I now know that for Muslims government and god are the same thing. Moreover, only their god is god and the God of Christians, Jews and others are no gods at all. In fact if you believe in Jehovah, Yahweh, Almighty God, God, or Jesus you are banned from many Muslim countries and may soon be subordinated or worse here in America. I couldn’t imagine this happening but all the proof that I can come up with shows that it will only be years until Muslims will rule. Some will say that I am nuts now but they will not say that then.

I would like to write about how the Government was securing our borders to the south, as well as the north, east, and west. Sadly that is not the case. Arizona is raising money, perhaps more than a million dollars by now to defend themselves from the federal government. The government is not suing them because their law is bad but because they say Arizona has no right to have their own law on immigration. I know. On TV they say it is about possible abuses or civil rights violations but that is not what the lawsuit says. They say things like racist, and profiling, and pulling people over for no reason to get people upset. If they tried to sue Arizona over that they would get laughed out of court. Nope. The reason they are suing is because Arizona has a law regarding immigration: nothing more; nothing less. In the meantime Obama is working to try and get amnesty for all those poor people so that they can become good voters for him.

Unfortunately, I could not find any real news to tell you about. Your Constitution is being destroyed more each day and your rights disappear with it. Money is being spent at unheard of rates and the world’s leaders are begging us to stop it. Of course we don’t. Obama knows best you know. So the only thing I could write for you today is that in only months you have lost a great deal of America’s freedoms and in a few more months you will surely loose the balance of them. That is unless people decide to all stand up at once and say “No More”. That is my prayer as I can still pray until the Muslims succeed in taking over. Barry? Didn’t you use to be one?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Voters Awakened. Scary to Politicians...

Over the weekend the Republican equivalent of Biden said that the Tea Party wouldn’t survive. Yes. Lindsey Graham appears to be doing obama’s work for him and is often taking up his causes these days. Me thinks that Lindsey has no clue about the Tea Party patriots as they are not easy to pigeonhole. Some have said that they are angry white men, white people, and/or rich people. Generally there was a racist slur added to the defamation of the Patriots memberships. While they are primarily white as seen from a distance and while they are angry and while many of them have money, they are largely not racists.

What you can say for sure about the Tea Party people is that they have been politically awakened; many if not most for the first time. It is doubtful that any of these folks ever marched on any place before. For the most part they have never been to a political rally nor have they ever held up anything but a yard-sale sign. What they now are is a committed group of the most powerful Americans: voters. These people don’t just talk about candidates. They have researched them. While it is true that they have no central organization to direct them, they don’t need it. They will do what they believe in their hearts come any given election day. For a partisan politician the Tea Party represents everything they fear: thoughtful, intelligent, empowered, and committed voters who will look at voting records and not political prose. No wonder Lindsey would speak ill of them.

Come election day when these people enter the voting booth only they will make their decisions. Not being controlled by Washington handouts or special interests they are free to create “dimpled chads” for whomever they see fit. You can’t call them republican nor democrat even though they may be registered as such because they are voting their conscience. Such people are likely to “throw their votes away” on such dark horses as Rand Paul or John Wayne Tucker. In their foolishness they are giving America candidates who will truly break the status quo in Washington.

Nearly two years ago obama set America on a course for Change but I am thinking that he may see change that he never knew was possible. He wanted socialism and woke the spirit of Freedom that had fallen asleep. He spoke of change and we came to understand how evil his kind of change could be. Now the people are wanting change for sure: to change back to the way we were before we lost control to Washington. obama was said to be the end of racial tensions and now he has created all the more division between the races and awakened America to the true nature of the problem.

Lindsey. You have often shown us who you are and what you are made of. Your boyish look and gentle voice are fooling no one. You only need declare your alignment with obama. It is and has been clear to the many and now to even the few. Know this. It is not the lack of unity that weakens the Tea Party Patriots. That is where their very strength lies. They are free to speak, act, worship, and vote according to their conscience. They answer to no party. Scary: isn’t it?

Ps Regarding the lower case "Os" on obama: no respect intended.