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Saturday, July 24, 2010

It Burns Me Up

It just chafes me when I see a politician propose to speak for me after denying to listen to what I have to say. The Whitehouse in general does this. They talk as if they represent me but deny everything that I stand for, believe, and hope for this country. To hear Barry tell it I am just dying to become enslaved to his entitlement programs for those who won’t work. Even more he pretends to speak for me in that congress is doing great work at the beckoning of the people. If that were true congress might have more than an %11 approval rating. Surely they must know what a joke they have become.

Lately some Democrats in congress are starting to latch on to the idea to keep the Bush tax cuts. It is not clear whether they want the cuts to remain or just want to be seen as pro “Working Class”. I tend to suspect the latter. In my district the politicians are all talking like they have already been elected or reelected. Not so fast. My candidate for congress in Missouri’s 3rd congressional district is John Wayne Tucker. He is everything that a thinking and concerned voter would want without the trappings of political system. Still, the typical Democratic and Republican favorites are speaking out with the entitlement attitude of aristocracy. This kind of attitude just burns me up.

The other day the Obama administration pulled the trigger and fired Shirley Sherrod for what appeared to be racist comments. After further examination they decided she wasn’t all that racist but more of the elitist, spread the wealth kind of ideologue that the Whitehouse loves. Now there is all this talk of making her some kind of “Race Czar”. In her new found celebrity her true racist tendencies are really starting to surface. It just may be that she is a racist commie who would love to take from the haves and give to the have-nots. Great. Another loon for the Administration.

It remains to be seen what effect Americans can have at the polls this fall. After that we will have our hands full righting the aberrant legislation that the Obamunist Administration has enacted. In the meantime we can continue focusing on our local elections and contributing to those causes we believe in. America. You are a great and shinning light to the world no matter what the libacrats say. Forget Hollywood and the words of Elitist politicians. Make sure you are registered and vote in any election within your reach. This is our birthright and our heritage. Those in power got there by deceit but they shall not hold it long. May God Bless America.

PS. If you can afford it, send John Wayne Tucker a few bucks. He is a true Patriot who will do all of America some good.

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  1. That's a great one Ken. I think more and more Americans are coming to realize exactly what you are talking about.


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