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Friday, July 9, 2010

Same O Same O

Coming up with new and stimulating reading for my followers is something that I give serious thought to. Since I tend to blog about Obama and his administration there are some things I have noticed. How many times should I point out that Obama lies. Everyone knows that. Even those people who do or were supporters of his know that he is incapable of telling the truth. And then there is the underhanded or around-the-back way Obama legislates. Surely everyone know by now that he has no concern for “the process” but only the result. In other words, he doesn’t care if it is legal, constitutional, ethical or perhaps even moral as long as it is something that “he” wants. He did this with healthcare and he did it with the budget. Truthfully, I struggle to come up with new information to interest you.

Lately I have been researching the progress Muslims have made in taking over America. As you probably know that is one of their stated goals. On first glance it doesn’t seem all that alarming until you find how many Muslim organizations are in the U.S. and how well they have placed themselves in government and academia. I used to think they were just a religion but I now know that for Muslims government and god are the same thing. Moreover, only their god is god and the God of Christians, Jews and others are no gods at all. In fact if you believe in Jehovah, Yahweh, Almighty God, God, or Jesus you are banned from many Muslim countries and may soon be subordinated or worse here in America. I couldn’t imagine this happening but all the proof that I can come up with shows that it will only be years until Muslims will rule. Some will say that I am nuts now but they will not say that then.

I would like to write about how the Government was securing our borders to the south, as well as the north, east, and west. Sadly that is not the case. Arizona is raising money, perhaps more than a million dollars by now to defend themselves from the federal government. The government is not suing them because their law is bad but because they say Arizona has no right to have their own law on immigration. I know. On TV they say it is about possible abuses or civil rights violations but that is not what the lawsuit says. They say things like racist, and profiling, and pulling people over for no reason to get people upset. If they tried to sue Arizona over that they would get laughed out of court. Nope. The reason they are suing is because Arizona has a law regarding immigration: nothing more; nothing less. In the meantime Obama is working to try and get amnesty for all those poor people so that they can become good voters for him.

Unfortunately, I could not find any real news to tell you about. Your Constitution is being destroyed more each day and your rights disappear with it. Money is being spent at unheard of rates and the world’s leaders are begging us to stop it. Of course we don’t. Obama knows best you know. So the only thing I could write for you today is that in only months you have lost a great deal of America’s freedoms and in a few more months you will surely loose the balance of them. That is unless people decide to all stand up at once and say “No More”. That is my prayer as I can still pray until the Muslims succeed in taking over. Barry? Didn’t you use to be one?


  1. I know what you mean about not news. I often find it difficult to find the information that I need to do a post. The damage they do is, in many ways, incremental. They are now building upon things that they have been doing for decades.

    This is a great lesson in why small, Constitutionally limited government is so very important. The structure that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid needed to complete their work was already in place. They only had to build upon it.

  2. The rise of Islam throughout the world is indeed frightening. Islam and Marxism are to two great evils of our world.

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