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Monday, May 31, 2010

Thanks and "NO THANKS"

An Open Letter to Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona

The Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 W. Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Governor Brewer,

This is just a note of thanks for your email message regarding Memorial Day. In truth Millions have died that America might have the freedoms we all enjoy. In that regard you have countless Millions of living Americans who watch your bravery every day. We are inspired by you and put our hopes in you that as a leader others might take your example and follow in your steps.

Truly it is a trying time for Arizona and for America as well. So many wish to transform this nation into something that Patriots loathe. For your courage we admire you and relish the efforts you are taking to put America back on course. Thank you.

May God bless your efforts and the United States of America.


Ken Minor

Ps We will be vacationing in Arizona this fall. We have planned this for years. This is the year we will do it. I suspect we will be joined by many respectful and grateful Americans.

Friday, May 28, 2010

For Sale: Brookly Bridge - Good Condition

…and as soon as I sell you the Brooklyn Bridge I‘m going to convince you that the Whitehouse did nothing wrong in their dealings with congressman Joe Sestak. The Obama folks put out a story today that stinks worse than unwelcome house guests. The way the Whitehouse spins this yarn is to say that Bill Clinton was to speak to Joe at the request of Rahm Emmanuel about a job that paid nothing. To get this great job for nothing all he had to do was “nothing”. Actually he had to drop out of the Senate race in Pennsylvania so good ole Arlen Specter could run uncontested. Yes, for dropping out of the Senate race he would get this wonderful job as an advisor on an intelligence board. Excuse me. You couldn’t be very “Intelligent” to take that deal. So here we have the Obama folks taking two for dupes: Sestak and the rest of America.

Needless to say the Republicans are calling for an Independent investigation of the matter. Seems they don’t think that this story passes the “smell test”. Who knows whether they will get it and while we may never know the whole truth, or in Obama’s case any of the truth, it is just impossible to think that good ole Bill Clinton had a harmless conversation with Joe and that’s that. Even if old Bill had that conversation with Joe, what do you think it cost old Barry to get him to do it? I’d say there had to be a whole lot of groveling going on. Add to this the odd coincidence that this is the second time Obama has been associated with political bribery. It almost makes one think that old Rob Blagojevich might just have been really making a deal with someone in Obama’s camp. Rahm was always suspect in that deal.

It also seemed real convenient that the Whitehouse released their tale while Barry was off to the gulf. I am sure that seeing the devastation will help him get perspective on his failings over the last month. Oh well, vacation time again so it is off to Chicago. The president needs to recharge his Chicagoland connections and after all it is his Mecca. I shouldn’t be so sarcastic but our past America loving presidents spent Memorial Day honoring our fallen at Arlington. Perhaps while he is in Chicago he can attend services at his old church. They still think that Christianity is the tool the White Man used to enslave them.

Something else that needs selling and that is how bad Arizona’s new law is. True to his word for once ole Barry has got the Department of Justice telling the Arizonan government how concerned they are with this law. Forgive me if I am wrong but you don’t sick your dogs on Arizona but you would challenge their law in court. Of course they can’t do that because they would get their butts kicked. So they send in the legal eagles to try and scare Arizona into being more afraid of the Government than the drug cartels. After all, the DOJ has the full support of the President of Mexico.

So about that bridge I have for sale…

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kenvesting: Building a nestegg with EGGS!

One of the most disturbing things I have had to do recently is to figure out how to protect what little money I have. I have my 401k and my rollover IRA account as does my wife. Like most people we have checking and savings and not that much of either. Fortunately our debt is low but at our age we really need to hang on to what we have. Most Americans have suffered tremendously in the stock market and even conservative Mutual Funds have been big losers at least twice in the past 10 years. In the last month the DOW has dropped about 1,000 points which basically puts us back to where we were a year ago. So you might ask yourself how this affect you and what should you do.

Well I am neither investor nor broker and have no special knowledge. What I do know is that everything I read says that the American dollar is in jeopardy. I suspect that those who frequent this blog probably already intuitively suspect this but what to do. Well it seems that the big kids, the ones with lots and lots of money, the ones who made like $5million last year (right Barry), these people have advisers. Who do you have? If you are like me you have the words of someone on the other end of the phone if that. That being the case I have come up with an investment strategy. It may sound silly but I only invest in sure fire winners. That should get your attention.

Who does the grocery shopping in your house? Ask them what has gone up the most in the last year. If those things have a shelf life of months or years, stock up. Figure it this way. Let’s say you love applesauce and that you eat a jar a month. If the expiration date is months or a year away and you find it on special I buy it. I buy about 75% of what I think I can use. Worst case scenario is that I will lose my job and end up eating applesauce for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even if the price goes down will it be worse that my stocks. I doubt it.

Now I gave a very simple example here because no one family would match the needs of others. What you see as something of value may not meet another’s needs. My rule is I have to eat it, need it, or be able to sell or trade it to someone else. I guess in a way you could call me an urban survivalist. Don’t get me wrong, I am not preparing for Armageddon here but I’m not denying the possibility either. Now my son sells guns and ammunition where he works. For more than a year now people have been hoarding ammunition. I asked him about the reason for this and he really doesn’t know. Reasons stated are fear of unavailability later to fears of increase in crime. I thought it over and reasoned that owning some is better that none.

Other things I buy are Paper Towels, Tylenol or Generics, Bath and Laundry soaps, toilet paper, and Spam. My kids love to make fun that I have a half-dozen cans of Spam. They hate the stuff. I like it and it has a shelf life of a couple of years. Now I buy all of these things on sale. If it isn’t a good price I don’t buy it. This is not about spending, it is about saving. I am buying things at a good price now that I think will be higher later. If you look around you I’ll bet you can find a few things that will stretch your dollar. With little or no pay raise in sight, Congress on a spending spree, and the World’s economies collapsing it might just be worth a little thought. If you come up with a good idea perhaps you would share it with the rest of us. Just in case you are wondering, I have enough toilet paper to make it past Halloween and still TP a couple of houses.

Oh yeah. The closest thing to cash in a 401K is a CD. I don't make much but I probably won't lose unless America goes under. I may change my mind after I am out of toilet paper 'cause I expect to outlast Congress.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It’s All Broken: Congress, Presidency, Courts…

It has been years in the “Breaking” but I think that the official diagnosis is we’re broke, broken, and continuing to break. This opinion comes from the observation that there is “No One” in government that is paying one whit of attention to what the people want and need. As America flips and flops like an oil coated fish gasping for its last breath, government is busy protecting itself. The Republicans are trying to keep the Tea Party from having an effect on the Party and Democrats are looking to tax oil, energy, manufactured goods and anything else they can.

Obama has proven that he has no use for the “Truth” or “America” as we have known it. Even now he hopes to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and fragment the US Military. The military has already advised that this is not the time to address this issue. After all Mr. Obama, who cares what the morale is of the majority of our fighting men and women is as long as you appease those who have decided to honor your promises to? You have made promises to All Americans but as of today you have not kept or have broken all but a few. The only thing I have seen for sure is your “Fundamental Change” of America. We don't want it.

Arizona has passed a law to get the federal government to act and the only action from that goverment has been ridicule and lies. The administration sticks to its talking points and refuses to engage Arizona’s problem on even the most basic level. Worse yet the problem is not just illegal Mexican Immigrants but rather Millions of Immigrants from every nation on earth who have come on vacation or whatever and never gone home. This includes your garden variety terrorist as well as others who have no investment financially or emotionally in this nation. Still there’s no action from Obama. In fact the only real action that Obama’s folks have taken is for ICE to say they may not take any prisoners that Arizona arrests. How arrogant and unreceptive can a Government be? We might as well be asking for China to give us Tibet. We would stand a much better chance than asking our government to do its job.

It is no wonder that there is an anti-incumbent sentiment in America. The truth is we want you all out of there, including you Mr. Obama, and we can’t get it done fast enough to suit us. In the meantime we are dealt blow after blow of government incompetence, neglect, corruption, and disregard. Worse still we Americans feel our liberties and freedoms being stripped from us. One would think that only an elite few in government and a select group of citizens matter. One would be very close to the truth if “One” thought that.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Socialism or Bust...

Well there is some good news and some bad news: you decide which is which. The wheels are starting to come off the Obama “Yes We Can” bus. Yes, people in his administration have been saying stupid things and acting incompetently. They have been doing that all along but now even Barry is becoming embarrassed by it. In a totally related story it has been determined that never is a Rat more dangerous than when backed into a corner. Science has determined that when a Rat’s primary goal gets blocked that they will exhibit all manner of bizarre behaviors before giving up. Okay. You caught me. Both stories are about our Rat-In-Chief. Yes. It appears that the “anointed one” and his administration is faltering, he is scrambling, and Americans are rapidly waking from their Kool-Aid stupors. Sadly, many awake in time to witness him putting his last few pieces of evil into place, and that in a panicked pace.

Notice also that Obama is slowing his support of struggling incumbent democrats and beginning to occupy himself with other items of mischief. I mean, in the past if you waved a microphone and a camera lens past the man he was on it like a duck on a June bug. In all fairness the best thing for most politicians these days is to distance themselves from Obama. Barry is turning out to be political kryptonite. This was predicted months ago yet the Congress tossed off America’s wishes for a presidential pat on the head. Indeed while moderates and conservatives were pleading with Congress for representation their voices went unheeded. Perhaps our congress is going to get that “Fundamental Change” they so longed for.

However this shyness towards the lights of the media seems almost out of place. The last time Barry gave a press conference seems like just a year ago and all the questions appeared staged. Oh well. Now he has the US version of Pravda and he can create his own limelight. Of course his official opinion was that he did nothing to keep his “illegal immigrant Auntie” here who had already received her deportation orders. Instead she has been living in public housing on our tab and now has miraculously been granted asylum. You would have to be in an asylum to believe that Obama didn’t manipulate that one. What is so bad is that Obama lies so often one never knows whether to ever believe him. I tend to err on the side of “No friggin’ way. He is the most practiced liar I have ever witnessed.”

As of now a Tea Party backed candidate has won the GOP nomination in Kentucky. Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, has been declared the winner in the Kentucky Republican primary. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania is bumped from the Democratic ticket so I suppose he will have to settle for an Obama appointment. Blanch Lincoln has a runoff election in Arkansas and that won’t get her out of the woods with the Tea Party. Democratic candidates are scrambling like roaches with the light flipped on trying to pull out their elections. The White House seems eerily silent. Normally that is the way I like my Obama administration but then he is like a kid in some ways: If he is playing too quietly you know he is up to mischief. We do know that he has his hands full with trying to get another anti-gun, anti-military, pro-abortion, softball player on the Supreme Court. Right now you can bet the White House is in full “Coach Elena” mode helping her learn what her thinking is and how to speak for minutes and not say anything.

As for the rest of the news it is all good. It just depends on your perspective. If you are a freedom loving patriot, don’t blink.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Pot calls the Kettle Mr. President

In possibly the most disconnected and sanctimonious statement yet Obama said that it was time for people to quit finger pointing and blaming others. He was able to do this by pointing the finger at BP, Halliburton, the Federal Government and others. He did not accept any personal responsibility. As Finger-Pointer-in-Chief he is exempt from utilizing his own wisdom. Just take Obama’s advice as it is in great shape having never been used and only spouted from his lips for the benefit of the masses. If this man would think about what he says he surely wouldn’t speak such stupidity. He has blamed George Bush for nearly everything and the rest on the Tea Partiers and Fox News. He almost apologized once but caught himself in mid-honesty and saved the day with yet another self aggrandizing speech.

More amazing still is that some 40% of America still stand by this man and most of those if not all would vote for him as president again. No wonder our nation is in such peril. Understand that it is okay to make a mistake. We all do it (present President excluded). We admit out mistakes and learn from them (again the president is not referred to here) and move on. So one has to wonder when their leader has been caught in lie after lie, political strong-arming, and Constitutional manipulation, just why do these continue to follow him?

Now while Obama was saying how BP and others need to quit blaming each other I am not thinking that he mentioned that he was the single largest recipient of BP cash donations ever. He might have said that during his bashing of the “Cozy Political Relationships” tongue lashing telling how it was all going to change. I think he also missed saying how he and his administration had been giving waivers to oil companies drilling in the gulf: BP included. They often say the best defense is a good offense. Apparently Obama adheres to that philosophy. Mr. Obama please know that a great number of Americans are “offended” by your actions or the lack there of.

It is unfair to put the blame totally on Obama. He has others in his administration that have the “do as I say and not as I do” philosophy. Attorney General Holder has condemned the Arizona immigration bill and hasn’t even read it; all ten pages of it. Don’t lawyers generally read stuff before declaring a position on it? He wants to protect illegal immigrants and legal immigrants from profiling. Then Mr. Holder decided that issuing Miranda rights to Americans who may be terrorists wasn’t necessarily a good idea. Hello Mr. Attorney General! Do you plan on “Mirandizing” Tea Party patriots and other protesters that you deem to be anti-Obama-administration or are you going to treat them as enemy combatants?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Of Course It Is Racial. To you!

It is all about race. La Raza means the Race. The nation of Islam is all about Race. Black Liberation theology is all about Race. Rich man poor man is all about Race. The only ones who don’t get it are white people. White people have been bludgeoned with accusations of racism that they are the only ones who don’t get it that IT IS ALL ABOUT RACE.

Obama was elected the first Black President. Sotomayor is a Latina SCOTUS. Kagan is a Jewis Scotus. So and so is a ???? something. It is on the every form you fill out it is everywhere: RACE, RACE, RACE. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton make their money off of Race. Louis Farrakhan says that White people are not humans. Barack Obama Makes fun of Tea Party protestors and that is all about Race. How do I know? They tell me at every turn. White people are bad, evil, racist, hate mongers and Black and Latinos need to come together to undo the wrongs Whites have done.

As for me I am sick to death of it. I have given in to “poor me” for so long that I now believe it is an incurable disease. I have watched as we have thrown sympathy at it. That didn’t work. We tried genuine compassion and that didn’t work. We have thrown billons of dollars at these problems only to see them get worse. No matter what White people do we cannot win. There will always be race baiters and weak minds to follow them.

Listen up. To my knowledge my family nor my ancestors never had a slave of any color. I owe nothing to anyone. I have respected and encouraged, supported and worked to help all races to achieve without consideration of color. I have donated and prayed for all the people of this nation. Nevertheless I am white. I will never know what you are going through nor where you have been. Neither will you know me for who I am. Those of you racist Blacks and Hispanics who want to hate me will just have to do that. I am done with enabling your racist behaviors by avoiding confrontation with you. I have eaten all of your hatred that I intend to. It is you that have backed me into this corner where I feel I have no choice but to stand. Well hear this.

Come to me with an open hand and I will shake it and welcome you as a friend. Come to me with a clenched fist and bitterness on your lips and you will find me less than hospitable. Your self-pity has destroyed your sense of self worth and importance until you now feel that you may abuse me to somehow correct the wrongs done to you. I am not your enemy. I am an American. Put away your hatred and let’s be brothers or show yourself at last for who you are and let me see the evil intentions you have. Even in this I am telling you this in love but be not deceived.

My tolerance is not a “Kick Me” sign and you should not interpret it as that. Yes. I know that many of you long for the taste of White Peoples blood to soothe your woes. Let me assure you that you will find it neither refreshing nor easily obtained. We have contemplated long about your sufferings and have done what we can to remove them. We whites now believe that you are insatiable in your desires for recognition and compensation. While the majority of White people will not speak out do not be deceived; they are prepared. Sure we fear the worst and pray and prepare for the best. This direction people of color are choosing is not of our doing. You may look to your leaders and to the dividers like Obama and his administration.

If Mexico, Africa, Central America or some other place is where your loyalties lies may I suggest that you go peaceably there. Save the world the unneeded hatred you dispense and the troubles that are sure to follow. As I see it you have a choice to make and we have none. We have given until we are given out. Choose wisely as this is not some romantic fantasy. This hatred that you are spewing will turn back on you. You know who you are and you know the truth. Accept it. We have nothing more to give.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I saw a great city on a hill...

Caution. Patriots will weep. Proceed at your own risk.

Just today Fox News’ web site had an article about the chaos in Greece with a headline “Could the U.S. be Next?” Also today my sister-in-law was astounded to find out that the Rev. Franklin Graham was not allowed at the pentagon prayer service. She doesn’t have cable and heard the news about Rev. Graham on the Focus on the Family radio broadcast. As I consider these 2 separate events I realize the disconnect in America is huge. Some mainstream media have been tugging at the heart strings for the Times Square bomber because he never realized the American dream. Nashville is under 10 feet of water as are numerous counties and nothing is on the news. BP and the oil spill are all over the news but the Administration’s slow response time goes almost without mention and a man stabs a bus driver to death while the bus is en route.

Considering this first paragraph I would say we are well on the way to the violence in Greece. Today I watched video of Mexican students in California snatching flag from a handicapped man in a wheelchair. I think it was a Mexican flag but a from a guy in a wheelchair. I read that the kids who were sent home from school for wearing patriotic colors received and apology from the principal. Too bad they were advised to stay home from school for fear of violence from the Latino kids. Oh yes. Two of the kids are half Mexican.

So let me summarize. The dollar is falling faster the Twin Towers of NYC on 9/11 and the stock market graph looks like a heartbeat on life support. A Christian preacher is not welcome to pray at the Pentagon because some Muslims don’t like his message and the MSM was hoping that the Time Square bombing incident was a Tea Party member. Add to that the people of Tennessee are suffering big time and none of them have flood insurance because they aren’t even in a flood plain. No news here folks. Move on. While I haven’t heard why the guy stabbed the city bus driver. I can’t wait to see the coverage of that because you sure as heck aren’t going to see any coverage of Mexican kids molesting a handicapped guy.

Perhaps by next week the Patriotic kids can return to their school. Too bad that what they will be taught will be some half truths and history redacted for convenience sake.
In answer to Fox News’ question I think it needs no answer. I think it was purely rhetorical as they see it coming plain as day. Yep. The conservatives will get the blame but the liberals have already started the violence, just no one is covering it. By the way, though no one is talking much about it the government just took over the Internet. They will say it isn’t so. Blog while you can because freedom of speech is about to become an historic concept.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

America. Let Freedom Reign!

Okay so now kids can’t wear anything American looking at school because it might offend students of Mexican heritage. If you are no more American than to be offended by the Ole Glory then you are not an American but a Mexican living in America. Really it is that simple. People would like to complicate issues but the more we divide ourselves into racial and national groups the more divided we become. Most official documents in America ask you to choose your race. Choosing race puts you into a group which has the effect of putting up hidden barriers if only in your mind. I myself am white. What? I am beige. My ancestors came from all over Europe and there is sufficient reason to believe that some other races are in the mix as well. My dad used to say we are Heinz 57 referring to the diversity of our heritage. Don’t call me white. I am an American and I hope if you are living here you are one too.

Sure it is great to love where you came from but those people are dead and those places have changed. You are here. What is most important are those living around you: your husband or wife, your parents, your children and grandchildren and the things that this great nation can help you find. Notice I say, “Help you find”. This nation is not a place for things to be given to you. Sure we have been doing that for years and those that are still on the taking in are slaves of their minds. Black Americans have been badly treated for years but most recently the abuse has come by not allowing them the reward of actualizing their dreams provided through their own efforts. Whether it was guilt or pity or whatever, America has created generations of Americans who don’t have a clue what the rewards of life are. Their rewards come on the first of the month and are never enough. It wouldn’t matter how much they received, takers only know taking: it is a law of the human spirit. In the same way racists only know race and haters only know hate.

I know that there is a big push to give even more to the takers by taking from the haves and giving to the “have less’s”. I say "have less's" because in America there are few “Have Nots”. Most of those folks have learned how to sell their freedom to the poverty pimps and race hustlers. Everyone knows their names. Their make their living and gain their power from the manufactured misery of others. We have one of those in the Whitehouse right now. Obama is planning on taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Excuse me? Just who thinks that Obama is not one of the rich? Of course he is rich; filthy rich. He made over 5 million dollars last year yet he likes to strut like a brother in the hood and lay down some street jive. The man is “da man” and he is just a black man trying to keep the poor man down whatever his color. Poor is poor. Rich is rich. Black ain’t nothing to the brother nor is white, Latino, or anything else. It is all about green. Obama is about Obama and his green money is color blind. He could care what color of folks the money comes from. He just uses brown and black people to get it done. He has to manufacture some misery so that he can come up with the cure. All hail the "Great Obama": righer of wrongs and savior of the multitudes.

So here we are all in this together. In our spirits we know that we are all the same. We inherently know that color, race, nationality is not where it is. The where it is, is the human experience and our relationships with others. Still because there are leaders and followers we so easily allow the leaders tell us what we should think, how we should feel, and what life should be. As for me my life is what I make of it. I can have a bad day or a good one. It is up to me. I can hate you or love you. It is a choice. I can love America or think about folks long dead for my own self worth. It is up to me. For me I choose freedom. I will not be a slave to the thoughts and ideals of others and I will fight for your right to have the same: That is America. If that works for you, you are in the right spot. If it doesn’t, you have bigger problems than kids with red, white, and blue T-shirts.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Obama: Caught Using the “N” Word?

Probably! He definitely uses the “T” word and he says it in the same way some bigots might use the “N” word. He loves to use “Tea Bagger”. To most in the liberal press, the administration, and the Congress the “T” word means “Bigoted White People”.

Let’s look at the “N” word for a moment. The “N” word evolved from various origins and generally means black in all of its variations. So offensive is the “N” word that English speakers feel uncomfortable learning Portuguese, Spanish, French, Swedish, German and Latin for a form of Negro appears in all these languages. Sensitive people are reluctant to say these words. Café Negro is black coffee. It is hard to say that at first if you are sensitive to others. After a time you learn that you it is perfect and proper to speak another’s language correctly.

Now back to the “T” word. This word has no origins and so the rules dictated that the meaning comes from its common usage. That’s how ain’t got into the dictionary and that is how the “T” word will enter the lexicon. Whenever you hear this word roll off of the tongues of pundits, press, and politicians you will generally hear is spoken with a tone of disapproval. The term “Tea Bagger” is used in prisons of a vile act of Sodomy, often done under duress. Nearly all of the uses of the “T” word have an implied “Rich White People” usage. Often it is stated exactly that way. So this word has a vile sexual and a blatant racial slur associated with it. You would think that a Black president who undoubtedly experienced racial prejudice would be more sensitive to members of the “Tea Party” when referring to them. So much for thinking!

Thinking can lead you many places and I am now thinking how Black people will often call themselves by the “N” word. I have often heard one black say to another, “You are my “N””. It still shocks me and I think it is wrong. Words have lives and the more life you breathe into a word the longer and more powerfully it lives. As such, Tea Party members and those whom refer to them should immediately cease from calling them the “T” word.

So I say to members of the press, to the politicians, to the pundits and to all who read this: Stop the Insensitivity to Tea Party members. Calling them the “T” word shows your lack of kindliness and facility with the English language. May I suggest you call them Americans or protestors or neighbors? It is a sad state of affairs when those at the top, those in power, and those responsible for words have such a high disregard for their usage. Shame on you and you know who you are.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Barack Hypocrite Oblameless!

ou have just got to love it: “President Barack Obama on Saturday pressed Congress for swift action on measures to restrict political advertising by corporations and labor unions, saying that “no less than the integrity of our democracy” is at stake.” Okay I know that I was never again going to be surprised by the hypocrisy or lies of this administration but they got me again. Obama claiming to want political donations controlled is like dropping Little Red Riding Hood at the wolfs door. The man takes$1million dollars from Goldman Sachs and a similar amount from the UAW and countless other special interests and now he wants “Change”. The real deal is that up until now he was the only wolf in the room. Now he is afraid of what wolves may be competing with him in 2012. Perhaps he won’t have 10 or 20 times as much cash to spend as his opponents. How sad!

Notice that he said “no less than the integrity of our democracy” is at state. No if that is not special. Obama is now talking like he is one of us. Truly he is slippery as he has a skin for every situation. When he is with blacks he talks black and walks black and is just one of the folks. He even be saying stuff different. Then he becomes whatever he needs to be for the next audience. Now he is trying to become American. How funny.

We all know that Obama’s idea of a fair election is like Saddam Hussein’s idea of an election: where he gets all the votes and the voters worship him. In my view that is soon to be the sort of government we will soon have if BHO continues unchecked. Of course now that he has another Supreme Court Justice to supplant this little idea of his will just have perfect timing. He has already shamed the Supreme Court by his publicly lambasting them.

If I were ever going to ask, “Have you no shame, no decency, no sense of respect for others,” I will waste no more breath on him. The above and his latest advice from his speech and his advice from his speech in Michigan say it all. Yes in Michigan he encouraged those who listen to Beck or Limbaugh or other conservatives to check out the Huffington post or the NYT. Apparently “We the People” need to be broader in our finding of news. Doesn’t that make you want to be just like Barack Hypocrite Oblameless?