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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Pot calls the Kettle Mr. President

In possibly the most disconnected and sanctimonious statement yet Obama said that it was time for people to quit finger pointing and blaming others. He was able to do this by pointing the finger at BP, Halliburton, the Federal Government and others. He did not accept any personal responsibility. As Finger-Pointer-in-Chief he is exempt from utilizing his own wisdom. Just take Obama’s advice as it is in great shape having never been used and only spouted from his lips for the benefit of the masses. If this man would think about what he says he surely wouldn’t speak such stupidity. He has blamed George Bush for nearly everything and the rest on the Tea Partiers and Fox News. He almost apologized once but caught himself in mid-honesty and saved the day with yet another self aggrandizing speech.

More amazing still is that some 40% of America still stand by this man and most of those if not all would vote for him as president again. No wonder our nation is in such peril. Understand that it is okay to make a mistake. We all do it (present President excluded). We admit out mistakes and learn from them (again the president is not referred to here) and move on. So one has to wonder when their leader has been caught in lie after lie, political strong-arming, and Constitutional manipulation, just why do these continue to follow him?

Now while Obama was saying how BP and others need to quit blaming each other I am not thinking that he mentioned that he was the single largest recipient of BP cash donations ever. He might have said that during his bashing of the “Cozy Political Relationships” tongue lashing telling how it was all going to change. I think he also missed saying how he and his administration had been giving waivers to oil companies drilling in the gulf: BP included. They often say the best defense is a good offense. Apparently Obama adheres to that philosophy. Mr. Obama please know that a great number of Americans are “offended” by your actions or the lack there of.

It is unfair to put the blame totally on Obama. He has others in his administration that have the “do as I say and not as I do” philosophy. Attorney General Holder has condemned the Arizona immigration bill and hasn’t even read it; all ten pages of it. Don’t lawyers generally read stuff before declaring a position on it? He wants to protect illegal immigrants and legal immigrants from profiling. Then Mr. Holder decided that issuing Miranda rights to Americans who may be terrorists wasn’t necessarily a good idea. Hello Mr. Attorney General! Do you plan on “Mirandizing” Tea Party patriots and other protesters that you deem to be anti-Obama-administration or are you going to treat them as enemy combatants?

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  1. You read what i said about this at Conservative hideout. We just have to keep banging away, hoping people out there will get it and show obama the door. The world can't take much more of him or his ilk.


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