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Monday, May 10, 2010

Of Course It Is Racial. To you!

It is all about race. La Raza means the Race. The nation of Islam is all about Race. Black Liberation theology is all about Race. Rich man poor man is all about Race. The only ones who don’t get it are white people. White people have been bludgeoned with accusations of racism that they are the only ones who don’t get it that IT IS ALL ABOUT RACE.

Obama was elected the first Black President. Sotomayor is a Latina SCOTUS. Kagan is a Jewis Scotus. So and so is a ???? something. It is on the every form you fill out it is everywhere: RACE, RACE, RACE. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton make their money off of Race. Louis Farrakhan says that White people are not humans. Barack Obama Makes fun of Tea Party protestors and that is all about Race. How do I know? They tell me at every turn. White people are bad, evil, racist, hate mongers and Black and Latinos need to come together to undo the wrongs Whites have done.

As for me I am sick to death of it. I have given in to “poor me” for so long that I now believe it is an incurable disease. I have watched as we have thrown sympathy at it. That didn’t work. We tried genuine compassion and that didn’t work. We have thrown billons of dollars at these problems only to see them get worse. No matter what White people do we cannot win. There will always be race baiters and weak minds to follow them.

Listen up. To my knowledge my family nor my ancestors never had a slave of any color. I owe nothing to anyone. I have respected and encouraged, supported and worked to help all races to achieve without consideration of color. I have donated and prayed for all the people of this nation. Nevertheless I am white. I will never know what you are going through nor where you have been. Neither will you know me for who I am. Those of you racist Blacks and Hispanics who want to hate me will just have to do that. I am done with enabling your racist behaviors by avoiding confrontation with you. I have eaten all of your hatred that I intend to. It is you that have backed me into this corner where I feel I have no choice but to stand. Well hear this.

Come to me with an open hand and I will shake it and welcome you as a friend. Come to me with a clenched fist and bitterness on your lips and you will find me less than hospitable. Your self-pity has destroyed your sense of self worth and importance until you now feel that you may abuse me to somehow correct the wrongs done to you. I am not your enemy. I am an American. Put away your hatred and let’s be brothers or show yourself at last for who you are and let me see the evil intentions you have. Even in this I am telling you this in love but be not deceived.

My tolerance is not a “Kick Me” sign and you should not interpret it as that. Yes. I know that many of you long for the taste of White Peoples blood to soothe your woes. Let me assure you that you will find it neither refreshing nor easily obtained. We have contemplated long about your sufferings and have done what we can to remove them. We whites now believe that you are insatiable in your desires for recognition and compensation. While the majority of White people will not speak out do not be deceived; they are prepared. Sure we fear the worst and pray and prepare for the best. This direction people of color are choosing is not of our doing. You may look to your leaders and to the dividers like Obama and his administration.

If Mexico, Africa, Central America or some other place is where your loyalties lies may I suggest that you go peaceably there. Save the world the unneeded hatred you dispense and the troubles that are sure to follow. As I see it you have a choice to make and we have none. We have given until we are given out. Choose wisely as this is not some romantic fantasy. This hatred that you are spewing will turn back on you. You know who you are and you know the truth. Accept it. We have nothing more to give.


  1. It's about race Ken, and it's not. Race is a tool to achieve power. The left is divisive. They divide us by race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and economics. The top level folks could care less about Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, or any other group. But keeping us disunited and fighting amongst ourselves allows them to sneak their crap by, using our divisions as a rationale for their efforts.

    I think, my friend, you are observing a symptom, and not the problem.

  2. "White people are bad, evil, racist, hate mongers and Black and Latinos need to come together to undo the wrongs Whites have done."

    Yeah, but they never stop to think, how come we've failed in our respective countries to create the success and utopia that's supposedly denied to us in the west. And isn't it funny how these non-whites always flock to the land of the evil white man, with his failings and all.

    "If Mexico, Africa, Central America or some other place is where your loyalties lies may I suggest that you go peaceably there."

    I'd strongly suggest that, i'm not white, but i'm also sick to the back teeth of people carping on about the western world, if they don't like it, they should pack up their crap and move elsewhere. The glory of the non-white or rather, non-western cultures awaits you.

    Thanks for your kind words at my blog by the way.


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