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Friday, May 28, 2010

For Sale: Brookly Bridge - Good Condition

…and as soon as I sell you the Brooklyn Bridge I‘m going to convince you that the Whitehouse did nothing wrong in their dealings with congressman Joe Sestak. The Obama folks put out a story today that stinks worse than unwelcome house guests. The way the Whitehouse spins this yarn is to say that Bill Clinton was to speak to Joe at the request of Rahm Emmanuel about a job that paid nothing. To get this great job for nothing all he had to do was “nothing”. Actually he had to drop out of the Senate race in Pennsylvania so good ole Arlen Specter could run uncontested. Yes, for dropping out of the Senate race he would get this wonderful job as an advisor on an intelligence board. Excuse me. You couldn’t be very “Intelligent” to take that deal. So here we have the Obama folks taking two for dupes: Sestak and the rest of America.

Needless to say the Republicans are calling for an Independent investigation of the matter. Seems they don’t think that this story passes the “smell test”. Who knows whether they will get it and while we may never know the whole truth, or in Obama’s case any of the truth, it is just impossible to think that good ole Bill Clinton had a harmless conversation with Joe and that’s that. Even if old Bill had that conversation with Joe, what do you think it cost old Barry to get him to do it? I’d say there had to be a whole lot of groveling going on. Add to this the odd coincidence that this is the second time Obama has been associated with political bribery. It almost makes one think that old Rob Blagojevich might just have been really making a deal with someone in Obama’s camp. Rahm was always suspect in that deal.

It also seemed real convenient that the Whitehouse released their tale while Barry was off to the gulf. I am sure that seeing the devastation will help him get perspective on his failings over the last month. Oh well, vacation time again so it is off to Chicago. The president needs to recharge his Chicagoland connections and after all it is his Mecca. I shouldn’t be so sarcastic but our past America loving presidents spent Memorial Day honoring our fallen at Arlington. Perhaps while he is in Chicago he can attend services at his old church. They still think that Christianity is the tool the White Man used to enslave them.

Something else that needs selling and that is how bad Arizona’s new law is. True to his word for once ole Barry has got the Department of Justice telling the Arizonan government how concerned they are with this law. Forgive me if I am wrong but you don’t sick your dogs on Arizona but you would challenge their law in court. Of course they can’t do that because they would get their butts kicked. So they send in the legal eagles to try and scare Arizona into being more afraid of the Government than the drug cartels. After all, the DOJ has the full support of the President of Mexico.

So about that bridge I have for sale…


  1. Good old Bill. When will it ever end? He must have needed some new massage tables for his library.

  2. Too funny Trestin but probably true.

  3. Good to hear the Republicans are calling for an investigation, if they don’t get it, it’ll just make obama look guilty, assuming they inform the voters from the rooftops that is.

    "I shouldn’t be so sarcastic but our past America loving presidents spent Memorial Day honoring our fallen at Arlington."

    But he doesn't love America you see, if he did why would he want to change it so drastically. Besides i think it's best he stayed away, if he turned up it would just be a couple of minutes preening around and pretending to give a rats ass.


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