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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It’s All Broken: Congress, Presidency, Courts…

It has been years in the “Breaking” but I think that the official diagnosis is we’re broke, broken, and continuing to break. This opinion comes from the observation that there is “No One” in government that is paying one whit of attention to what the people want and need. As America flips and flops like an oil coated fish gasping for its last breath, government is busy protecting itself. The Republicans are trying to keep the Tea Party from having an effect on the Party and Democrats are looking to tax oil, energy, manufactured goods and anything else they can.

Obama has proven that he has no use for the “Truth” or “America” as we have known it. Even now he hopes to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and fragment the US Military. The military has already advised that this is not the time to address this issue. After all Mr. Obama, who cares what the morale is of the majority of our fighting men and women is as long as you appease those who have decided to honor your promises to? You have made promises to All Americans but as of today you have not kept or have broken all but a few. The only thing I have seen for sure is your “Fundamental Change” of America. We don't want it.

Arizona has passed a law to get the federal government to act and the only action from that goverment has been ridicule and lies. The administration sticks to its talking points and refuses to engage Arizona’s problem on even the most basic level. Worse yet the problem is not just illegal Mexican Immigrants but rather Millions of Immigrants from every nation on earth who have come on vacation or whatever and never gone home. This includes your garden variety terrorist as well as others who have no investment financially or emotionally in this nation. Still there’s no action from Obama. In fact the only real action that Obama’s folks have taken is for ICE to say they may not take any prisoners that Arizona arrests. How arrogant and unreceptive can a Government be? We might as well be asking for China to give us Tibet. We would stand a much better chance than asking our government to do its job.

It is no wonder that there is an anti-incumbent sentiment in America. The truth is we want you all out of there, including you Mr. Obama, and we can’t get it done fast enough to suit us. In the meantime we are dealt blow after blow of government incompetence, neglect, corruption, and disregard. Worse still we Americans feel our liberties and freedoms being stripped from us. One would think that only an elite few in government and a select group of citizens matter. One would be very close to the truth if “One” thought that.


  1. Great post Ken. I really think that this is how the left thinks government should work. Corrupt, operating under lies, controlling what should be left alone, and leaving alone what should be controlled. It's an upside down universe, and we're being forced to live in it.

  2. This is exactly what happened to Britain when labour and the left came to power. They were also promised wonderful crap, but 10 years later Britain owes more than Greece and is broke.

    The place has plenty of illegals sponging off the country, crime is worse off, education is worse off, families are worse off, quality of life is worse off and those who can, leave for other countries.

    It's a sign of things to come in America.


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