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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Socialism or Bust...

Well there is some good news and some bad news: you decide which is which. The wheels are starting to come off the Obama “Yes We Can” bus. Yes, people in his administration have been saying stupid things and acting incompetently. They have been doing that all along but now even Barry is becoming embarrassed by it. In a totally related story it has been determined that never is a Rat more dangerous than when backed into a corner. Science has determined that when a Rat’s primary goal gets blocked that they will exhibit all manner of bizarre behaviors before giving up. Okay. You caught me. Both stories are about our Rat-In-Chief. Yes. It appears that the “anointed one” and his administration is faltering, he is scrambling, and Americans are rapidly waking from their Kool-Aid stupors. Sadly, many awake in time to witness him putting his last few pieces of evil into place, and that in a panicked pace.

Notice also that Obama is slowing his support of struggling incumbent democrats and beginning to occupy himself with other items of mischief. I mean, in the past if you waved a microphone and a camera lens past the man he was on it like a duck on a June bug. In all fairness the best thing for most politicians these days is to distance themselves from Obama. Barry is turning out to be political kryptonite. This was predicted months ago yet the Congress tossed off America’s wishes for a presidential pat on the head. Indeed while moderates and conservatives were pleading with Congress for representation their voices went unheeded. Perhaps our congress is going to get that “Fundamental Change” they so longed for.

However this shyness towards the lights of the media seems almost out of place. The last time Barry gave a press conference seems like just a year ago and all the questions appeared staged. Oh well. Now he has the US version of Pravda and he can create his own limelight. Of course his official opinion was that he did nothing to keep his “illegal immigrant Auntie” here who had already received her deportation orders. Instead she has been living in public housing on our tab and now has miraculously been granted asylum. You would have to be in an asylum to believe that Obama didn’t manipulate that one. What is so bad is that Obama lies so often one never knows whether to ever believe him. I tend to err on the side of “No friggin’ way. He is the most practiced liar I have ever witnessed.”

As of now a Tea Party backed candidate has won the GOP nomination in Kentucky. Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, has been declared the winner in the Kentucky Republican primary. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania is bumped from the Democratic ticket so I suppose he will have to settle for an Obama appointment. Blanch Lincoln has a runoff election in Arkansas and that won’t get her out of the woods with the Tea Party. Democratic candidates are scrambling like roaches with the light flipped on trying to pull out their elections. The White House seems eerily silent. Normally that is the way I like my Obama administration but then he is like a kid in some ways: If he is playing too quietly you know he is up to mischief. We do know that he has his hands full with trying to get another anti-gun, anti-military, pro-abortion, softball player on the Supreme Court. Right now you can bet the White House is in full “Coach Elena” mode helping her learn what her thinking is and how to speak for minutes and not say anything.

As for the rest of the news it is all good. It just depends on your perspective. If you are a freedom loving patriot, don’t blink.


  1. "Notice also that Obama is slowing his support of struggling incumbent democrats...."

    I think that's mainly because they're avoiding him like the plague and refusing to take his calls or associate themselves with him. Such racism if you ask me, democrats distancing themselves from the first post-racial president, hero and messiah.

    "The last time Barry gave a press conference seems like just a year ago and all the questions appeared staged."

    Would Bush have been able to get away with that, i think not.

    "If he is playing too quietly you know he is up to mischief."

    True, but as a general rule, leftists are never up to any good, quiet or not. But their worst work is done under a cover of some sort.

  2. Great post Ken. The wheels are coming off the bus, and he is reacting. He's more isolated, creating his own version of TASS to get his message out. I think your correct in that a trapped animal becomes desperate. A trapped Obama is infinitely worse. It's to the point that every day, I'm waiting for the Reichstag fire.


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