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Thursday, May 6, 2010

America. Let Freedom Reign!

Okay so now kids can’t wear anything American looking at school because it might offend students of Mexican heritage. If you are no more American than to be offended by the Ole Glory then you are not an American but a Mexican living in America. Really it is that simple. People would like to complicate issues but the more we divide ourselves into racial and national groups the more divided we become. Most official documents in America ask you to choose your race. Choosing race puts you into a group which has the effect of putting up hidden barriers if only in your mind. I myself am white. What? I am beige. My ancestors came from all over Europe and there is sufficient reason to believe that some other races are in the mix as well. My dad used to say we are Heinz 57 referring to the diversity of our heritage. Don’t call me white. I am an American and I hope if you are living here you are one too.

Sure it is great to love where you came from but those people are dead and those places have changed. You are here. What is most important are those living around you: your husband or wife, your parents, your children and grandchildren and the things that this great nation can help you find. Notice I say, “Help you find”. This nation is not a place for things to be given to you. Sure we have been doing that for years and those that are still on the taking in are slaves of their minds. Black Americans have been badly treated for years but most recently the abuse has come by not allowing them the reward of actualizing their dreams provided through their own efforts. Whether it was guilt or pity or whatever, America has created generations of Americans who don’t have a clue what the rewards of life are. Their rewards come on the first of the month and are never enough. It wouldn’t matter how much they received, takers only know taking: it is a law of the human spirit. In the same way racists only know race and haters only know hate.

I know that there is a big push to give even more to the takers by taking from the haves and giving to the “have less’s”. I say "have less's" because in America there are few “Have Nots”. Most of those folks have learned how to sell their freedom to the poverty pimps and race hustlers. Everyone knows their names. Their make their living and gain their power from the manufactured misery of others. We have one of those in the Whitehouse right now. Obama is planning on taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Excuse me? Just who thinks that Obama is not one of the rich? Of course he is rich; filthy rich. He made over 5 million dollars last year yet he likes to strut like a brother in the hood and lay down some street jive. The man is “da man” and he is just a black man trying to keep the poor man down whatever his color. Poor is poor. Rich is rich. Black ain’t nothing to the brother nor is white, Latino, or anything else. It is all about green. Obama is about Obama and his green money is color blind. He could care what color of folks the money comes from. He just uses brown and black people to get it done. He has to manufacture some misery so that he can come up with the cure. All hail the "Great Obama": righer of wrongs and savior of the multitudes.

So here we are all in this together. In our spirits we know that we are all the same. We inherently know that color, race, nationality is not where it is. The where it is, is the human experience and our relationships with others. Still because there are leaders and followers we so easily allow the leaders tell us what we should think, how we should feel, and what life should be. As for me my life is what I make of it. I can have a bad day or a good one. It is up to me. I can hate you or love you. It is a choice. I can love America or think about folks long dead for my own self worth. It is up to me. For me I choose freedom. I will not be a slave to the thoughts and ideals of others and I will fight for your right to have the same: That is America. If that works for you, you are in the right spot. If it doesn’t, you have bigger problems than kids with red, white, and blue T-shirts.

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