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Friday, May 7, 2010

I saw a great city on a hill...

Caution. Patriots will weep. Proceed at your own risk.

Just today Fox News’ web site had an article about the chaos in Greece with a headline “Could the U.S. be Next?” Also today my sister-in-law was astounded to find out that the Rev. Franklin Graham was not allowed at the pentagon prayer service. She doesn’t have cable and heard the news about Rev. Graham on the Focus on the Family radio broadcast. As I consider these 2 separate events I realize the disconnect in America is huge. Some mainstream media have been tugging at the heart strings for the Times Square bomber because he never realized the American dream. Nashville is under 10 feet of water as are numerous counties and nothing is on the news. BP and the oil spill are all over the news but the Administration’s slow response time goes almost without mention and a man stabs a bus driver to death while the bus is en route.

Considering this first paragraph I would say we are well on the way to the violence in Greece. Today I watched video of Mexican students in California snatching flag from a handicapped man in a wheelchair. I think it was a Mexican flag but a from a guy in a wheelchair. I read that the kids who were sent home from school for wearing patriotic colors received and apology from the principal. Too bad they were advised to stay home from school for fear of violence from the Latino kids. Oh yes. Two of the kids are half Mexican.

So let me summarize. The dollar is falling faster the Twin Towers of NYC on 9/11 and the stock market graph looks like a heartbeat on life support. A Christian preacher is not welcome to pray at the Pentagon because some Muslims don’t like his message and the MSM was hoping that the Time Square bombing incident was a Tea Party member. Add to that the people of Tennessee are suffering big time and none of them have flood insurance because they aren’t even in a flood plain. No news here folks. Move on. While I haven’t heard why the guy stabbed the city bus driver. I can’t wait to see the coverage of that because you sure as heck aren’t going to see any coverage of Mexican kids molesting a handicapped guy.

Perhaps by next week the Patriotic kids can return to their school. Too bad that what they will be taught will be some half truths and history redacted for convenience sake.
In answer to Fox News’ question I think it needs no answer. I think it was purely rhetorical as they see it coming plain as day. Yep. The conservatives will get the blame but the liberals have already started the violence, just no one is covering it. By the way, though no one is talking much about it the government just took over the Internet. They will say it isn’t so. Blog while you can because freedom of speech is about to become an historic concept.

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