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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Barack Hypocrite Oblameless!

ou have just got to love it: “President Barack Obama on Saturday pressed Congress for swift action on measures to restrict political advertising by corporations and labor unions, saying that “no less than the integrity of our democracy” is at stake.” Okay I know that I was never again going to be surprised by the hypocrisy or lies of this administration but they got me again. Obama claiming to want political donations controlled is like dropping Little Red Riding Hood at the wolfs door. The man takes$1million dollars from Goldman Sachs and a similar amount from the UAW and countless other special interests and now he wants “Change”. The real deal is that up until now he was the only wolf in the room. Now he is afraid of what wolves may be competing with him in 2012. Perhaps he won’t have 10 or 20 times as much cash to spend as his opponents. How sad!

Notice that he said “no less than the integrity of our democracy” is at state. No if that is not special. Obama is now talking like he is one of us. Truly he is slippery as he has a skin for every situation. When he is with blacks he talks black and walks black and is just one of the folks. He even be saying stuff different. Then he becomes whatever he needs to be for the next audience. Now he is trying to become American. How funny.

We all know that Obama’s idea of a fair election is like Saddam Hussein’s idea of an election: where he gets all the votes and the voters worship him. In my view that is soon to be the sort of government we will soon have if BHO continues unchecked. Of course now that he has another Supreme Court Justice to supplant this little idea of his will just have perfect timing. He has already shamed the Supreme Court by his publicly lambasting them.

If I were ever going to ask, “Have you no shame, no decency, no sense of respect for others,” I will waste no more breath on him. The above and his latest advice from his speech and his advice from his speech in Michigan say it all. Yes in Michigan he encouraged those who listen to Beck or Limbaugh or other conservatives to check out the Huffington post or the NYT. Apparently “We the People” need to be broader in our finding of news. Doesn’t that make you want to be just like Barack Hypocrite Oblameless?

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