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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In Honor of My Dad, Ken Minor

Dear friends,

My name is Bryan Minor, I am the youngest of my fathers two sons. It is with a great deal of sadness and regret that I have found my way onto my fathers blog to post what will be "One Conservative Estimates" final post.

Today, 11-30-2010 at around 12pm my father passed away. He left behind his beautiful wife of 42 years, two sons, two daughter-in-laws, 5 grandchildren and more memories than can be imagined.

Dad is a wonderful man. Strong, courageous and full of love. He served his country in the US Navy, honored God with his life and lips, and loved his family both in word and deed. He was a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Though I will always remember him as Dad and am so proud of who he was/and is now with God in Heaven.

Dad always fought for what he believed in. He'd ask you to do the same.

God bless you all.


Bryan Minor, the proudest son to ever live.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

America is Dying. Won't Someone Save Her? Please!

According to the TSA, Obama, and Big Sis there isn’t any better way to handle airport security than the current methods employed. Sadly many Americans have come to agree with them. Statements of “They have to scan us and pat us down to keep us safe are common”. It amazes me how quickly and easily a people will give up their freedoms and liberties. If I would have told any of you 10 years ago that strangers would fondle your genitalia looking for “whatever” you’d have said I was insane. If they would have told me how easily Americans would submit I would have called them insane. Now, because I think they have gone to fare there are those that think that I am insane. Well let me remain insane but let me do so without the government seeing me naked or touching my junk.

How is it that a people who can find their way to the moon and back, who can find cures for all sorts of ailments cannot find a way to sort out evil entering our country? Well we can. We have been told that it must be done under the TSA or Napolitano’s rules. It must be politically correct and offend no foreigner. It can offend and degrade every American just no foreigners. Excuse me. This is my country and I will fight for my liberty as long as I am able. The 4th Amendment of the Constitution guarantees me:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated; and no Warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized

My government doesn’t currently think much of my rights. One might argue that this government is not really my government, not the one that bids loyalty to the Constitution of These United States. I propose that they are but a shadow of the real thing with intent and purpose to subordinate me to comply with their wishes. Not as long as I breathe. I am not alone in this nor do I see this deceptive ploy of “protecting me” as legitimate. Will it be legitimate when they employ these same rules on shoppers in a mall or those strolling down the streets? Is it such a far leap to go from groping granny in the airport to scanning children entering schools? Surely there is danger in the schools, and in the streets and everywhere. Will you think it okay when they call you from your home or job and ask you to comply with their harmless scans? What will you say when they determine that these scanners will make subways safer? Will you still see nothing wrong with their intentions?

America I implore you to realize that in just a few weeks the government went from having their hands in your pockets to in your pants. There is little that can stop them but you. I do not have all of the ways that they could prevent terror to arrive on our shores. I do know a ruse when I see it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Slippery Slope or Who the Hell Greased the Slide?

When airport screening for terrorists offends and alienates American citizens it is time to rethink procedures. I surely agree that we need security. What the government is doing now is not giving us that security. Yes they are groping nuns and little children. What will be next: cavity searches? Notice what happens if you refuse to be groped or scanned; you are subject to civil prosecution and fines up to $10,000.00 dollars. Excuse me? Big Sis says it’s okay though and that the body scans are safe. Thank you big sis.

Meanwhile, millions of illegals from every nation on earth are streaming across our borders. Some carry weapons, drugs, water, or clothing. Regardless they all pass unchecked. These people are not all Mexicans. They come from every nation under heaven and include some of the most violent people on earth. We know that Muslim extremists congregate at our southern border but your granny is in her stocking feet in the airport. The government that is restricting you freedoms in airports is granting them to those who sneak into our country illegally; even with their blessing it would appear. For some reason this just doesn’t seem about safety anymore.

Something else that bothers me is the slippery slope that our liberties are undergoing. Right now body scanners and pat downs are in airports. How long before they decide they belong elsewhere: train stations, bus stations, and random stops and anywhere else they think they need to put them. Who is to stop them? You? I don’t think so. As it is now they do as they wish no matter what you think. As I understand it, TSA has portable scanning equipment ready to deploy at will.

While there is no question that we all desire airport security; it seems that this may not be about security. Surely there are many things that can be done that don’t involve invading our personal space. I realize for every argument against these tactics can bring an equally strong argument in favor of them. As for me, my flying days are over until this issue gets resolved. I don’t think I am alone in that. And yes I do have something to hide: my naked body. I wear clothes for a reason and my modesty is not false. I would just as soon strip naked in the line and lift up my own junk as to have someone staring at me through some machine or touching me.

Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to speculate what might be next: body cavity searches. Logically it follows. Soon we will all be like prisoners in our own country, subject to random searches and scans because a government bureaucracy thinks it has the right to. When I think back of government absurdities throughout history they always started within reasonableness and became progressively extreme as the people became tolerant.

This issue will not be resolved here and maybe not even soon. I guess the good news is that the program must be working as we have not found explosive on a single person using our current strategies.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dawg Bites You Once; Get A New Dawg

If you listen to the News you can smell the Dawg Sh_t every time Barry takes the Microphone. BHO’s less than humble address regarding an election landslide is no exception. Da man juss talks on and on with commas, every three to four words, timed perfectly, for the teleprompters, on each side of the podium. Each sentence ends with a slightly elevated tone! As if to excite us, rather than, to lull us into a comatose mass. (I love it when people call him a great speaker. It is like saying the baby’s dress is cute because you don’t want to say, "That it is an ugly baby.") Obama is no speaker and will never be a statesman.

Anyway, today the message was about the trouncing yesterday. Come on Dawg! You didn’t have to take responsibility for not explaining stuff good enough for us folks. We just stupid and you is so smart! Of course we get’s some mad when we think you are doing us dirty. Thanks Dawg for breakin’ it down for us today. Now we ain’t mad no mores.

I would just once love to have a public conversation with Barry, with witnesses, where he wasn’t allowed to throw temper tantrums or ramble on. If he ever said anything truly nice about someone you know you’d scratch your head. I wouldn’t let him blame anyone and I would eliminate the words Bush, Republicans, Tea Baggers, Inherited, Other Side of the Aisle, and any whiny words from the conversation. Just once I would love to hear him speak like a responsible adult. But he is Dawg, or Harvard, and sometimes even Reverend, and he is always blaming and condescending. I am thinking that he will be sounding Indian in just a few moments now.

In case you couldn’t tell that was my best East Indian accent. You see Dawg is in his Mumbai digs (over 800 rooms in 2 hotels) with most of his staff, a whole fleet of 34 US Navy ships including Nuclear capability, extra secret service and security forces at a cost of more than $200,000.000.00 per day. Me thinks Dawg didn’t get the message that was sent via the voters. Me thinks Dawg is deaf to the voters. Me thinks also, “Dawg, if it is so dangerous perhaps you shouldn’t go to Mumbai.” Well I guess he needs to have a good time, on our dime, while there's time.

All this adds up to is that if you are expecting something new and refreshing from B. Hussein O.; your hope will need to be on life support. Barry has 40 some years of becoming who he is. When your gut tells you that he is a leftist, socialist, racist: don’t try to reason it out. Listen to your heart. The man was schooled in 2 religions that both believe that Christianity is a tool of the devil. Yes that’s right. One of them even positions itself as a Christian church. People chose not to believe that when he ran for President and now that he is president they refuse take another look. I don’t make this stuff up.

So the next time you have a question for Barry, may I suggest “Wuddup dawg?” ‘cause he sure don’t respond to Dear Mr. President…

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When Insult becomes Injury.

Obama seeks to Destroy Americas Economy. Takes trip and 3000 people with him at a budget of $200 million per day. He has booked all 570 rooms and 2 other hotels.

This is news. No one is talking about it but this is BIG NEWS. Barack Obama feels that this is somehow appropriate to take a trip with this kind of price tag during this economy. This kind of recklessness is not only misguided it is purely vicious. We knew that the man had no experience when he was elected and to date that has been woefully obvious. In addition, it has become so obvious that Obama disrespects this nation and her people to the point that his removal should from office should be initiated.

While it is true that he has had this trip planned for sometime it is also true that our economy has been in shambles for that entire time regardless of his rants otherwise. Americans are standing up to this man and his evil mission like never in the history of America. Barack has forced us to rise up to his destructive ways. We need also rise up to put an end to his extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous and put him out of the Whitehouse.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama's Enemy Revealed: The American People

For the longest time now American’s have felt that there was just something “odd” about the way Obama treats our nation. Well, in a recent statement he cleared up his thinking by telling Latinos to “punish their enemies” when speaking of the upcoming elections. Not opposition but enemies. Not the other side but enemies. Not people who see it differently but enemies. Enemies!?! If you have been paying attention to BHO politics you had to notice that there was something about the way he perceives people. While he may lump Americans into many categories he clearly looks at the people as either “friends or ENEMIES”. This could explain much if you think it through.

It explains Barry’s making fun of and belittling the Tea Party protestors. He calls them “Tea Baggers” as it is the most offensive term he can use of them. He states that republicans must “...sit in the back of the bus”. He is forever denigrating his opposition and even apologizes for America. Listen up America! You are an enemy of Obama if you love and respect this nation. It has taken 2 years but he has finally gotten his true feeling out about the great nation and her people. You are either with him; which means to crawl out of your pod and follow him blindly or you are his enemy. While you may have instinctively known that he didn’t care much for you or your way of thinking, did you know that you are his enemy?

It explains how Barry seeks to put us on a destruction course of spreading the wealth at the expense of destroying our economy and even our nation. America and the American way is his ENEMY. While democrats distance themselves Barry does what “Community Organizers” do: he attacks. He has attacked every good and decent thing or person in America. Do you happen to know where Barry will be 2 days after the election? In India. That of itself is not so bad except when you find out that they are taking up all 570 rooms, all the restaurants, and all the meeting rooms of the Mumbai Taj Mahal. He is taking Air Force 1 and Two Jumbo Jets full of folks and filling one hotel and parts of two others. Does he know we are out of cash? I guess a little 10 day vacation will do him good.

Do not misunderstand. I want our president rested and traveling in style. Barry is just not our President. He is president to some nation that resides in his mind and that he is trying to create. We that love America are merely the enemy and the current government is just the vehicle he is using to bring about his “hopeless change”. Do vote next Tuesday and stay prepared. Obama is about to show us what he is really capable of.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Obama 2.0 now More Offensive and Elitist than Before

The dems haven’t even lost the congress yet and Obama and his folks are leaking info through the New York Times are about Obama 2.0. Suggestions about the new and improved Obama suggest that ole Barry would like a second term. Of course this contradicts with his official comments of not caring about one. Which also contradicts his self aggrandizing attitude of being the savior of the world. So what could we expect in the upcoming release of Obamolotics? More of the same. It has long been said that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck; it’s a duck. Barry is a duck. Okay not really a duck. Well you give him a name.

Barry has no familiarity with the truth, the American people, or the heritage of the majority of our history. He has made promises which he did not keep and deceived us with cloaked promises that he did keep. He has spoke ill of our nation and has elevated foreign nations above us. He has spent more money than the sum total of all American Presidents.

He has made fun of the American people and anyone that stands for anything that doesn’t mirror his viewpoint. More than any president I know of, he has lain the blame for everything at someone else’s doorstep. His presidency, if it can be called that, is exactly that of a community organizer where he bullies his way into getting what he wants. The Obama ideology is clearly socialistic and favors racial divisions.

The Obama administration is that of unproven Academics who having never achieved anything in the “real world” know everything about how we should go about it. If it weakens America he is for it. If it impoverishes America he is for it. If it destabilizes our standing in the world he is for it. If it involves taxing, spending, and growing government he is for it.

Obama 2.0. I don’t think so. Regardless of what happens November 2nd, Obama has to go in 2012.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nanny State or I'm Not Giving Up My Teat!

Years ago we owned a small store when you could only buy staple goods with food stamps. The idea was that if you are broke, flour and milk are better purchases than Twinkies and a Coke. Some in government said, “No, we all have to be equal. Folks with food stamps should be able to buy the same things as everyone else.” There are 2 sides to this argument and both are slippery. During our years of owning the store we saw the abuses of the Food Stamp Program. It was truly sad. It was sad to see folks having tough times and sad to see how easy the system could be gamed. People actually sold their food stamps to unscrupulous store owners for cash, literally pennies on the dollar. They wanted the cash and the storekeeper could deposit them at face value. An old proverb states, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Tragically, many of the people with the stamps had no money management skills which may have added to them being in the program. The longer they were on the program the more immune they became to stretching, even breaking the rules. If you called the state offices for assistance with abuses they would tell you that it was up to the shopkeepers to police the program; they didn't have but 2 agents for the state. Sound familiar. Create a program and then take no responsibility for it nor oversight of it. That said. I don't favor the "dole" though I have been on it myself during hardship. I also don't favor big government or programs that can be easily abused. So then what?

As a kid I stood in "relief lines". They were aid places for people in need. My mom had died and my dad was raising 5 of us with the help of hired housekeepers; when he could find one (Who wants to raise someone else’s five kids?) Anyway, standing in the Relief line was painful for us but even more so for my dad. However a couple of us kids would tag along with him in hopes that someone would toss in an extra pound of butter or something. It is hard to see hungry kids. The attendants of the line almost always tossed in something extra: rightly or wrongly. It was very confusing. We were proud to help and ashamed at the same time; people were supposed to strive to make it on their own. We knew good from bad and right from wrong. Oh well. Right doesn’t seem so important when you are hungry. Seeing that, good, decent, well meaning government employees bestowed extras on us. I guess it was some form of this program that re-emerged as “Food Stamps”. Things are different now.

It seems to me that many if not most Americans have a sense of entitlement now. Who knows why? It just somehow became part of our society like Welfare, Medicaid, ADC, Unemployment, Agricultural Price Support, and to some extent Social Security as well as many others. To be fair most of us have paid for decades into programs with the hope of using the benefits when we retire but “Government Knows Best”. In all their wisdom they have created generations of de facto “wards of the State” whom they will never wean from the teats of the American taxpayer. We all see it and complain about it but I wonder who can or will do anything about it. They won’t say that these programs are broke. There is no money in the program but it is not broke. You can redefine the meaning of any word so that you are not “technically” lying. Remember, “It depends on your definition of what “Is” means.”

When all sides have been heard on this matter it really comes down to the people. What will the people do? What will the people tolerate? What types of entitlements will the people pay for? This all begs to the nature of the modern person. Being one I am amazed by us. We all have a solution but can we pay the price as individuals? America is asking to cut the spending but I wonder what it is that we will willingly give up? Ask the elderly if they will take less of Medicare for the benefit of their grandchildren; then see if you can whip Granny ‘cause the fight is on.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why

As a young person I was taught in English class to write using the Who, What, Where, When, How, and Why. It was said that this method would get the audience interested in what you were writing and so most of us that were taught this, use it. And so I will…

Who? Who in the h..l does Barack Hussein Obama think that he is to suppose that he is smarter that anyone and that he alone has the right to determine America’s future?

What? What give this same Obama the right to destroy long held traditions and procedures in favor of his delusional policies?

Where? Where did Barry learn to hate America so bad that he and his wife have no respect for her?

When? When did Americans lose their country to the few who disrespect the many?

How? How can a nation that takes its government leadership so lightly, survive these attacks from within?

Why? Why does Barry, the Press, Congress, (fill in the blank), seem hell-bent on the destruction of this nation?

For me to answer these questions it would take many words; words which you already have in your own minds and are rotating within trying to understand what the answers are. Why do you do that? Why do we try and assign meaning to all of these actions of Barry and his Academics who have seized power by deception? Do you not try to figure this out? Would it not be easier to understand the workings of the universe than to understand someone who wishes to destroy our way of living and governing? Surely.

I have come to realize that our enemies from within our borders are far more dangerous to us that those afar. Those in foreign lands hope to enslave us with fear while those here in America hope to enslave us, our children, and their children to the sick ideologies which they seek to impose. As of now they have socialized most of our economy, weakened our status in the world, alienated our closest allies, and empowered our enemies. All of the thinking on who, what, when, etc. will never make sense to you as you already know the real truth: Barry is not for us.

He lied about his past. He lied about his associations. He denied us his history so that we might examine his records. He placed inexperienced intellectuals with the same ideology as his in the highest offices in the land. He coached those appointments on how to get past the senate and what not to say. He denied any involvement in anything or denied to even deny. To date he has yet to tell the truth about anything of import and even many things that don’t matter. These are his good points.

Still, Americans hope and wait as if this “Deceiver” incarnate will suddenly become pro-America. He is pro-Muslim, pro-African American, pro-Illegal Immigrant, pro-Deficit Spending, and pro- Baby Killing. Yes. This man actually voted and supports Postnatal Abortion where if an abortion fails and the baby is born alive, then it is allowed, rather sentenced, to die amid a pile of bloody rags. To this man you spend energy wondering Who he is and Why he does, etc.? American listen to your own conscience. This man has none. He is like one who speaks “lies in hypocrisy; having "his" conscience seared with a hot iron”. His soul is scarred over and he can’t, won’t, and dares not even listen to those who see differently than he.

Did he not ignore the calls, cries and requests of the people just like he does to those babies whom he leaves to die in clinics and hospitals everywhere? Would you continue to hope that this “One” will see the light and turn from his ways? My fellow Americans: do not expect good to come from Barry or his minions. They are like him and do his bidding. Hope. Surely you should hope and pray if you believe. Vote. Vote every possible chance and Speak Up. Too long have we remained silent for fear of offending someone. I am not inciting offence but neither will I wither from those who disagree with decency, honesty, Americanism, and the Constitution. If my love of God and country offends you then I warn you to be ready to be offended for millions and tens and hundreds of millions of Americans are soon to offend you. Do what you will but DO NOT wait for Obama to become like you.

So Barack Hussein Obama I say that you should begin considering the questions: who, what, when… as America sees you for what you are.

Friday, September 10, 2010

US Military Burns Bibles

Apparently Don't ask and Don't tell extends to religion as well as sexual preference, at least in Afghanistan. In light of the administrations efforts to quash the 1st Ammendment rights of a Florida pastor who wanted to burn Korans I thought it appropriate to revive this story you problably never heard anyway.

Here is the transcript of the above video:

May 20, 2009 The Situation Room.

BLITZER: Meanwhile, the U.S. military is caught in a raging controversy over bibles that were burned. Some Christian groups are furious that Americans were involved in what they consider to be an unthinkable act right in the midst of a war against religious extremism in Afghanistan.

Brian Todd is here in THE SITUATION ROOM.

You've been digging on this story because it's pretty shocking.

BRIAN TODD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It is, Wolf. And it speaks to the very delicate and often dangerous balance that U.S. commanders face in war zones -- books that are holy to the majority of U.S. service members burned in the name of protecting them.


TODD (voice-over): Bibles written in Pashtun and Dari, the two most common Afghan languages -- bibles sent by a church to a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan, bibles that were later burned by the U.S. government. These holy books were confiscated about a year ago at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

An independent film aired by the Al Jazeera Network had shown Evangelical soldiers worshipping at Bagram and talking about ways to share their faith.


TODD: But military rules forbid troops of any religion from proselytizing while in Afghanistan. And U.S. officials were concerned that the bibles would be used to try to convert Afghans to Christianity.

A U.S. military spokesman tells CNN, that kind of religious outreach could have provoked a violent backlash against Americans in this devoutly Muslim nation.

But in trying not to offend the Muslim population there, the military seems to have offended some Christians. The president of a Christian group called Open Doors USA is quoted as saying: "It really should shake the core of every Christian to realize that bibles are being burned."

A military analyst, who's also a Pentagon adviser, agrees.

LT. COL. ROBERT MAGINNIS (RET.), MILITARY ANALYST: There's no need to burn the bibles. They could have been shipped back. Just imagine if we were to -- you know, the same United States military were to take a bunch of Korans and burn them. I can imagine the -- the ramifications across the world.


TODD: Could those bibles have been shipped back?

Well, the military says, not really. A military spokesman tells us they worried that the church that had sent them would turn around and send them to another organization in Afghanistan, giving the impression that they'd been distributed by the U.S. government. So the decision was made to throw the bibles away.

And in war zones, U.S. troops are required to burn their trash. A U.S. military spokesman says they understand the sensitivities of Christians here, that this was not an easy decision, but they had to do this force protection -- Wolf.

BLITZER: Is there any indication that any of these bibles were actually distributed to the local population?

TODD: The military says they have no evidence so far that the bibles made it off of Bagram Air Force Base. The soldier who had gotten them did not know that he was not supposed to distribute them. A military chaplain on base corrected that soldier and confiscated the bibles. As far as they know, they never made it off the base.

BLITZER: Brian Todd, thanks very much for that story.

You have to ask yourself when Obama, Hilary, Petraeus, Gates, the FBI and who knows who else can lean on this pastor, what will be next? Who will be next? What won't you be able to say? I am just asking here as I am more than a little concerned.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Problems: Pastor Burns Korans. Bigger Problem is Islam.

As of this point everyone up to and including the POTUS has asked the Florida Pastor not to burn Korans on 9-11. Muslims all over the world are protesting, burning flags and are beside themselves with hatred for America. Don't you have to ask yourself that if these people are this volatile over this issue that perhaps they may go nuke over who knows what.

There are no secrets that Muslims are hard to negotiate with. Take a look at history and tell me when the ever conceded anything or co-operated for any length of time will anyone including amongst themselves. They are always involved in tribal warfare and even now they cannot bring together successful governments in many of the countries they dominate: ie. Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, etc.

As of right now little kids are taking off their shoes in airports and Americans are receiving full body scans because of some Islamic martyrs on 9-11. When I left Cozumel, Mexico a week ago the security inspection I received was superficial at best. Why? I suppose they figure let America do the tough security. Who knows? My point is that America is the target and we are largely on our own. No matter what this pastor does or doesn't do Muslims will get their panties in a bunch over something. They already call Americans "racist" who disagree with their stance on the ground-zero mosque. Face it. Muslims are a powder keg. The slightest thing sets them off and no one can predict that "thing". There has never been sustained peace in a muslim country. Never. It is my opinion that they are hyper-sensitive and that anything and everything is offensive: particularly non-muslims.

Our soldiers in Afghanistan are in harms way. No doubt about it. If they are Christians they are prohibited from sharing their faith with the Afghans. Why? Because we do not want to offend the Afghans. Ok. Along this same line the US military rounded up bibles that had been printed in the local Afghan dialect and then the disposed of them. How? They burnt them. Bible burning by Americans to appease Afghanis. Excuse me. Did you see Christians threatening war of the bible burning. No. It is my guess that you never even heard of the bible burning.

My point is this: It is best to handle a problem while it is small. If muslims in America and throughout the world think they can control us with their threats; they will. Right now they are doing a fine job of it. The Florida pastor has a small church of 50. Everyone is calling him a loon, fanatic, zealot, whatever. Look at the circus our government and press have made of this. Is this an example of never letting "a good crisis go to waste?" Had they just dropped this matter no one would even known about it. The pastor says he wants to draw attention to the problem. I think he has done a fine job of that; except everyone is calling him the problem. We would all agree he has the right to do it but that we might think it wise not too; kind of like the ground zero mosque.

You might be thinking that in a day or two this will all blow over. I think not. The more Obama tries to snuggle up to muslim countries the more demands they put on us. If you have not taken the time to look at the videos in this and my previous post please do so. There is no "Politically Correct" way for me to say these things but they need saying. We live in uncertain times. I am certain of few things. One of those things is that muslim Sharia law will enslave America to some Imam. Think it over. Lsstly. If you quit your church will you be killed. No. Quit islam. The prescribed punisment is death.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Muslims Hate and Kill Christians in America, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Europe, and everywhere else...

Muslims Hate and Kill Christians. This is not news. It is a well known and documented fact. Still here in the United States the outcry is for tolerance of muslims. This despite history which shows that every time there has been tolerance shown to the muslims, they cannot reciprocate in kind. Even now as the muslims look to build on ground zero soil they are practically urinating on Sacred Soil. To date not one American muslim group has stood to show sensitivity to the plight of the Americans. Rather, there has been hatred and condemnation from Muslims worldwide and claims that those who oppose the mosque are islamophobic.

Do the muslims adopt our society or merely take from it that which suits their purpose. Do they seek to be Americans or do they only seek the benefits of living in America. Do they respect the rights of other Americans (Christian and Jew and others) or do they keep to themselves with an agenda known only to them? For me the answer is clear. None speak out for the rights of Christians. No. Not even one. Why? Is it because of fear? I think so. If you research what Sharia law does to those who speak out you will see that it is death for them. If they fear their own religion, how much more should we who are more despised than any fear them? Do you not know that any non-muslim is an abomination and worthy of death? I suspect that in your heart you are nervous but in your mind you fear being marked as a bigot and hate monger.

What kind of person does it take to see evils happen before their eyes and do nothing? Our kind? For years we have been walking past violent acts and evil doings of all kinds, turning our heads like children hiding beneath the covers. And to what result? To the result that now, in our lifetimes, reasonable people cannot have a difference of opinion without fear of reprisal. Americans are falling under their own form of Sharia law: Political Correctness. Under the PC banner you have had your intelligence and very “self” removed from you and replaced with remote controlled guilt, shame, and thinking. Now in this most turbulent of times we continue to surrender to the will of others who come calling us racists, bigots, islamaphobes, homophobes, ignorant, hate mongers, and more. I am none of those. I am me and I have a right to believe in what I will: even if you don’t like it, agree, or respect my right to do so.

And, while I don’t agree with a pastor whose church wants a “burn the Koran day” I absolutely agree with their right to have it. You cannot legislate the way people believe. Pastor Terry Jones believes in his right to oppose Islam. He has received death threats and yet he continues. Who would issue such death threats? Law abiding Americans? I think not. And while I would not attend Terry’s church and would suggest alternate ways of expressing his displeasure with Islam he does draw attention to the issue.

Consider this. Our troops are in harm’s way. Muslims want to kill them. Burning Korans will make the muslims want to kill our troops more. Following that logic you could burn a half-dozen bibles and conquer the world. No. Because Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and others are not driven by the same ideology as muslims. What would you have to do to get Christians to riot like that. Do you see my point? Muslims are different. Rev. Terry sees it. Our troops see it. America sees it. We just don’t want to talk about it. Know this for certain: Muslim is not a religion; it is and ideology that includes a religion. Accept that now and deal with it; or don’t. At the current rate you will have to make a decision by 2030 as muslims may be the majority. Maybe sooner with a little help from Barry and Bloomberg.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Obama Lies. America Cries. Media Denies.

In developing news, today Obama blamed everyone but himself for everything as he polishes his Nobel Peace Prize, having just missed a 3 foot putt on the 18th. “Somebody left a spike mark,” he whined as he entered the golf cart. Minutes later the 5 hour delay for tee times at St. Andrews mysteriously disappeared. These days, everywhere Barry goes, Barry shuts down highways, businesses, neighborhoods, golf courses, and Democrats futures. Rumor has it that he has that same effect on christian churches in all nearby states. In the near future it is expected that he will be able to shut down all of America. Fortunately for him there will be someone else is to blame. Today’s blame rests keenly with the GOP, the greens keeper, and John Boehner. Tomorrow he will leave out the greens keeper and John Boehner is a coin toss but the GOP is on the blame schedule.

History in the making has never been so enthralling but then America is witnessing its first messiah. Fortunately for “his Obamliness”, he knows the answer to everything and doesn’t require assistance. Neither doth he require competent people in responsible positions near to him. Those jobs can be filled by tax cheats and scoundrels and even those with treasonous connections; as long as they have finger holes in the backs of their puppet-like heads. Their roles are insignificant to Barry as he alone determines America’s course. Just today Barry annouced he is planning to spend 50 billion on roads and stuff. He did this using his own head and not one of the talking ones. According to Barry, even though he just spent quadrillions on roads and stuff he wants to spend some more to show America how sensitive he is to the unemployed. So, in a humble speech taking up almost none of his precious time he threw a bone to the same construction crews that got the last work. Sources said he can now get to the more important business of feeding his ice cream addicted family.

Since Barry doesn’t have to work with actual numbers the 50 billion could be rounded up to as high as gadzillions. We will have to wait for the actual documents to know which pork projects he failed to mention. Meanwhile back at the Obama digs they have been redoing the oval office at “Allah only knows” what cost to the people. In true Barry form the carpet contains a misquote wrongly attributed to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Like everything Barry does, you don’t see what your are getting until it is too late. I suspect the rug is some right-wing conspiracy thing anyway. We can ask Gibby in the morning.

Assuming you have read this far it does appear that I have accused someone of being a muslim. This is just not the case. Barry is not religious by traditional standards. By definition a belief in god would necessitate a supreme being. If “one” is "the one" then that “supreme being" could only be "ones self" thereby needing to worship “himself”. Think about it. This frees up Saturdays, Sundays, and anything else that might interfere with golf. Note: These synonyms for “self worship” are quite illuminating.

aloof, assuming, audacious, autocratic, biggety, bossy, bragging, cavalier, cheeky, cocky, cold-shoulder, conceited, contemptuous, cool, disdainful, domineering, egotistic, haughty, high and mighty, high-handed, imperious, insolent, know-it-all, lordly, on an ego trip, overbearing, peremptory, pompous, presumptuous, pretentious, proud, puffed up, scornful, self-important, smarty, smug, sniffy, snippy, snooty, snotty, stuck up, supercilious, superior, swaggering, uppity, vain, wise guy

Okay. So perhaps Barry is not a “wise guy” in the traditional sense.

Lastly. The Old Press outlets had nothing to report today except what someone told them to say. I did not get a copy of that message so I had to write my own. Apparently they get theirs all completed with photos and envelopes containing little yellow pills that make their brains tingle and sometimes their legs.

Listen to Barry perfect his skills:

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Forecast: Snow Flurries!

What can be written about America today that hasn’t already been penned and far more eloquently than I? Yet there is something that needs to be restated and planned for. Let us consider hard times.

As a young man I remember the old people talking about how far they walked and through how many inches of snow. I made fun of them asking if it were uphill paths both ways. I am not laughing now and I haven’t been for years. I found out for myself. You see I have been flat broke in my life 3 times. Been there. Done that. Got the “T” shirt. For various reasons, three times I found myself with a few boxes of clothes, pots and pans, and little else. In those days you did not ask for nor expect charity. You found a way. The kids need to eat so you find a way. The family needs a house so you find a way. You don’t have a car to drive to find work so you find a way. It wasn’t easy but it was what it was.

Yes I did accept some charity. When folks from the church showed up at the door with food and there was none in the house my pride took a beating and then we ate dinner. Through the Grace of God my wife and I survived those days. We laugh about them but we don’t desire to revisit them. Still; we can go there again if the need arises. I am not all that worried about us but rather the young people: your kids and my kids. My kids were there but they were kids and that doesn’t qualify them for a passing grade in the School of Hard Knocks. A bad day for them was not having the latest fashion jeans or tennis shoes. Thank God, but my kids have never really felt the effects of BROKE. To them broke is overdrawing at the ATM until Friday. I suspect that is true for you and yours.

It has been such a long time since Americans in numbers have had hard times. What we are having these days doesn’t even qualify. On the other hand, when I think about America’s future I see real hard times coming no matter what happens in Washington now or this fall. Sooner or later the nation’s debt will have to be paid. One of these days the fifty percent who work will no longer be able to pay for those who don’t. Real people know there is no free. What happens when there isn't money for unemployment and you've become accustomed to it? What about when welfare ends? Food stamps? ADC? What the government gives they took from someone. There are less someones every month now. Questions these days aren’t whether the government will be taking more. That is for certain. We have made it possible. We put them in charge and the put our minds to something else; too tired to be bothered with the details.

Now we find ourselves with a President who thinks too much of himself and too little for the American people. He spends and spends. He spends government money: your money and he spends his money; more of your money. Nothing that he has that he has not taken from the people. In fact he sees it as his divine and destined role; to take and disperse as he sees fit. It is not only he but vast numbers of Americans and most of Congress believes that government is supposed to provide things. If we are hungry the government is the food pantry. If we need clothing they are Nordstroms ‘cause we don’t want no Walmart clothes. They are there to make everyone equal and millions believe that they can actually do it. Yes. Millions and hundreds of millions of Americans believe that socialism can work here and now though it has failed everywhere it has ever been tried. Obama believes he can make it work and he has many of you believing in him.

Now suppose the government switches direction and away from the socialism idea? Then what? Well there are still going to be hard times. You can’t spend money you don’t have and not have consequences. Those who still believe that, go stand on the other side of the room with the unicorns. Either way we have to face some hard times. The main differences are will we all be pulling in the same direction or will we be divided and pulling every-which-a-way? Will you be slaves to your government or will you be free? Free and poor or in bondage and poor? There is a choice but you may have to walk uphill, both directions, through countless inches of snow.

I believe there is snow in the forecast. All of us old fuddy duddies are expecting it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Is Obama a Muslim? Who Cares? Who's President is he anyway? This Guy's?

So now 1 in 5 Americans believe Obama is a Muslim. One in three think his is a Christian and 61% or 3 out of 5 think he is handling the economy poorly. While I don’t have factual proof that “O” is a muslim, I do know he is Pro-Muslim, Pro-Black, Pro-Illegal Immigrant, and Anti-Arizona. He is Anti-Small Business, Anti-Self Reliance, Anti-Conservative, and Anti-Tea Party. He hates criticism yet invites it with his actions. He is Anti-Oil and Pro-Debt. He loves to spend and to run up the deficit. He adores travel to exotic places and extravagant and lavish dinners with famous people. He tells us to cut back while he and Michelle go nuts. He is a contradiction in terms and a control freak. He hides from the truth and his past and denies the obvious. Is he a Muslim? Who knows? He is not an American in sense of someone who loves this nation and what she stands for. You can bet that Barry can send Americans to war but would never personally commit to personally protect this nation. We are an embarrassment to him.

From the beginning Barry has walked like he is special, talked down to the people, and magnified his importance. He has defied and flown in the face of everything American and has sought to tear apart this nation. He promotes racism, division, bickering, and weakening of the people’s freedoms. His apologies for America have circled the Globe as he has weakened the relationships of allies. He favors unions, control, and taxes and abhors entrepreneurs, the self-reliant, and hard working middle class families. His goal is to take from some and give to others and only he knows the fair way to do this. Barry wants what Barry wants and is omnipotent in his own mind. He has never taken heed to anything the masses want and even appears to treat them as ignorant.

On foreign policy, Barry is weak to say the least. His lack of experience has allowed Iran to be within days of going nuke, made Israel mistrust us, has Russia deceiving us, and the remainder of the World telling us what to do. Illegals from every nation on earth are filling our nation and he seems deaf to the voices warning him of home grown terrorists. Barry thinks it’s a good idea to provoke a deathbed dictator in Korea who does possess nuclear weapons while worrying about the rights of terrorists more than about protecting our nation. Does it matter if Barry is a Muslim? Not one bit.

The whole argument for whether Obama is a Muslim or not finds its roots in people trying to understand why Barry does what he does. Americans are a trusting people. “O” is using that trusting nature to push his agenda even though directly opposed to the will of the people. People without jobs who want them can’t find them and Barry would rather keep them on unemployment rather than provide help to create jobs. “O” has never done any real work and he doesn’t understand it. Who cares who this guy thinks is god? What we really care about is how to get him to leave office. Dear reader; if you have a God, ask him to help Barry find a way out of office as it seems he is beyond redemption while in Office.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Obama: Winning the Hearts of America

As surely everyone knows by now, Obama has stated the obvious: Muslims have a right to build a mosque at ground zero. Duh Barry! Everyone knows what the legal rights of all religions in America are (at least for now). What is at question is what is respectful and honorable and what considers the sensitivities of all Americans with regard to building this mosque. Of course “O” doesn’t want to weigh in with his opinion. He just wanted to stir the S----, not help it in any meaningful way.

By the way, I truly respect and honor the losses that 911 families suffered at the hands of these Saudi terrorists. However, all of America lost something that day and we all have something to say in this though the press is only covering the families. On that day we lost our sense of security and our trust in several nations. We lost our ability to travel about the nation freely without body scans and cavity searches. We lost our love for certain peoples flying on airplanes. Most importantly we gave up some freedoms to suicidal criminals.

Back to Barry. His latest sensitivity for America showed itself as the worst traffic jam in the history of Los Angeles. Why? Because he was having a $30,000 a plate fundraiser for the Democratic Party. I guess when you are as important and he and his wealthy guests are, it is fine to close down major sections of the city so that the elites can rub elbows. Isn’t California a blue state? I guess they won’t mind giving up several hours of their lives sitting in traffic to help out “O”.

In further disrespect, Barry and his daughter took a dip in the gulf. The only proof came not from the press corps but from the Whitehouse press as the real press is barred from many Obama events. (Reminds me of the Soviet system and Pravda) As for Obama's swim, on August 16, the London Independent reported that Obama and his daughter, Sasha, swam in a private Panama City Beach, FL beach off Alligator Point in St. Andrew Bay, not part of the Gulf.

Reporters were banned, no TV video permitted. "So....only the White House photographer was allowed to capture proceedings. The official picture was intended to provide evidence that the region's beaches are back to normal." Still, a photo of Barry and his youngest daughter is being circulated on all the networks. Do you think he should use his daughter as a political prop? Oh well. Anyway, the press is using “Barry Photos” taken by “Pravda”. Hey Rupert and the rest of you media moguls. How about if you don’t see the news happen you don’t report it as fact. If a president swims in the ocean and no one was there did he still get wet? Maybe, but not on my TV station, newspaper, or magazine. Try this for a while and you won’t have to report faux news.

Pehaps a dangerously toxic oil/dispersant brew doesn't really contaminate much or perhaps the entire Gulf? Surely it's not poison and potentially lethal for decades, maybe generations. Eat up. The all-clear's been given. You've seen the photos of Barry and the kid. I wonder if gulf shrimp is on the menu this week at the Whitehouse? Will anyone be testing these waters? These Shrimp? I'd like a faked photo of the Obamas eating gulf seafood and asking for "more please".

By the way. The above photo is for illustration purposes only as there were no "real press" photos of the "ObamaSuperJam" though furious LA residents assure that it did occur.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Newsflash! Obama Supports Muslim’s Rights!

For those of you who just woke up from a comatose stupor, Obama just sided with the Muslims on a Ground Zero Mosque. Duh! Was that ever in question? Obama is so pro Muslim that he thinks the Muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound on earth. If asked the same question I might have said the laughter of a child playing or the babbling of a brook. Not Barry.

Actually what I find interesting about this is that he loosely ties his thinking to the First Amendment of the Constitution. Someone correct me if I am wrong but isn’t this the first time comrade “O” gave a whit what the constitution said. Not being a constitutional scholar like Barry I was thinking that the First Amendment had to do with No State Religion and not that you could build anything, anytime, anywhere. It is confusing because the left plays it one way one time and another way the next time. Government regularly kicks God out of all sorts of books, buildings, parks, and whatever. I guess Allah is something special to Barry.

Truthfully I don’t worry about the mosque at all. There isn’t a construction company in New York that will take that bid. They will have to farm that out to the Saudis who will be the money behind this deal. The real news in this whole story is the imam who is behind this mosque is also linked to some bizarre ideals. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, head of the Cordoba Initiative, which seeks to construct the massive center, repeatedly refused “on-air” to affirm the U.S. designation of Hamas as a terrorist organization or call the Muslim Brotherhood extremists.

This same imam states that he is a bridge-builder. He wants to build bridges between Muslims and Jews and Christians and terrorists... Actually I threw in the terrorists. He doesn't even admit terrorists. Surely if you were looking to build bridges you would not do it using the ashes of America's dead. This man may deceive the press and others but patriots know exactly what this guy is all about.

By the way Barry. Now that you really have put your foot in it with these latest comments: when do you think your next pratfall might come? Hopefully before the elections if you please.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Section 8 Housing Frenzy

How often have you heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. (Click on the Photo to enlarge it.) According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution over 30,000 people lined up to get a chance at federally subsidized housing. Look carefully at this photo from that same source and tell me just exactly what have we done to this country?

Supposedly riot police were needed to control the crowd. Heat and violence took its toll on more than 60 people and all that was being handed out was the chance to be put on a list for housing if it opened up. Here is a portion of that AJC article:

Some of the crowd waited for two days at the Tri-Cities Plaza shopping center. As the temperature rose Wednesday, people fell ill.

Sgt. Cliff Chandler, spokesman for the East Point Police Department, said a toddler was treated earlier in the morning for "some type of seizure," Chandler said.

"A lot of it was heat and some was health-related issues" such people not taking their medications, Chandler said.

By the time everyone had left around 2 p.m., the temperature had climbed into the low 90s.

East Point police, some wearing riot helmets, were patrolling the area. Firefighters and EMTs were attending to people who were overheating in the sun. Police from College Park, Hapeville, Fulton County and MARTA assisted in crowd control.

Chandler said there were no arrests.

Felecia McGhee told the AJC she arrived around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday. She said the major problem began when people started breaking into the line and then officials handing out applications started moving those areas and those line breakers. She said she saw at least two small children trampled when the crowd rushed the building where the applications were to be handed out.

"It's a real mess out here," she said.

Channel 2 Action News reporter Mike Petchenik said fights were breaking out and police had to stop people who were storming the door.

Channel 2 reporter Tom Jones said, “There are thousands, I mean, thousands of people here. I’ve seen people fall out from the heat.”

By late morning the crowd had thinned considerably and people were walking up and getting their applications without delay. But just before the 1 p.m. deadline, a line of about 200 people had formed. Shortly after 1 p.m., several people ran across the parking lot to get in line but were told by police that the line was closed.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Obama plays B Ball. Blacks Only? No Press!

The election is over. The votes have been tallied. The Obama’s have been declared the most clueless family in the US. Apparently Michelle thinks that the worst economy since the Great Depression is a great time to spend $75,000.00 per day of taxpayer cash. And for what? A ladies night out trip to Spain. At least she got to hob knob with Hollywood celebrities and the King and queen of Spain.

Refusing to use leftover “Stimulus” cash, Nancy has called congress back from campaign mode to do what? Yes. She wants to approve more stimulus cash. Apparently “O” can’t imagine using $26 billion of the nearly $400 billion unspent stimulus funds. In Obamalogic it somehow makes sense to spend more of what we are out of: cash!

In further brain cramped fashion the US is now planning to sell advanced F15 fighter jets to… (drum roll). Yes that is right. The Saudis are the recipients of one of the largest deals of its kind at a price tag of $30 billion dollars. Our president thinks that in a region that controls nearly half of the world’s oil, houses 90% of the world’s terrorists, and has one of the worst human rights records ever; somehow we should help them further destabilize the region. Who said Obama was pro-Islamic, anti-Israeli?

Over the weekend while “O” played hoops with basketball legends in a game that was to entertain wounded warriors, the press pool sat outside in vans. That’s right. No photo ops of the smiling wounded warriors as the Presidential Press were barred. While many complain that the press doesn’t report anything of significance these days, one could argue that they can’t report on anything less significant than “O’s” skills under the net. As for the wounded warriors we will have to imagine what they thought of Barry and the B Ball Big Timers. I wonder if this post racial president invited any white ballplayers. If the press had been able to report we might know. The above photo is who we do know attended.

Lastly the President's party, the Democratic Party, is now being tied to some of the most underhanded and disruptive political tactics apart from third world nations. Apparently, in an attempt to weaken conservative momentum Democrats are filling some state ballots with candidates supposedly representing the “Tea Party” movement. What is so troubling is that no one in the Tea Party has heard of any of these folks and their ties to the Democratic Party is unmistakable. Like so much in this administration; if you can’t win honorably: CHEAT.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Zer0 bama Ditty-Bops to His Own Drummer

While America tries to figure out how to hold her head up in pride and dignity, 0Clueless goes about life in his imaginary world. First let me ask you this. Adm. Mike Mullen, chairmain of the U.S joint chiefs of staff, stated that the US does have a military option for Iran but HE THINKS IT WOULD BE A BAD IDEA TO USE IT. Excuse me. Why open your face and allow words to fall out only if they telegraph your indifference to deal with the possible options? Say less. Say nothing. Don’t say anything stupid like we have “0” intent to use force.

To clarify my position here I have gone to using the Zero 0 here instead of a Capital Ooh “O”. As I see it the Zero “0” administration is doing nothing to help America, Arizona, Joblessness, Small Business, etc. As such I have chosen to refer to 37% of Americas president as Zero Bama = “0”bama. For the majority of Americans he offers us nothing. Thus he is 0bama.

In continuing stupidity 0 and his goons press ahead to prosecute Arizona for her stance on illegal immigrants while the 0administration does nothing. Actually nothing would be more desirable than their de facto efforts to give Arizona to Mexico. If you are going to allow Mexico to run roughshod over Arizona and to value Mexico more than Arizona are you not a traitor to your own people or are brown people the only ones worth caring for.

0bama promised that 0 tax dollars would be used for abortion yet 2 states are already spending your taxes on these same abortions. One might conclude that 0bama 0lied and 0deceived the American people, even to the point of signing a 0presidential 0proclamation that meant n0thing.

Really America. All the news that comes from Washington these days has 0 value for patriots, taxpayers, and local economies. This man 0ffers us n0thing, d0es nothing, and cann0t tell the truth. He is the president with0ut being presidential. 0ne might call him 0golfer (I hear he is a real hacker), 0vacationer, 0leader, and 0thers. I just can’t wait to call him 0’over.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You Just Can't Make this Stuff Up!

Breaking news: Newark NJ mayor has ordered the city to stop buying toilet paper. Apparently the 70 Million dollar shorfall has caused the Mayor to react. In a lesser headline Citigroup had to switch from 2 ply to 1 ply. Be sure to keep this in mind as you make your travel and financial plans. Your money could wind up in dirty hands.

When I was much younger I used to be amused by the old people and the things that they would say. Things like, “What is this world coming to?” and “At this rate there won’t be any: (multiple possibilities) right or wrong, truth, morals, principles, values, justice, money, America, honest politicians, ethics, etc., in a few years.” Now I am the old person that I made so much fun of and the only thing changed is the intensity or extremism of these fears. That, and the fact that many many young people now see the dangers as well. The things that are going on, well, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Over the weekend Obama stated that he could feel America’s pain with regard to the economy. He stated that he and Michelle were not that far removed to relate to you. I suppose if you have taken a half dozen vacations this year, are taking your daughter to Spain booking 35 rooms in a 5 star hotel, made $5 million dollars last year, and are hated by 2/3rds of America you might be who O’clueless is talking about. He doesn’t understand me or my life nor anyone I know. How elitist and indifferent to America can this man get?

In a less intelligent position Sen. Barbara Boxer tried to equate her time in the senate as equal to serving in the military. Hum? Apparently the halls of congress are now filled with sandbags and automatic weapons. Still I haven’t heard of any Congress people being shot. Truly Barbara. Do you really think like that? And people voted for you? Whoa!

The good news is that this is America is a free country. That is unless you are a Christian and go to college in Georgia at Augusta State University. If you go there you have to be in agreement with gays, lesbians, transgender, and whatever. If you hold to a Christian belief that doesn’t approve of these lifestyles, well then you will have to just go someplace else like Saudi Arabia. Of course in Saudi Arabia you can’t be a Christian either or gay or lesbian or transgender, etc. They basically have a Dictatorship and we soon will have one.

On a lighter note Obama decided to skip the 100 year anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America in favor of appearing on the View. Let me imagine how he processed that, “Ok. I can show support for a 100 year organization that does good works, promotes values, and helps boys to become men or I can sit and gossip with some women.” It must be difficult to try and remain hip and do the right thing. His idea of the right thing is just so different that the rest of America.

Lastly, the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) announced that we cannot continue as a Nation with this extreme deficit spending. The last I heard the administration was only listening to the CBO when they came out with numbers the met their approval. Look for the Whitehouse to make a statement (or not) stating that the CBO forgot or overlooked some Obamunist program that will change all of that.

Many pundits and the Whitehouse themselves like to make fun and minimize the blogosphere’s importance. Look folks. I am not making this news up, merely relaying it. You just can’t make this stuff up!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It Burns Me Up

It just chafes me when I see a politician propose to speak for me after denying to listen to what I have to say. The Whitehouse in general does this. They talk as if they represent me but deny everything that I stand for, believe, and hope for this country. To hear Barry tell it I am just dying to become enslaved to his entitlement programs for those who won’t work. Even more he pretends to speak for me in that congress is doing great work at the beckoning of the people. If that were true congress might have more than an %11 approval rating. Surely they must know what a joke they have become.

Lately some Democrats in congress are starting to latch on to the idea to keep the Bush tax cuts. It is not clear whether they want the cuts to remain or just want to be seen as pro “Working Class”. I tend to suspect the latter. In my district the politicians are all talking like they have already been elected or reelected. Not so fast. My candidate for congress in Missouri’s 3rd congressional district is John Wayne Tucker. He is everything that a thinking and concerned voter would want without the trappings of political system. Still, the typical Democratic and Republican favorites are speaking out with the entitlement attitude of aristocracy. This kind of attitude just burns me up.

The other day the Obama administration pulled the trigger and fired Shirley Sherrod for what appeared to be racist comments. After further examination they decided she wasn’t all that racist but more of the elitist, spread the wealth kind of ideologue that the Whitehouse loves. Now there is all this talk of making her some kind of “Race Czar”. In her new found celebrity her true racist tendencies are really starting to surface. It just may be that she is a racist commie who would love to take from the haves and give to the have-nots. Great. Another loon for the Administration.

It remains to be seen what effect Americans can have at the polls this fall. After that we will have our hands full righting the aberrant legislation that the Obamunist Administration has enacted. In the meantime we can continue focusing on our local elections and contributing to those causes we believe in. America. You are a great and shinning light to the world no matter what the libacrats say. Forget Hollywood and the words of Elitist politicians. Make sure you are registered and vote in any election within your reach. This is our birthright and our heritage. Those in power got there by deceit but they shall not hold it long. May God Bless America.

PS. If you can afford it, send John Wayne Tucker a few bucks. He is a true Patriot who will do all of America some good.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

…god Damn America! ???

There is no way around it. Jeremiah Wright thinks that God should Damn America and his student of 20+ years is trying to get that done. Yes. Barack Hussein Obama is doing all he can to damn America. To damn America is to “ruin” America and Barry is all about that. Time left most of this out of the year in pictures. Here is a quick review.

Even the leaders of the world are starting to become concerned with Obama thinking. Had we trusted our instincts we would have known what his plans were. It wasn’t as though he didn’t tell us.

To fundamentally transform America is something different to Barack than it was to the Americans who voted for him.

Even CNN has reported Obama's abuses

If that isn't bad enough, Obama attacks the Tea Party. These people are your mom, your dad, your neighbor, you...

God Damn America? If Barack and his Anti-American administration continue to go unchecked that just might be the case. You see it with your own eyes. No one can make this stuff up.

See you at the Polls, in Washington, and anywhere I think I can do something to save my country. Barry if you don't like it here, go where you would like it better.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blacks are More Deserving than Whites. Ask Them!

Michelle Obama spoke before the NAACP and so plainly stated that Blacks have it worse than Whites in America. She offered no solutions other than they should “not rest on their laurels…increase our intensity”. This organization which is by definition racist: the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. They are not for the advancement of all people but just colored people. Why is it that racists get to charge others with racism as if they were somehow above it. It was White peoples guilt that allowed such organization to play these major roles in America. Sure we want equality and if this NAACP will help then so be it but that is not what they are about. America wake up! There are:
United Negro College Fund
Black Business Council
Black Entertainment TV
Black Pride Month
Congressional Black Caucus
Black Greek Letter Organizations
Black Muslims
100 Black Men of America
African American Planning Commision
African American Speaker Bureau
National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators and Developers
National Association of Black Accountants
Be Someone Inc.
Blacks In Government
Black Culinarians Alliance
National Association of Market Developers
Black Wall Street Merchants Association
Black Women in Sisterhood for Action
National Black Child Development Institute
National Society of Black Engineers
Jack and Jill of America
National Urban League
Miss Black America
Rainbow Push Coalition
National Action Network

This is by no means an exhaustive look at organizations which only provide service to black people. The list is nearly endless. Some are led by Poverty Pimps and Race Hustlers like the “Reverends” Jesse and Al. They feed off the emotions of their followers leaving them with less money and more hatred for the conditions they find themselves in: trapped and enslaved by the system. Yes. They are enslaved by their own minds not believing that they can be anything but poor. Most of these organizations will foster that belief while they condemn the community and the government for not giving more. And what have they added, these organizations and others like them, what have they done to improve race relations? Yes. I thought so.

Obama was supposed to be our Post-Racial President. Instead he and Michelle have become dividers-in-chief. Yet you have to recognize that with the elections looming in the near future it is time for the haters and baiters to mobilize their base. They have to get them to the voting booths. You know that hate is a strong motivator.

Now here are the folks that Eric Holder’s DOJ let go free from charges of voter fraud. How much “ramping up” do you need?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Same O Same O

Coming up with new and stimulating reading for my followers is something that I give serious thought to. Since I tend to blog about Obama and his administration there are some things I have noticed. How many times should I point out that Obama lies. Everyone knows that. Even those people who do or were supporters of his know that he is incapable of telling the truth. And then there is the underhanded or around-the-back way Obama legislates. Surely everyone know by now that he has no concern for “the process” but only the result. In other words, he doesn’t care if it is legal, constitutional, ethical or perhaps even moral as long as it is something that “he” wants. He did this with healthcare and he did it with the budget. Truthfully, I struggle to come up with new information to interest you.

Lately I have been researching the progress Muslims have made in taking over America. As you probably know that is one of their stated goals. On first glance it doesn’t seem all that alarming until you find how many Muslim organizations are in the U.S. and how well they have placed themselves in government and academia. I used to think they were just a religion but I now know that for Muslims government and god are the same thing. Moreover, only their god is god and the God of Christians, Jews and others are no gods at all. In fact if you believe in Jehovah, Yahweh, Almighty God, God, or Jesus you are banned from many Muslim countries and may soon be subordinated or worse here in America. I couldn’t imagine this happening but all the proof that I can come up with shows that it will only be years until Muslims will rule. Some will say that I am nuts now but they will not say that then.

I would like to write about how the Government was securing our borders to the south, as well as the north, east, and west. Sadly that is not the case. Arizona is raising money, perhaps more than a million dollars by now to defend themselves from the federal government. The government is not suing them because their law is bad but because they say Arizona has no right to have their own law on immigration. I know. On TV they say it is about possible abuses or civil rights violations but that is not what the lawsuit says. They say things like racist, and profiling, and pulling people over for no reason to get people upset. If they tried to sue Arizona over that they would get laughed out of court. Nope. The reason they are suing is because Arizona has a law regarding immigration: nothing more; nothing less. In the meantime Obama is working to try and get amnesty for all those poor people so that they can become good voters for him.

Unfortunately, I could not find any real news to tell you about. Your Constitution is being destroyed more each day and your rights disappear with it. Money is being spent at unheard of rates and the world’s leaders are begging us to stop it. Of course we don’t. Obama knows best you know. So the only thing I could write for you today is that in only months you have lost a great deal of America’s freedoms and in a few more months you will surely loose the balance of them. That is unless people decide to all stand up at once and say “No More”. That is my prayer as I can still pray until the Muslims succeed in taking over. Barry? Didn’t you use to be one?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Voters Awakened. Scary to Politicians...

Over the weekend the Republican equivalent of Biden said that the Tea Party wouldn’t survive. Yes. Lindsey Graham appears to be doing obama’s work for him and is often taking up his causes these days. Me thinks that Lindsey has no clue about the Tea Party patriots as they are not easy to pigeonhole. Some have said that they are angry white men, white people, and/or rich people. Generally there was a racist slur added to the defamation of the Patriots memberships. While they are primarily white as seen from a distance and while they are angry and while many of them have money, they are largely not racists.

What you can say for sure about the Tea Party people is that they have been politically awakened; many if not most for the first time. It is doubtful that any of these folks ever marched on any place before. For the most part they have never been to a political rally nor have they ever held up anything but a yard-sale sign. What they now are is a committed group of the most powerful Americans: voters. These people don’t just talk about candidates. They have researched them. While it is true that they have no central organization to direct them, they don’t need it. They will do what they believe in their hearts come any given election day. For a partisan politician the Tea Party represents everything they fear: thoughtful, intelligent, empowered, and committed voters who will look at voting records and not political prose. No wonder Lindsey would speak ill of them.

Come election day when these people enter the voting booth only they will make their decisions. Not being controlled by Washington handouts or special interests they are free to create “dimpled chads” for whomever they see fit. You can’t call them republican nor democrat even though they may be registered as such because they are voting their conscience. Such people are likely to “throw their votes away” on such dark horses as Rand Paul or John Wayne Tucker. In their foolishness they are giving America candidates who will truly break the status quo in Washington.

Nearly two years ago obama set America on a course for Change but I am thinking that he may see change that he never knew was possible. He wanted socialism and woke the spirit of Freedom that had fallen asleep. He spoke of change and we came to understand how evil his kind of change could be. Now the people are wanting change for sure: to change back to the way we were before we lost control to Washington. obama was said to be the end of racial tensions and now he has created all the more division between the races and awakened America to the true nature of the problem.

Lindsey. You have often shown us who you are and what you are made of. Your boyish look and gentle voice are fooling no one. You only need declare your alignment with obama. It is and has been clear to the many and now to even the few. Know this. It is not the lack of unity that weakens the Tea Party Patriots. That is where their very strength lies. They are free to speak, act, worship, and vote according to their conscience. They answer to no party. Scary: isn’t it?

Ps Regarding the lower case "Os" on obama: no respect intended.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Captain Obama: Our Superhero!

We all know that the Captain is supposed to go down with the ship. Our Captain knows stuff that most people don't. I read how he knows how to make the most out of every crisis. Here he is blowing up a bomb to make the ground ready for a new solar power factory. I wonder if we cover the earth with solar panels will we look like a disco ball in outer space? I think I will google that. It is fun to guess things.

Ok. Suppose you lived along the Gulf Coast and your way of life was coming to an end. Suppose you blame in on the inactivity of the President. Suppose you knew that 13 nations had offered to send ships to help protect you from the scourge of the oil spill; and suppose there were dozens of oil-skimming ships around the US that could be used but for some reason your president wouldn’t allow those ships or those nations to help. Would that be proof that this president was sabotaging your life and future or would you think you were just really unlucky. Exactly. Today would not be the day for you to buy lottery tickets.

Also suppose that the president was fighting the oil spill when he got and idea to try and create some sort of law that would make his friends billionaires while quadrupling the cost of gasoline, electricity, heating oil, and natural gas or propane. You would have to say he is a friggin' genius. Doing two things is multi-tasking but this guy can do dozens and help his friends at the same time. I wish I was one of his friends.

You might also wonder about why the president would want to come up with some kind of law making all illegal immigrants legal instead of building a fence. Too easy. While experts worked on this he already figured out that to lower the crime rate all he has to do is get rid of a bunch of laws. If there are no laws to break, you can’t do anything illegal. If everyone who comes here is legal then there is no such thing as “illegal immigration”. Is it any wonder he is our captain.

When this president had a problem with one of the Auto Manufacturers,he fired the president of that company. Then he bought that company for pennies on the dollar with your money. What a buy. He helped some more of his friends and gave away most of that company to the people who helped him become president. He said he wouldn’t do that when he was elected. You might think that he lied and cannot be trusted. It is probably very confusing to you why all of the decisions he makes seems to work out bad for you. You just have to learn to trust him and stop worrying. Politics is hard to learn.

If you are a Christian or a working person or a patriot you may have noticed that you have less of everything these days. It could be that you have less freedom. God is not welcome in most of America’s public buildings anymore and Ole Glory is not as popular as she once was. You also have to be careful not to say what you think because if you are wrong they will put your name in the paper and your picture on TV and tell how stupid you are. Whatever you do don’t complain about taxes. An icecream man did that and was called a “smartass” by the vice-captain. Anyway, you were told that you wouldn’t pay any more tax than before but you might be noticing that the price of everything keeps going up. If you smoke cigarettes then you have to pay more taxes because the government wants you to pay for the people who quit smoking. Hey. They have actually come up with a new tax called a Value Added Tax that no one has to pay because it is hidden. What a great idea. They have to get their money somehow.

Actually, come to think of it they don’t have the money they are spending now but not to worry. This president or captain of ours is spending money that we don’t have but he has a plan to fix that next year. The good part is that the Chinese must like us a lot because they keep giving us money. Somebody said they aren’t going to give us any more but that is ridiculous: China is our friend. They say it has something to do with the fact that we keep spending even when we are broke and the other countries think that is a bad idea. Dang those foreigners. Someone said that my grandchildren and their kids will have to pay for this. Great because I am getting too old to work and jobs are kind of scarce right now.

Still it must be nice to be a captain. Ours spends lots of his time traveling to places and seeing new things. He makes lots of speeches which everyone loves. People love him so much they write about him every day and there are lots of TV shows that talk mostly about him. He is some kind of expert on this old paper called the Constitution and people are always amazed at the things he finds in it. They don’t find those same things so that shows what an expert he is. Some of those people say he is trying to destroy that paper but that is just silly. I do think it is sad that our captain has to sink our ship.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Obama: “People are surprised when I do what I said I would.”

Well yeah. Duh! He has kept his word about the couple of things he mentioned this past weekend: Health Care Reform and Don’t Ask Don’t tell. For this he thinks he should get a medal? I don’t think so. Of course Mr. Obama we are surprised when you do things. First of all most of your ideas are pure insanity. Frankly we cannot believe that you would pass Healthcare when more than 60% of Americans don’t want it. So you do the thing we don’t want but you don’t do the dozens of things that you promised that we do want.

You promised:

Transparency: President Obama has committed to making his administration the most open and transparent in history, and will play a major role in delivering on that promise. NOPE!

Participation: Citizen participation will be a priority for the Administration. HUM!
Sunshine Law: President: We will publish all non-emergency legislation to the website for five days, and allow the public to review and comment before the President signs it. NO WAY

Earmark reform: "[W]e need earmark reform. And when I'm president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely." Mo PORK, Mo PORK, Mo PORK. Um Um. Get U Some!!!

'No jobs for lobbyists:' Then what are these lobbiests doing in your administration?:

William Lynn, Deputy Secretary of Defense (Lobbied for Military/Industrial Contracts)

Mark Patterson, Treasury Chief of Staff (Lobbied investment banking, energy tax credits)

Patrick Gasbard, Political Affairs Director (Lobbies for Unions and possible ties to ACORN

Gabriella Gomez, Assistant Secy. Education ( Lobbied for teachers from 2001 to 2006)

Krysta Hardin, Asst. Secy. Agriculture (Lobbied from 1993 – 2004 for soybean and barley growers)

David Hayes, Deputy Secy. of the Interior (Lobbied for Environmental interest groups 2001-2007)

Kathleen Sebelius, Secy. HHS (Director of group lobbying for patients rights)

This is just a few of the many Lobbiests placed by Barry and his folks. For a more exhaustive look at Lobbyist in Obama's Transparent World look here.

Hear it in his own words:

America. Of course we are surprised when he does something he says. This man is beyond redemption. His ways cannot be turned by the words of you or I, neither will he listen to the World's opinion as he demonstrated at the G8 and G20 meetings. Barack is about Barack. Who cares where he was born. He is neither an American in his heart nor his Actions and he should not be President. How he is removed from this High Office is purely Semantical. He must be sent packing and his efforts must be thwarted in the interim.