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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Forecast: Snow Flurries!

What can be written about America today that hasn’t already been penned and far more eloquently than I? Yet there is something that needs to be restated and planned for. Let us consider hard times.

As a young man I remember the old people talking about how far they walked and through how many inches of snow. I made fun of them asking if it were uphill paths both ways. I am not laughing now and I haven’t been for years. I found out for myself. You see I have been flat broke in my life 3 times. Been there. Done that. Got the “T” shirt. For various reasons, three times I found myself with a few boxes of clothes, pots and pans, and little else. In those days you did not ask for nor expect charity. You found a way. The kids need to eat so you find a way. The family needs a house so you find a way. You don’t have a car to drive to find work so you find a way. It wasn’t easy but it was what it was.

Yes I did accept some charity. When folks from the church showed up at the door with food and there was none in the house my pride took a beating and then we ate dinner. Through the Grace of God my wife and I survived those days. We laugh about them but we don’t desire to revisit them. Still; we can go there again if the need arises. I am not all that worried about us but rather the young people: your kids and my kids. My kids were there but they were kids and that doesn’t qualify them for a passing grade in the School of Hard Knocks. A bad day for them was not having the latest fashion jeans or tennis shoes. Thank God, but my kids have never really felt the effects of BROKE. To them broke is overdrawing at the ATM until Friday. I suspect that is true for you and yours.

It has been such a long time since Americans in numbers have had hard times. What we are having these days doesn’t even qualify. On the other hand, when I think about America’s future I see real hard times coming no matter what happens in Washington now or this fall. Sooner or later the nation’s debt will have to be paid. One of these days the fifty percent who work will no longer be able to pay for those who don’t. Real people know there is no free. What happens when there isn't money for unemployment and you've become accustomed to it? What about when welfare ends? Food stamps? ADC? What the government gives they took from someone. There are less someones every month now. Questions these days aren’t whether the government will be taking more. That is for certain. We have made it possible. We put them in charge and the put our minds to something else; too tired to be bothered with the details.

Now we find ourselves with a President who thinks too much of himself and too little for the American people. He spends and spends. He spends government money: your money and he spends his money; more of your money. Nothing that he has that he has not taken from the people. In fact he sees it as his divine and destined role; to take and disperse as he sees fit. It is not only he but vast numbers of Americans and most of Congress believes that government is supposed to provide things. If we are hungry the government is the food pantry. If we need clothing they are Nordstroms ‘cause we don’t want no Walmart clothes. They are there to make everyone equal and millions believe that they can actually do it. Yes. Millions and hundreds of millions of Americans believe that socialism can work here and now though it has failed everywhere it has ever been tried. Obama believes he can make it work and he has many of you believing in him.

Now suppose the government switches direction and away from the socialism idea? Then what? Well there are still going to be hard times. You can’t spend money you don’t have and not have consequences. Those who still believe that, go stand on the other side of the room with the unicorns. Either way we have to face some hard times. The main differences are will we all be pulling in the same direction or will we be divided and pulling every-which-a-way? Will you be slaves to your government or will you be free? Free and poor or in bondage and poor? There is a choice but you may have to walk uphill, both directions, through countless inches of snow.

I believe there is snow in the forecast. All of us old fuddy duddies are expecting it.

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  1. You raise a great many truths in this one. The sad thing is that if it gets that bad, the left will start (more) violence.


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