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Monday, August 9, 2010

Obama plays B Ball. Blacks Only? No Press!

The election is over. The votes have been tallied. The Obama’s have been declared the most clueless family in the US. Apparently Michelle thinks that the worst economy since the Great Depression is a great time to spend $75,000.00 per day of taxpayer cash. And for what? A ladies night out trip to Spain. At least she got to hob knob with Hollywood celebrities and the King and queen of Spain.

Refusing to use leftover “Stimulus” cash, Nancy has called congress back from campaign mode to do what? Yes. She wants to approve more stimulus cash. Apparently “O” can’t imagine using $26 billion of the nearly $400 billion unspent stimulus funds. In Obamalogic it somehow makes sense to spend more of what we are out of: cash!

In further brain cramped fashion the US is now planning to sell advanced F15 fighter jets to… (drum roll). Yes that is right. The Saudis are the recipients of one of the largest deals of its kind at a price tag of $30 billion dollars. Our president thinks that in a region that controls nearly half of the world’s oil, houses 90% of the world’s terrorists, and has one of the worst human rights records ever; somehow we should help them further destabilize the region. Who said Obama was pro-Islamic, anti-Israeli?

Over the weekend while “O” played hoops with basketball legends in a game that was to entertain wounded warriors, the press pool sat outside in vans. That’s right. No photo ops of the smiling wounded warriors as the Presidential Press were barred. While many complain that the press doesn’t report anything of significance these days, one could argue that they can’t report on anything less significant than “O’s” skills under the net. As for the wounded warriors we will have to imagine what they thought of Barry and the B Ball Big Timers. I wonder if this post racial president invited any white ballplayers. If the press had been able to report we might know. The above photo is who we do know attended.

Lastly the President's party, the Democratic Party, is now being tied to some of the most underhanded and disruptive political tactics apart from third world nations. Apparently, in an attempt to weaken conservative momentum Democrats are filling some state ballots with candidates supposedly representing the “Tea Party” movement. What is so troubling is that no one in the Tea Party has heard of any of these folks and their ties to the Democratic Party is unmistakable. Like so much in this administration; if you can’t win honorably: CHEAT.

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  1. Correct on all counts, Ken. It's a shame.

    About the press being barred from the b-ball game, that might actually be a good thing. Kinda like how Bush went to Fort Hood unannounced and without media to comfort folks. I can't say that there was anything noble involved, but it could have been.


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