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Friday, August 20, 2010

Is Obama a Muslim? Who Cares? Who's President is he anyway? This Guy's?

So now 1 in 5 Americans believe Obama is a Muslim. One in three think his is a Christian and 61% or 3 out of 5 think he is handling the economy poorly. While I don’t have factual proof that “O” is a muslim, I do know he is Pro-Muslim, Pro-Black, Pro-Illegal Immigrant, and Anti-Arizona. He is Anti-Small Business, Anti-Self Reliance, Anti-Conservative, and Anti-Tea Party. He hates criticism yet invites it with his actions. He is Anti-Oil and Pro-Debt. He loves to spend and to run up the deficit. He adores travel to exotic places and extravagant and lavish dinners with famous people. He tells us to cut back while he and Michelle go nuts. He is a contradiction in terms and a control freak. He hides from the truth and his past and denies the obvious. Is he a Muslim? Who knows? He is not an American in sense of someone who loves this nation and what she stands for. You can bet that Barry can send Americans to war but would never personally commit to personally protect this nation. We are an embarrassment to him.

From the beginning Barry has walked like he is special, talked down to the people, and magnified his importance. He has defied and flown in the face of everything American and has sought to tear apart this nation. He promotes racism, division, bickering, and weakening of the people’s freedoms. His apologies for America have circled the Globe as he has weakened the relationships of allies. He favors unions, control, and taxes and abhors entrepreneurs, the self-reliant, and hard working middle class families. His goal is to take from some and give to others and only he knows the fair way to do this. Barry wants what Barry wants and is omnipotent in his own mind. He has never taken heed to anything the masses want and even appears to treat them as ignorant.

On foreign policy, Barry is weak to say the least. His lack of experience has allowed Iran to be within days of going nuke, made Israel mistrust us, has Russia deceiving us, and the remainder of the World telling us what to do. Illegals from every nation on earth are filling our nation and he seems deaf to the voices warning him of home grown terrorists. Barry thinks it’s a good idea to provoke a deathbed dictator in Korea who does possess nuclear weapons while worrying about the rights of terrorists more than about protecting our nation. Does it matter if Barry is a Muslim? Not one bit.

The whole argument for whether Obama is a Muslim or not finds its roots in people trying to understand why Barry does what he does. Americans are a trusting people. “O” is using that trusting nature to push his agenda even though directly opposed to the will of the people. People without jobs who want them can’t find them and Barry would rather keep them on unemployment rather than provide help to create jobs. “O” has never done any real work and he doesn’t understand it. Who cares who this guy thinks is god? What we really care about is how to get him to leave office. Dear reader; if you have a God, ask him to help Barry find a way out of office as it seems he is beyond redemption while in Office.


  1. You nailed it Ken. Out of the park!

  2. Great post, Ken. In the end it matters not what he is, what matters is what he does.


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