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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Zer0 bama Ditty-Bops to His Own Drummer

While America tries to figure out how to hold her head up in pride and dignity, 0Clueless goes about life in his imaginary world. First let me ask you this. Adm. Mike Mullen, chairmain of the U.S joint chiefs of staff, stated that the US does have a military option for Iran but HE THINKS IT WOULD BE A BAD IDEA TO USE IT. Excuse me. Why open your face and allow words to fall out only if they telegraph your indifference to deal with the possible options? Say less. Say nothing. Don’t say anything stupid like we have “0” intent to use force.

To clarify my position here I have gone to using the Zero 0 here instead of a Capital Ooh “O”. As I see it the Zero “0” administration is doing nothing to help America, Arizona, Joblessness, Small Business, etc. As such I have chosen to refer to 37% of Americas president as Zero Bama = “0”bama. For the majority of Americans he offers us nothing. Thus he is 0bama.

In continuing stupidity 0 and his goons press ahead to prosecute Arizona for her stance on illegal immigrants while the 0administration does nothing. Actually nothing would be more desirable than their de facto efforts to give Arizona to Mexico. If you are going to allow Mexico to run roughshod over Arizona and to value Mexico more than Arizona are you not a traitor to your own people or are brown people the only ones worth caring for.

0bama promised that 0 tax dollars would be used for abortion yet 2 states are already spending your taxes on these same abortions. One might conclude that 0bama 0lied and 0deceived the American people, even to the point of signing a 0presidential 0proclamation that meant n0thing.

Really America. All the news that comes from Washington these days has 0 value for patriots, taxpayers, and local economies. This man 0ffers us n0thing, d0es nothing, and cann0t tell the truth. He is the president with0ut being presidential. 0ne might call him 0golfer (I hear he is a real hacker), 0vacationer, 0leader, and 0thers. I just can’t wait to call him 0’over.

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