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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When Insult becomes Injury.

Obama seeks to Destroy Americas Economy. Takes trip and 3000 people with him at a budget of $200 million per day. He has booked all 570 rooms and 2 other hotels.

This is news. No one is talking about it but this is BIG NEWS. Barack Obama feels that this is somehow appropriate to take a trip with this kind of price tag during this economy. This kind of recklessness is not only misguided it is purely vicious. We knew that the man had no experience when he was elected and to date that has been woefully obvious. In addition, it has become so obvious that Obama disrespects this nation and her people to the point that his removal should from office should be initiated.

While it is true that he has had this trip planned for sometime it is also true that our economy has been in shambles for that entire time regardless of his rants otherwise. Americans are standing up to this man and his evil mission like never in the history of America. Barack has forced us to rise up to his destructive ways. We need also rise up to put an end to his extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous and put him out of the Whitehouse.


  1. 200 million a day is nothing for a man that has blown trillions. The more he does things like this the more he will drive the undecided into the conservative mindset.


    Please check your facts


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