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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dawg Bites You Once; Get A New Dawg

If you listen to the News you can smell the Dawg Sh_t every time Barry takes the Microphone. BHO’s less than humble address regarding an election landslide is no exception. Da man juss talks on and on with commas, every three to four words, timed perfectly, for the teleprompters, on each side of the podium. Each sentence ends with a slightly elevated tone! As if to excite us, rather than, to lull us into a comatose mass. (I love it when people call him a great speaker. It is like saying the baby’s dress is cute because you don’t want to say, "That it is an ugly baby.") Obama is no speaker and will never be a statesman.

Anyway, today the message was about the trouncing yesterday. Come on Dawg! You didn’t have to take responsibility for not explaining stuff good enough for us folks. We just stupid and you is so smart! Of course we get’s some mad when we think you are doing us dirty. Thanks Dawg for breakin’ it down for us today. Now we ain’t mad no mores.

I would just once love to have a public conversation with Barry, with witnesses, where he wasn’t allowed to throw temper tantrums or ramble on. If he ever said anything truly nice about someone you know you’d scratch your head. I wouldn’t let him blame anyone and I would eliminate the words Bush, Republicans, Tea Baggers, Inherited, Other Side of the Aisle, and any whiny words from the conversation. Just once I would love to hear him speak like a responsible adult. But he is Dawg, or Harvard, and sometimes even Reverend, and he is always blaming and condescending. I am thinking that he will be sounding Indian in just a few moments now.

In case you couldn’t tell that was my best East Indian accent. You see Dawg is in his Mumbai digs (over 800 rooms in 2 hotels) with most of his staff, a whole fleet of 34 US Navy ships including Nuclear capability, extra secret service and security forces at a cost of more than $200,000.000.00 per day. Me thinks Dawg didn’t get the message that was sent via the voters. Me thinks Dawg is deaf to the voters. Me thinks also, “Dawg, if it is so dangerous perhaps you shouldn’t go to Mumbai.” Well I guess he needs to have a good time, on our dime, while there's time.

All this adds up to is that if you are expecting something new and refreshing from B. Hussein O.; your hope will need to be on life support. Barry has 40 some years of becoming who he is. When your gut tells you that he is a leftist, socialist, racist: don’t try to reason it out. Listen to your heart. The man was schooled in 2 religions that both believe that Christianity is a tool of the devil. Yes that’s right. One of them even positions itself as a Christian church. People chose not to believe that when he ran for President and now that he is president they refuse take another look. I don’t make this stuff up.

So the next time you have a question for Barry, may I suggest “Wuddup dawg?” ‘cause he sure don’t respond to Dear Mr. President…


  1. As someone with a lot of public speaking experience, I am mystified when he is refereed to as a great speaker. He is reading from a teleprompter! That is not public speaking that is public reading. And, yes, the man, loves commas.

  2. I've done some public speaking, just a few times. Got through it just fine from an outline. When you know what you're talking about, it comes easily.

    Great post Ken. I'll link it for tomorrows link post.

  3. I utterly love this post! Keep up the good work my friend!


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