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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama's Enemy Revealed: The American People

For the longest time now American’s have felt that there was just something “odd” about the way Obama treats our nation. Well, in a recent statement he cleared up his thinking by telling Latinos to “punish their enemies” when speaking of the upcoming elections. Not opposition but enemies. Not the other side but enemies. Not people who see it differently but enemies. Enemies!?! If you have been paying attention to BHO politics you had to notice that there was something about the way he perceives people. While he may lump Americans into many categories he clearly looks at the people as either “friends or ENEMIES”. This could explain much if you think it through.

It explains Barry’s making fun of and belittling the Tea Party protestors. He calls them “Tea Baggers” as it is the most offensive term he can use of them. He states that republicans must “...sit in the back of the bus”. He is forever denigrating his opposition and even apologizes for America. Listen up America! You are an enemy of Obama if you love and respect this nation. It has taken 2 years but he has finally gotten his true feeling out about the great nation and her people. You are either with him; which means to crawl out of your pod and follow him blindly or you are his enemy. While you may have instinctively known that he didn’t care much for you or your way of thinking, did you know that you are his enemy?

It explains how Barry seeks to put us on a destruction course of spreading the wealth at the expense of destroying our economy and even our nation. America and the American way is his ENEMY. While democrats distance themselves Barry does what “Community Organizers” do: he attacks. He has attacked every good and decent thing or person in America. Do you happen to know where Barry will be 2 days after the election? In India. That of itself is not so bad except when you find out that they are taking up all 570 rooms, all the restaurants, and all the meeting rooms of the Mumbai Taj Mahal. He is taking Air Force 1 and Two Jumbo Jets full of folks and filling one hotel and parts of two others. Does he know we are out of cash? I guess a little 10 day vacation will do him good.

Do not misunderstand. I want our president rested and traveling in style. Barry is just not our President. He is president to some nation that resides in his mind and that he is trying to create. We that love America are merely the enemy and the current government is just the vehicle he is using to bring about his “hopeless change”. Do vote next Tuesday and stay prepared. Obama is about to show us what he is really capable of.


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