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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blacks are More Deserving than Whites. Ask Them!

Michelle Obama spoke before the NAACP and so plainly stated that Blacks have it worse than Whites in America. She offered no solutions other than they should “not rest on their laurels…increase our intensity”. This organization which is by definition racist: the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. They are not for the advancement of all people but just colored people. Why is it that racists get to charge others with racism as if they were somehow above it. It was White peoples guilt that allowed such organization to play these major roles in America. Sure we want equality and if this NAACP will help then so be it but that is not what they are about. America wake up! There are:
United Negro College Fund
Black Business Council
Black Entertainment TV
Black Pride Month
Congressional Black Caucus
Black Greek Letter Organizations
Black Muslims
100 Black Men of America
African American Planning Commision
African American Speaker Bureau
National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators and Developers
National Association of Black Accountants
Be Someone Inc.
Blacks In Government
Black Culinarians Alliance
National Association of Market Developers
Black Wall Street Merchants Association
Black Women in Sisterhood for Action
National Black Child Development Institute
National Society of Black Engineers
Jack and Jill of America
National Urban League
Miss Black America
Rainbow Push Coalition
National Action Network

This is by no means an exhaustive look at organizations which only provide service to black people. The list is nearly endless. Some are led by Poverty Pimps and Race Hustlers like the “Reverends” Jesse and Al. They feed off the emotions of their followers leaving them with less money and more hatred for the conditions they find themselves in: trapped and enslaved by the system. Yes. They are enslaved by their own minds not believing that they can be anything but poor. Most of these organizations will foster that belief while they condemn the community and the government for not giving more. And what have they added, these organizations and others like them, what have they done to improve race relations? Yes. I thought so.

Obama was supposed to be our Post-Racial President. Instead he and Michelle have become dividers-in-chief. Yet you have to recognize that with the elections looming in the near future it is time for the haters and baiters to mobilize their base. They have to get them to the voting booths. You know that hate is a strong motivator.

Now here are the folks that Eric Holder’s DOJ let go free from charges of voter fraud. How much “ramping up” do you need?


  1. There is a sense in parts of America that by being born a negro, you are somehow offered a free ride at the expense of everyone else. The actions of DOJ on the Black Panther case where the Civil Rights Division openly declared that they wouldn't be pursuing any case against any black people no matter what they did simply serves to confirm what most of us suspected.

    The president of the united states is a mulatto, we've had members of the cabinet of the last few presidents who were black. The richest woman in America is black (Oprah). Black people are represented on the US Supreme Court and sit as judges across the nation, etc. Isn't it time to get off the "you owe me because I'm black" bandwagon?

  2. I think the new congress needs to push to eliminate affirmative action quotas.

  3. Linked you. Have a great weekend!

  4. The election of obama proves Americans are not racist, well at least not against blacks.

    So in reality there is no longer any need for black organizations, a black man has achieved the nations top office. if you want more than that, then what you really want is superiority, not equality.


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