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Monday, July 5, 2010

Voters Awakened. Scary to Politicians...

Over the weekend the Republican equivalent of Biden said that the Tea Party wouldn’t survive. Yes. Lindsey Graham appears to be doing obama’s work for him and is often taking up his causes these days. Me thinks that Lindsey has no clue about the Tea Party patriots as they are not easy to pigeonhole. Some have said that they are angry white men, white people, and/or rich people. Generally there was a racist slur added to the defamation of the Patriots memberships. While they are primarily white as seen from a distance and while they are angry and while many of them have money, they are largely not racists.

What you can say for sure about the Tea Party people is that they have been politically awakened; many if not most for the first time. It is doubtful that any of these folks ever marched on any place before. For the most part they have never been to a political rally nor have they ever held up anything but a yard-sale sign. What they now are is a committed group of the most powerful Americans: voters. These people don’t just talk about candidates. They have researched them. While it is true that they have no central organization to direct them, they don’t need it. They will do what they believe in their hearts come any given election day. For a partisan politician the Tea Party represents everything they fear: thoughtful, intelligent, empowered, and committed voters who will look at voting records and not political prose. No wonder Lindsey would speak ill of them.

Come election day when these people enter the voting booth only they will make their decisions. Not being controlled by Washington handouts or special interests they are free to create “dimpled chads” for whomever they see fit. You can’t call them republican nor democrat even though they may be registered as such because they are voting their conscience. Such people are likely to “throw their votes away” on such dark horses as Rand Paul or John Wayne Tucker. In their foolishness they are giving America candidates who will truly break the status quo in Washington.

Nearly two years ago obama set America on a course for Change but I am thinking that he may see change that he never knew was possible. He wanted socialism and woke the spirit of Freedom that had fallen asleep. He spoke of change and we came to understand how evil his kind of change could be. Now the people are wanting change for sure: to change back to the way we were before we lost control to Washington. obama was said to be the end of racial tensions and now he has created all the more division between the races and awakened America to the true nature of the problem.

Lindsey. You have often shown us who you are and what you are made of. Your boyish look and gentle voice are fooling no one. You only need declare your alignment with obama. It is and has been clear to the many and now to even the few. Know this. It is not the lack of unity that weakens the Tea Party Patriots. That is where their very strength lies. They are free to speak, act, worship, and vote according to their conscience. They answer to no party. Scary: isn’t it?

Ps Regarding the lower case "Os" on obama: no respect intended.

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  1. That's the point about why the left cannot get a grasp on the Tea Parties. They flail around blindly with attacking them broadly as racists and whatnot, but they cannot understand them. For the left, everything is centrally controlled and structured. Goons are paid, shirts and signs are printed, marching orders are given, and talking points are written.

    Then, they encounter the Tea Parties. There is no power structure to attack. No leaders to smear. No funding stream to point out or disrupt. All of their modes of attack are meaningless, as they are used to attacking a structured entity. The Tea Parties are anathema to the left. They look at it through the prism of their own activities, and it simply does not compute to them.

    That's why the left will lose. We understand them, and they don't understand us.


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