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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Obama: Caught Using the “N” Word?

Probably! He definitely uses the “T” word and he says it in the same way some bigots might use the “N” word. He loves to use “Tea Bagger”. To most in the liberal press, the administration, and the Congress the “T” word means “Bigoted White People”.

Let’s look at the “N” word for a moment. The “N” word evolved from various origins and generally means black in all of its variations. So offensive is the “N” word that English speakers feel uncomfortable learning Portuguese, Spanish, French, Swedish, German and Latin for a form of Negro appears in all these languages. Sensitive people are reluctant to say these words. Café Negro is black coffee. It is hard to say that at first if you are sensitive to others. After a time you learn that you it is perfect and proper to speak another’s language correctly.

Now back to the “T” word. This word has no origins and so the rules dictated that the meaning comes from its common usage. That’s how ain’t got into the dictionary and that is how the “T” word will enter the lexicon. Whenever you hear this word roll off of the tongues of pundits, press, and politicians you will generally hear is spoken with a tone of disapproval. The term “Tea Bagger” is used in prisons of a vile act of Sodomy, often done under duress. Nearly all of the uses of the “T” word have an implied “Rich White People” usage. Often it is stated exactly that way. So this word has a vile sexual and a blatant racial slur associated with it. You would think that a Black president who undoubtedly experienced racial prejudice would be more sensitive to members of the “Tea Party” when referring to them. So much for thinking!

Thinking can lead you many places and I am now thinking how Black people will often call themselves by the “N” word. I have often heard one black say to another, “You are my “N””. It still shocks me and I think it is wrong. Words have lives and the more life you breathe into a word the longer and more powerfully it lives. As such, Tea Party members and those whom refer to them should immediately cease from calling them the “T” word.

So I say to members of the press, to the politicians, to the pundits and to all who read this: Stop the Insensitivity to Tea Party members. Calling them the “T” word shows your lack of kindliness and facility with the English language. May I suggest you call them Americans or protestors or neighbors? It is a sad state of affairs when those at the top, those in power, and those responsible for words have such a high disregard for their usage. Shame on you and you know who you are.

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