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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Obama Plan is Working: Frustrate and Enrage

On the 4th of August, 2009 I wrote that it was the policy of the Obama Administration to “Discredit, Divide, and Attack Americans Personally”. I said that Obama hoped Americans would ratchet up their efforts. They are doing just that. Some town halls are being held with rules designed to silence the voices of ordinary Americans and they are becoming angry. Arrests are being made and citizens are being locked out of public meetings. This is the goal of Obama. Remember, Obama is a community organizer. He is not skilled in governing. His background is breaking the will of people. Here is a headline from today.

White House Vows to Defend Democrats on Health Reform, Will 'Punch Back Twice as Hard'
WASHINGTON -- Top White House officials counseled Democratic senators Thursday on coping with disruptions at public events on health care this summer, officials said, and promised the party and allies would respond with twice the force if any individual lawmaker is criticized in television advertising.

These officials also told skittish senators that fresh polling suggests an emphasis on issues such as barring insurers from denying coverage on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions is a political winner, able to increase support among independents, women, seniors and rural voters.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not authorized to discuss details of the closed-door session that took place hours before lawmakers headed to their home states for a month long vacation.

Do not be deceived. These things are all part of Obama’s plan. Have you seen or heard of one effort by his administration to reconcile with anyone that disagrees with him? Obama does not negotiate; He tramples. No dissenting voices are considered legitimate. If you don’t agree, you must be part of the unruly mobs.
According to Obama’s Community Organizing philosophy, he is willing “to watch society descend into utter chaos and anarchy.“

In order for Conservative America to have any chance to triumph over this dictator we must change our strategy. We must outwit them and use their own Trojan horses filled with “kool-aid free” conservatives. WE CANNOT SHOUT them down from outside. We must overwhelm them from inside. We have to get into the meetings first. There we stand a chance to reason with our representatives. From without, we will lose.

Check out these dangerous Missouri protesters.

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