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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Obama a Racist: Me Thinks So!

Many of you are aware of the “” and their efforts to silence Glenn Beck by pressuring his advertisers. These are the actions of a racist group to Becks statement that Obama is a racist. It is true that it is unusual to hear a White person calling someone a racist. Our society has become conditioned to hear that kind of “racist” declarations from a black person or other minority. For many in white society it is such a powerful word that it can stop us dead in our tracks. It is like Green Kryptonite to Superman. Just the mere presence of this charge, “you racist” or “if I wasn’t ____” you wouldn’t treat me that way, is enough to sap our strength. It seems indefensible. After all, how can you prove you are not a racist?

Ok. First of all you don’t have to prove ideology. This is a strategy to sidetrack you from the subject at hand. You are involved in a given action and the charge “racist” is issued and immediately you want to seek a defensive posture. No No No. The person with the charge has the burden to prove it. In fact, more often than not, the “racist charge” is used only to disarm you, and very often by a “racist” person. Wake up. People of every color can be racist: not just White People.

If you take a close look of many in the Obama administration you will see that he has appointed and/or been associated with some of the most racist, white-hating people of the century. Obama’s 20 year membership in a Black Liberation Theology church is a powerful indicator of his beliefs. A primary founder of Black Liberation Theology, James Cone, states, “We must not expect white people to give us freedom. Freedom is not a gift, but a responsibility, and thus must be taken against the will of those who hold us in bondage.” It is not a greatly different belief than those held by the Black Panthers.

This subject may in fact make you uncomfortable. Good. As a white person I continue to be amazed by the amount of hatred there is against White Peoples. And while it is impossible to estimate the percentage of blacks who are racist we can know some things. Of all blacks who voted 97% voted for Obama. As of last month, “Ninety-six percent of African-Americans approve of how Obama is handling his presidency, according to a CNN/Essence Magazine/Opinion Research Corp. poll released Thursday.” In that same poll only 46 percent of White people approved of his performance. The numbers speak volumes. Considering the margin of error, Blacks think Obama is doing a good job. Whites on the other hand are falling away in great numbers. Why is that?

It has been said that Whites will never understand the Black Experience. Clearly we don’t. Whites thought the election of a president was about a new President. It was an election thing and not a Race thing. I am not thinking that the Blacks see it that way.

These things said, let me encourage everyone to consider. Racism in any form is evil, whether it be Whites against Blacks or any combination of those or any races. Therefore, any political group who hopes to advance one race above another would also be racist, thereby unacceptable. Kindly consider this. Speak the truth in peace but speak it. Don’t be a hater but don’t let the haters go unchallenged. Don’t be a racist but stand against the charge of racism with courage. Do not enable wrong by refusing to right it. Speak up peaceably but with conviction.


  1. I have to agree 100%. The charge of racism, or any other slights, have two purposes. One is that it discredits the messenger. Theu, what the messenger presents can be dismissed and not examined. Second, as you suggested, it takes the debate off the facts and onto an individual, or group. It's a great way to engage in "debate" without actually debating anything!

  2. President Obama is as much white as he is black. Saying that he's none to fond of his white roots is merely to state the facts not only as they may be observed by a dispassionate outsider, but as he paints them in his book.

    It's easy to level the charge of racist at Beck.

    Color-of-change is race-baiting as is all too often the case when a black liberal group is formed. It is a cheap means of legitimacy for them.

    Good article.

  3. I believe the black against white racism has always been there. They just feel it is ok for them to say it out loud now that the president did in the Crowley incident. I guess my perspective is strange now that I consider myself an Albino Hispanic! Thats my story and I am sticking to it.


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