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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama. The messiah performs yet another miracle.

Well, even with the re-funding of Cash-for-Clunkers, the dealers are still not getting paid. Some are waiting on millions of dollars owed to them and getting nervous. Yep. I know the feeling. Obama has spent billions and even trillions of dollars that we don’t have. I would be very nervous. In fact I am.

The government doesn’t currently owe me anything nor I them. With the sweep of a pen that could all change. There is nothing that Obama would like better that to get all of America dependent upon his social programs. Then he too could govern the way of his heroes, Chavez, Ahmadinejad, or Saudi King Abdullah. Some might think me wacky. Some thought Obama was a really nice speaker and had the interests of America at heart. It is a good thing we can think what we want.

So back on the cash for clunkers deal car dealers who weren’t eliminated by restructuring of GM or Chrysler may soon be in dire financial straits. Oh wait. It wasn’t GMs or Chryslers that were the big sellers. It was Toyota and Honda. I wonder if that was an accident? See how well this is working for the used car business.

Okay. Here is the scenario. You don’t want a new GM or Chrysler. That is why they are going broke is because no one wants one. But, the government says “Let me give you some money to buy a new, fuel-efficient automobile.” Are you going to buy what you didn’t want before or are you going to buy some nice new high mileage Toyota Corolla? Hum? Well. The Corolla has outsold all of the others. Perhaps that is why Dave Wilson of Orange County, CA is panicked. As of today he had been paid for 3 of 92 deals that he has submitted to Washington for payment. Can you say “What have I done?”

My readers know that I am cynical and tend to be sarcastic as well. Is there any chance that Obama decided to help out the GM and Chrysler by further weeding out the competition? I wonder. At the very least, I’d say that there are some car dealers beginning to wonder about how well the government can manage anything. Sound familiar?

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  1. Great observation,
    I hadnt thought that they could withhold payments and bankrupt competing dealers. Nothing would surprise me anymore


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