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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All men are created equal... Some are just more equal than others!

“All men are created equal…” is arguably the best known phrase of any of America’s political documents. Thomas Jefferson was using it to refute the philosophy of the day: “The Divine Right of Kings”. Essentially, the Monarch answered to no man but to God alone: not that very different than the attitude of our current president Barack Hussein Obama. That may have come across as comical but I am quite serious. Have you seen Mr. Obama yield to anyone on anything? It is not within him.

Things were not always this way and there was a time when those in political power did listen to the people. Now, they have fashioned for themselves positions with lifelong salaries and the best of everything. Nancy Pelosi has a jet at the taxpayers’ expense while Charles Rangel only has an $800 a month Cadillac. So even within the Elites there are levels of Elite or should I say “more equal”.

Now it is interesting that I pull these two names. These are two of the most liberal legislators in Washington and they propose socialistic programs for us. For themselves, they have no desire to be equal with us. One of them is currently under investigation for improprieties and the other seems to be a habitual liar. Actually they both may be habitual liars.

In any case, Thomas Jefferson had a different idea in mind when he penned the Declaration of Independence and stated that “All men are created equal”. He meant that we had the same worth and value as human beings and that we all had voices to be heard. He never meant to say that we would all have the same things or earn the same wages. I am the one who ran off on that tangent. Thomas Jefferson did mean for the Congress to be responsive to us and was very instrumental in seeing to it in the Constitution.

The Constitution is all about the balance of power or even the limits of power. This current administration is all about the increase of Government and thereby its power. Mr. Obama favors ignoring the people altogether except when it suits his purpose. I guess that is because he is the “most equal”.


  1. "ALL PIGS ARE EQUAL, but some are more equal than others" - Animal Farm

  2. Well, I guess that means I need to be equal on my talents, not my gender or color. I am a wise teal woman and I want to be equal, too. Great post , Ken, I just have way to much coffee in me to make sense.


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