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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Current Politics Suck

Trying to figure out today’s Washington politics is like walking in suck mud and is about as exhausting. Every attempt to free yourself and your spirit sucks you in deeper and all the while Washingtonians keep the water running creating more mud. Obama spends more and says he is cutting back. He says jobs are important and does nothing to promote them. The deficit is “of utmost importance” as he prods his party to increase it another 1.9 trillion dollars. He says bi-partisan politics is a must as he huddles his DEMs into a closet to meet and denies to requests of the Republicans.

In O’s first State of the Union address he spent his time blaming, making excuses, and making campaign-like promises. The man is clueless when it comes to the truth or the American people. I truly think he is delusional enough to believe that he is some sort of messianic figure. For whom or what I haven’t a clue. He cloaked his Healthcare agenda most of the way through the speech but went back to work on it Friday. He has sold America to Special Interests, the Unions, and progressives for thirty-pieces of silver. His arrogance and elitism are unmatched and these are the nice things I have to say about him.

Trying to figure out what to blog about has pulled my editorial shoes off in mud up to my waist. So much has happened and there is clear evidence that Americans are awakening from their “a little socialism won’t hurt” comas. Conservatives are winning some elections and hope is on the horizon. Then again, Obama is cranking up the political machine. Focus groups and leftist loons are organizing in critical voting states for November’s election. Republicans have still not found their message and the tea party is poised to make a difference. I hope we don’t find ourselves shooting at the enemy while formed into a circle. Be not deceived. This man will present a formidable front and raise millions if not a billion or more to keep the DEMS in power.

So I guess all of this is to say that when you think we have made some progress toward recovering our Republic, don’t relax. You are standing is suck mud and if we don’t help each other out we have only one way to go: under.


  1. Ken, sorry it took so long, but don't let this get you stuck. The game has changed, so the Dem's tactics have been adjusted. It's the same end goal, just a slightly different presentation. More manipulation and triangulation. The Republicans will have to do a very good job a presenting their side.

  2. Charles krauthammer couldnt have said it better. Great analogy.


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