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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Liberals: Can You Feel Your Butts Puckering?

You know that feeling you get when the flash goes off at a photo enforced stoplight? You know, that internal twisting when your butt puckers and you can feel the “oh oh” up into your stomach. Lots of Americans had that feeling when Obama got elected. Now the Obama faithful and democrats all over the country are getting that very feeling as they begin to experience reality and awaken from their comas. It is kind of a “now what have we done feeling” that wasn’t there yesterday. Yep it is 2010 and midterm elections are just around the corner only 11 little months away.

Already Dems are scurrying for the doors and dropping from elections they know they can’t win. Yes sir. Pay back is a bitch and there isn’t any worse bitch than an American voter who has been scorned and sluffed off like yesterdays garbage. Sure enough, by the time November comes along it is hard to tell how many of us fed-up, long ignored, no returned phone calls, don’t matter voters will be at the polls. I’d say that if you treated us poorly last year, get ready for yours.

I would like to take a few moments to thank the Liberals, the Dem Socialists, and the Maoists for waking the sleeping dragon: Conservatism. We needed your schemes and plotting to help us to see what ruthless opponents you are and how devious are your methods. You did what we couldn’t or didn’t do for ourselves: unite us. I suspect that there will be many raised up from among us who will be sitting there in Washington next to you in just about a year; that is those of you who manage to survive. Then we will have enough of us in government to undo your deeds and expose you for who you are. That really ought to make your butt pucker. Some of you will even be tried for your deeds. Can you say “I violated the oath of my office”?

But then there is also good news for you Libs. You will have plenty of time to think about your deeds; almost as much time as the millions of Americans without jobs. You will have time to think about your backroom bartering and taking of special interest groups’ money. You can think about Washington parties and treating conservatives badly and slandering those who would stand for what is right and good. Did you take a bribe for your vote? Oops again! Did you ignore and make fun of those at the tea parties? Shame, shame! And you mouthed off to attendees of your town halls… Bummer!

In closing let me leave you with one piece of advice: don’t include Socialist on your resume!


  1. Wow Ken, that is the most strongly worded post I think you've ever done. I agree with ytour assessment. There are people on the left that beleive their own rhetoric...that we're just a bunch of ignorant rednecks. Many do know, and they are in a panic.


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