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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Head of State or Head of Snake?

Today they say will be one of the most historic days in America. I suppose that is true. There have been many historic days, most of which went unnoticed. Most of us mark historic days by points in time that others see as historic as well: Pearl Harbor, JFK’s assassination, Obama’s election, etc. Today is an historic day not so much for the vote that will take place this afternoon but for the “Fundamental Change” that Americans NOW see in their country. Whether Obama Care passes or fails we still have the same issues in place after the vote as before it.

Let me share this line of thought with you. Is it Obama that matters so much or is it his huge power brokers that funded the most expensive election in history. Is he the problem or is it the way the rats in congress follow this “pied piper” to their apparent demise. Did Obama cause the media to ignore the truth in favor of a lie or did he merely exploit it. Did his associations with Communists, Anarchists, Race and hate mongers, anti-Semitics, and all sorts of evil doers go unannounced or did the American people choose to ignore them.

You have to ask yourself why America trusted in a candidate with “NO” experience and this seedy, sketchy past. Surely there are many factors and most of them historic yet passing unannounced. Even now government is planning to pass a bill that everyone knows is not “the bill” but is the one America “can” swallow for now. In time they will pass whatever they wish. In truth they are doing that now. Has any nation ever fallen without events leading up to its fall? Surely not. Moreover, I suspect that there were many who cried out of the dangers. I also know that many would prefer to believe a lie rather that to hear the truth.

For months now thousands and thousands have been crying out that it is time to save our Republic. I have been in that number and I now recognize that today’s corruption is the result of years of apathy and indifference. I myself am guilty of too much tolerance and ignorance. Today I see what my inaction is costing me and I fear the price will be paid by my children and grandchildren. They have always looked to their dad and grandpa to have the answers and to do the right thing.

Surely we are all culpable; those who deceived us and those now feeling betrayed. So the question becomes what are we now prepared to do? We must make every legal effort at our disposal to remove Congress, Obama, and those in high office who do not love this Republic. If you want a communist utopia, find one and move there. If you want a hand out, put a shovel in it and do something. If you see your neighbor in need, help them up. If you see your government in corruption, help them “OUT”. Accept nothing as the truth that you do not know to be the truth; not my words or anyone else’s. Take personal responsibility for yourself. Be faithful to yourself, your family, and your community. Lastly remember that small things grow into great things whether desirable or abhorred.

This has been an announcement from the Emergency Blog Alert System. If you do not know that there is an emergency, you are part of the problem.

NOTE: I published today’s blog because before this vote because I believe after the vote their will be elation or sadness. This vote is not the problem. The problem is systemic. A huge dose of moral and ethical penicillin from the people can end this Washington infection. Nothing less will do.


  1. That's good Ken.

    "This has been an announcement from the Emergency Blog Alert System. If you do not know that there is an emergency, you are part of the problem."

    So true, sad, but true.

  2. Thank you for having the courage to state the obvious that others ignore. Our country is under racial attack by the first affirmative action president.


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