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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

“Please. Do go on!”

Today I received a wonderful invitation from my Congressman, Russ Carnahan. He wants me to attend a “telephone town-hall”. Hah! Get outta here. What the hell is a “telephone town-hall”? The best I can tell it is just another way to keep me as a nameless no count, some kind of virtual meeting where I “virtually” don’t matter. Sure Russ. I would love to sit on hold while you talk down to me yet again of your freakish liberal agenda.

The last time this jerk was in town Kenneth Gladney got mugged by SEIU members outside Russ’s town hall. He filled the meeting with invitees from SEIU and ACORN and then locked and guarded the doors to his real constituents. Like most politicians these days they think they are astute and we are the ignorant masses. Well, this ignorant mass is listened out. “But do go on!”

I am even bored of the constant appeals for money from all of these newly formed groups claiming to represent me. For one price they will mail my “Priority” letter or hand deliver it to my congressman’s office. Duh! All my communications to my government are treated with equal indifference. Still many Americans fear that we will lose a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. I propose that that has already happened. The question is not whether we have lost it but rather how to get it back. With a President like Obama and a Congress of like minded elitists we can assume nothing but the worst.

To my recollection neither he nor his congress has represented “We the People” since taking office. Is that taxation without representation? Anyway, I think it is totally possible for Americans to retake their government. In my thinking we must no longer trust their words but must hold them accountable for their actions and not in a beholding way. We need to become “Soup Nazis” for government change. “You vote for O’bully-Care no reelection for you. Get out. Don’t come back.” (said in my best soup nazi accent) Perhaps that is language they can understand.

But be prepared for the long haul. Barack O’Bully and his gangster goons know how to wait us out. They have prepared their whole lives to seize the power they now behold and they will not go gently. As for me I'm for a one-term, biggest loser, shamefully remembered Barack Hussein Obama. He came seeking to destroy the American way and tasted the bile of an indignant people. May his legacy be that of the Sh.. he stirred.

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  1. Great post Ken, I think you're capturing a lot of the frustration that many of us are feeling.


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