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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Obama: Man, Myth, or Friggin Lunatic?

Health Care is only Sleight of Hand allowing Government Takeover. To hear people discuss it you would swear that the government is concerned about human life. Get out of here. Our government could end thousands of deaths each day by eliminating tobacco sales. Now that would be controversial. Instead they tax it heavily for a nice little profit and ignore the dirty secret that they could care less about: American lives or should I say American deaths. What government cares about is more government. Governments like the ones our president wants to be like have killed millions of people.

The Washington Bunch is like a fish swimming in a cesspool. No matter which one you pick out they are bound to stink to high heaven. Who eats fish from a cesspool? No one, but we swallow the crap they stir up and scoop out of the cesspool.

One of the things I love about people is their ability to hope. Americans are hopeful people. Most Americans have ancestors who hoped for a better life here. All of us have is better than most of the world and probably better than any of our ancestors. Why all of a sudden do we need someone who knows nothing of life in America to want to “Fundamentally Change” it? Maybe you went to Harvard on someone else’s dime but not me. I worked for what I got and that included my education. I don’t have healthcare now and I don’t want it if it comes with a Socialist price tag.

Sure, young Americans and some classes of our society have been educated into a sense of entitlement. As a kid I thought the idea of Santa was good too. Sooner or later you have to grow up and accept responsibility for your own selves. Baby birds don’t always want to leap out in faith and sometimes the parents have to push them. It is often the same with human children. Parents find that it can be tough to wean them. Actually it is harder for the parent to stop giving than it is for the kids to make their own way.

Now you can compare Obama to countless despicable politicians. I don’t compare him to anything. He is unlike anything I have experienced in my 60 years. He is a president but not the people’s president. He got the job but a leader without followers is merely a guy out walking. His intentions are clear yet people act awestruck by his actions. To say that he lies is to say Mt. Everest is kind of tall. To trust him with anything is beyond all reason. He has to go. Impeachment? Succession from the Union? Elections? Whatever? If you woke up the day before the attacks on Pearl Harbor knowing what was going to happen would you sit on your thumbs or do something. Shout it out. Obama has to go. Oh yes do take Nancy and Harry with you.

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