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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Afraid to Say...

The other day I was speaking with a woman who stated that she and her husband were gravely concerned about the future of America. Even more telling was that she described going to hear Laura Ingram speak and fearing that damage might be done to their car or worse. Her fear describes all too well the feeling many Americans have. Who would have ever thought that our nation would have become a place where your freedom to speak would become overshadowed by your fear of retaliation?

Truthfully, I have wondered if my blogging might not get me extra scrutiny from the IRS or some other government Agency. I know how many visit my blog and so for now I think I am just another unknown. Do not misunderstand me. If you are going to speak out against this government I think there is a certain amount of risk that goes with it. How much is hard to tell and probably has much to do with how you speak out and to whom. Doesn’t the very thought of this just give you the creeps. America has become a Gestapo State and her people feel under siege.

While I do feel that efforts are being made to eliminate our freedom of speech or at least our “freedom to speak”, I am not yet thinking that the masses are in any real danger for having dissenting opinions. Yet that day will come. Think about it. We never thought that the things that happen now could have ever happened and yet they do. In a nation where our president feels comfortable to lord over the people, will he not also feel equally comfortable to sentence them to some punishment at his whim? When a congress has become so dysfunctional as to go against the will of the people, will they not also turn on those same people and demand allegiance? Most assuredly they will. Our president and our congress have both reached the point where they no longer are bound by the Constitution and they know it.

If our government were still beholding to the Constitution, they would not be able to pass laws requiring every citizen to buy anything, let alone their product: insurance. Even if insurance is a good thing, to require every American to buy anything is against our Constitution. The Constitution could be amended to provide for such a law but that would take a two-thirds majority in both houses. This administration can’t get that many votes for their agenda but neither do they need it. Why bother with Amending the Constitution when you can just ignore it? This administration has shown that they can do as they wish and we are powerless to stop them.

Now let me make a simple distinction of what Obama intends and what he Promises. Obama has made dozens of campaign promises and has yet to make good on the first of them. However, when Obama says he will do something, he does. He will not be stopped. Whether it requires hiring, firings, threats or bribes he will see it through. He said he will see Healthcare Reform and he will have it. Obama is sailing on a sea of congressional corruption in a ship named “Devious”. He has prepared his whole life to “fundamentally change” America and is within grasp of it and he has done this before our eyes. He knows we will do little, particularly if we are too afraid to speak up.


  1. "Obama is sailing on a sea of congressional corruption in a ship named “Devious”."

    Love it!

  2. Thanks! I liked that sentence myself.


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