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Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Mr. President...

In life we all experience some things that are just so wrong. Wrong in the way it is to torture puppies or to beat a homeless person. To encounter such things is a call to action. Americans we have such an opportunity this Christmas. We can inundate the White House with telegrams. Tell Mr. Obama how wrong it is to inflict upon New York this sham of a trial glorifying the terrorists and condemning America. This decision is not only wrong, it is wrong in the worst way: it is evil.

Mr. Obama, you have said that you have left this to Attorney General Holder. We don’t believe you nor do we care. What we care about is America and our American brothers and sisters. We care about those who suffered so much at the hands of these soulless zealots who took from us what could have only been taken by force: security. Our nation has been violated with the attacks of 9-11. Despots, bent on hatred, declared war on America. They stole the joy of sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. Nearly a decade has past and America still mourns the dead and dying.

Mr. Obama this decision to return these evil doers to New York and provide them with the rights and privileges of citizens is beyond all understanding. I have tried in every way I can to allow room in my heart for this decision but there is no quarter there. It is simply wrong. Mr. Obama can you care so little about this country that you will elevate these cheap terrorist thugs to the largest stage in the world? Are you so heartless that you cannot feel the pain of your people? Are we your people? Your mouth says yes but your actions say otherwise.

Surely you can go ahead with this. Who can stop you? You have shown us you will listen to no one. Perhaps you will listen to all of us. Perhaps you will see that to lead a people is to have them follow you. Look behind you now. Who is there? Who will be there tomorrow and after you continue to demean and demoralize America while edifying these hate maddened terrorists? Show America you care. Rescind this decision. Where is the Hope?

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