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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Being An American...

According to the latest estimates, Caucasians will be a minority in America sometime around 2040. Sounds like a long time off but the years between 2000 and 2010 passed like a blink of the eye. It is not that I mind being a racial minority. I guess I knew that someone is always on the lesser side. I have come to ponder that the very thing that made America great may now be the thing that irreversibly changes us. The world gave us her poor, tired and hungry and they now want America to be more like where they came from.

My first awareness to this phenomenon was when we lived in California. Among the many things that you can say about California is that it is a very diverse place with peoples from all over the world. I seem to remember that the voting ballots in California were printed in 27 languages the year that I left there. It seemed odd to me that English was no longer a requirement for voting. Not that I want to deprive anyone but we have just become so accommodating that we had lost something that unified us.

I tend to think that people are united or divided along socio economic, cultural, religious and language lines more than along racial ones. Some racial groups tend to try and maintain the purity of their races as well as some religions. I can remember when a non-Catholic would have to convert to marry a Catholic. Gentiles almost never marry Jews but interracial marriages are so common that no one thinks anything of them.

One hundred years ago there were less immigrants and those that came were seeking this America that was known around the world. We accepted people who accepted us. If you wanted to become an American we wanted you regardless of where you come from. Today we still accept you, even if your commitment is to only living here and not being one of us. So many of you wish to keep your culture, your language, and your race pure by isolating yourselves here. You live in America but you are not American. You haven’t been taught nor do you have the love for what made us special. Our Constitution is not sacred to you and you know nothing of how we got here. All you know is that we opened our doors and you came in.

I don’t blame you. It is we that allowed, even made this to happen. We continued to lower the standards of our educational system until we no longer lead the world but lag far behind. We found your countries could make our products cheaper and so we gave up our jobs in favor of profits. We make so little here anymore but we buy everything and our very economy is based upon us continuing to buy what we do not make with money that is printed but has little value. It was we that chose to believe lies rather than to stand for the truth. We have tolerated abuses when times were good because it was easy. Surely, we set ourselves up for this but we did not see it coming. We were too busy enjoying the good times.

To all of America I say that the answer lies in our past. The ideas of this modern age is not what will make America great again but rather the old ideas. Those who came here to enjoy Americas bounty must now learn where that came from. Those of us who know must return to those values. Those who would have us go the way of the rest of the world should leave here and return to that world. It is our Constitution that made us all free. It was that same Constitution that made everyone come here seeking liberty. And, it is that Constitution that can return us to greatness. It is not our differences that are dividing us it is our lack of a common belief. No other nation has survived, even excelled like the United States of America. It is our Constitution that made that possible and it is our Constitution that will restore us.

So what lies before us is the continued greatness of America as a Nation. Any other choice is unacceptable. Will you be an American or merely a resident alien? You don’t have to be from someplace else to be un-American.


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  2. Well said, and unfortunately all too true.

    It seems that in so many ways, America has been so busy
    giving the man the proverbial "fish", that we've neglected to teach
    him "how to fish", not to mention how hard we as a country fought
    to keep our "Pond" clean and full of "fish".

    To me, America is viewed as a lifeboat to many drowning men and
    women in other countries. While we should save and help everyone
    that we can, we must make sure we don't sink the boat by trying
    to save too many.

  3. Excellent!!!!!!! A blogosphere masterpiece

  4. I haven't seen it summed up better than this post. Bravo!

  5. side note: did you realize that your blog up is shows a hustler magazine add?

  6. 'It is our lack of common belief' that is diving us. That one line says it all!

  7. Thanks Dominique,
    I got rid of it. Wow.

    Thanks to everyone for your words. They are hope in print, bold type, with brackets.


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