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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Is it Loony in here or is it just ME?

In these modern times political conspiracy theories abound. In the absence of facts it seems completely human to speculate and given small amounts of info can cause those speculations to become quite extreme. We are, however, not without information when it comes to the political climate in Washington. We have seen how Obama operates and whom he befriends. Based upon that data alone it was possible to predict how he would govern once elected president. Given a cursory understanding of congress and most anyone could foretell Congress’ actions.

So, at this point it is fair to ask the reader: Who here is surprised by what Obama and the Congress are doing? Only if you should leave a comment will I or the rest of the readers of this blog know your abilities at prognostication. I betting you did well.

The more difficult question is what to do about it. What actions should the average citizen take? I followed the norms and wrote and called everyone from here to Washington at least twice. If my results were like yours I was ignored, talked down to, or otherwise treated with disdain. Even sign toting on the steps of the Congress made little if any difference. And, while all of the polls show that Americans are against Healthcare Reform as it now is, Obama and his drones are steaming full speed ahead to deny American’s their right of representation.

For months Obama administration stated he would not be attending Copenhagen for the Climate talks. Once again, who here believed that? I thought so. In days he will go and indicate his willingness to dole out millions to poor nations because America has grossly destroyed the environment and we should pay. Picking up his Peace Prize will be justified as he will be there for government business. This is predictable yet shocking given the questions on the science that is pushing this effort. Why does everything have to be done NOW? I am sure you already have the answer.

Ok so let me get back to predicting or even better finding out your prophesies. I’ll bet you are going to say something about the 2010 and 2012 elections. Do you think your vote will make the needed difference? Yes? No? I’m not at all sure. People I talk to speak of things I never dreamed I’d hear: states seceding from the union, collapse of the dollar, America becoming a second world nation, one world government, and more. I call these WCS (worst case scenarios). Sadly I expect some of these will happen and none of them sound acceptable to me. Of course even thinking these things make me feel loony.

Will all the Loons please stand up.

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