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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Es Obama estúpido? (Updated)

We knew when he was elected that he was inexperienced but what we’ve found out since would fill volumes. In the latest round of the Administration’s wisdom, the Administration is removing 384 Border Patrol agents from the US – Mexico border. This comes at a time when drug violence has escalated exponentially. They plan to reassign the agents to the Canadian border. I have an idea. Finish the friggin’ wall and hire some more agents in the meantime. There are plenty of good applicants for these “shovel ready” jobs.

Secondly, Mr. Obama believes that he finally has Iran in a corner. He believes that he can talk them into giving up their Nuclear Weapons program. Who is this guy? The only one nuttier than Ahmadinejad is anyone who believes’ that they can negotiate with this loon. Okay. So Iran has been lying to and stalling off the world for years on the nuclear question. This week they reveal to the UN that they have another Nuclear Enrichment plant hidden underground on a military base. France and England hammer Iran in statements to the UN. Yes that is correct. France's President Nicolas Sarkozy laid down the law to Iran as did the UK's Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Obama makes a statement about equal to the threat of a child’s “time-out” and demands Iran must have a "serious, meaningful dialogue". Sure Obama. They will talk, and talk, and talk, and build the bomb, and sell enriched uranium, and talk. Obama; your speeches to them have the same effect as the ones you make to us: Yawn!

Lastly, Mr. Obama got everyone at the G20 to agree to reform the world economy, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, clean up the air, and use less disposable diapers. Ok. The diapers part wasn’t discussed. Anyway, everyone agreed to agree to something that has no teeth and cannot be enforced.

Regardless of your take on Global Warming nothing Obama got the G20 to agree to will matter. Surely he will tout it as serious progress as will the Pravda faux news agencies ABC, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC. In the meantime the longer this guy is in office the less secure we become unless of course he TALKS THE BAD GUYS TO DEATH.

And can anyone explain what this is all about???

9/27/2009 10:00 a.m. CST. UPDATES. Notice at the end of this video from Pittsburg's WTAE Channel 4 they report this person is David Chapinka (Spelling???). He is suspected of property damage among other things.

Also, Iran fired off 2 shortrange missles in defiance of the UN's condemnation of Iran's nuclear ambitions. They plan to fire off a long range missle tomorrow that is capable of reaching Israel and US military bases. So much for contrition.

Lastly, in response to General McCrystals request for more troop for Afghanistan the Administration has decided to postpone a decision for a couple of weeks while they rethink their strategy.


  1. The first item - removal of over 300 US Border Patrol Agents from the Mexican Border has to be the most absurd thing Dear Leader has done when you consider the situation in Mexico en total. And putting that at the top of the list is quite something when (as you point out) there is a long and impressive list of other bonehead moves he's pulled.

  2. LL,
    I can't imagine what he will do next but I sure do dread it...


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