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Friday, September 11, 2009

Obama Speaks, ACORN Listens. Will You?

Ok so I didn’t guess perfectly about what Obama would say on his last HealthCare Reform Speech. Like anything you win some and you lose some, unless you are a self-absorbed elitist; right, Mr. Obama. The bottom line is that nothing has changed and that regardless of what the American people want, Obama knows best. He is determined to push through HealthCare Reform. His thugs in Congress echo those threats.

Every day I speak with people about this Administration. Generally they ask, “How can this be? How can all of these things happen? You never see anything on the news.” My reply sounds of equal lunacy to the things that I have told them. Surely it is hard to believe that a socialist, racist, Muslim empathizer has become president. Say that out loud and see how odd it sounds. Yet that is the condition we find ourselves in.

Obama has ties to the most corrupt and divisive groups in America. In the last 48 hours ACORN employees have been twice caught on tape advising undercover reporters on how they might receive Federal funds to operate a prostitution ring with illegal immigrants and minors. It is terrible to think we have Americans who would advise such things and then to see the billions this group expects to receive from Obama’s Administration. So typical for Obama, he has remained silent on ACORN as he did on Van Jones and as he has only anyone or thing that can derail his agenda.

America, hear me on this. I have suspicions but no proof of how Obama is pulling off these things. Truthfully I don’t need proof. If you see the results I describe to you then you must heed the warning. This man will stop at nothing short of remaking our nation. Hear his words of 2007. His words, not mine.


  1. A sober reminder of Dear Leader's intentions.

  2. That seems to be one the few things about the POTUS that are truly "transparent."


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