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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Peachy Peachy Another Speechy

Well it appears that we will have another Obama speech tomorrow. I really think the man should have chosen another line of work, maybe like a Reality TV Dictator show. It just seems that he thinks he can govern in front of the camera. Today he talked with Kindergarten through sixth grade. Tomorrow he talks to the adults. His speech is on his plans for healthcare. Oh what fun.

In order to save you some time I can give you the main points of the speech now.
1. We must do Health Care Reform now; today if possible.
2. Let’s make fun of the people who don’t agree with us.
3. This will save billions, if not trillions of dollars and make your teeth whiter. (I was joking about the trillions.)
4. There won’t be any new taxes to the middle class.
5. Did I say, “Let’s make fun of those who don’t agree”? Did you hear the one about the “Town Hall” people being staged? Yeah!
6. Most importantly, “Let me be perfectly clear about this”. You should prepare yourself to hear this 30 or so times.

At the end of the speech there may or may not be a rebuttal depending upon which Government Run TV Station you are watching.

In any case everyone will go back to doing what they do and Obama will try and shove this down your throat and make you like it. Nancy Pelosi will still not be able to complete a coherent sentence nor make a complete smile and Harry Reid will still be clueless on how to play in a “Grown Ups” world.

All joking aside... Oh, that is not possible at this time. This is pretty much how I see the ObamaCast playing out. Let me know. I will be watching a DVD of “Botched Lobotomy” starring the cast of the “I Pledge” video.


  1. This is a bit more sarcasm that I'm used to here. I liked it. Well said sir!


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