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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obama: Calculating and Controlling

All of us have known someone who is a “Control Freak” and it may be we ourselves. Those who are the Controllers are under the impression that their ideas, methods, and procedures are the best way for things to be seen, done, or avoided. For those who are associated with these controllers, all their time is spent anticipating or being frustrated by the lack of freedom Controllers cause. Whether intended or not, it is extremely unpleasant to want to exercise a personal freedom, an opinion or an idea only to have it squashed by the nay saying of the controller. Even the control freaks freak-out when their ideas are challenged.

I think it would be fair to say that all of us want to control things to some degree dependent upon the situation. It is probably fair to say that we gravitate toward people who allow that freedom and avoid people who wish to control us. To the casual observer the people we choose to associate with or not to associate with may not be all that obvious. This brings me to the point of my article and that is the current style of the Government under Obama is toward control.

Anita Dunn was the White House communications chief until she stepped down on November 10th. In a famous video Anita talked about the Obama machine’s methods to “control the media.” She states:
"So it was very much we controlled it, as opposed to the press controlled it. And it did not always make us popular with the press. But we increasingly by the general election very rarely did we communicate through the press anything that we didn't absolutely control.”

Now aside from her Maoist infatuation she tells us what the Obama administration was and is all about: control. This seems particularly specific to information and Anita and the White House became embroiled in a dispute about Fox News’s rights and legitimacy as a news organization. It appears that since Fox News couldn’t be controlled they had to be castigated.

There is an old saying about how a business gets and keeps its customers. “How you get them is how you keep them.” I think it an apt proverb for what we see as the tactics of this administration. Normally it is used to reflect upon service or quality. If you get your customers by good service you will keep them the same way. Not only is this the way to achieve your past results but to guarantee your future as well. So, if the Obama approach to winning America’s voters was to control the information they receive it is likely that they will continue to do the same. Actually, everything points toward this very thing.

Recently the Democratic Party of congress has gone toward this very same tactic of controlling information by holding secret meetings and locking meeting rooms to all but the chosen few. Even Nancy Pelosi’s recent press conference on Healthcare Reform was an “Invitations Only” event. Republican staffers were expressly excluded yet the guest list included scores of SEIU and Acorn members. Harry Reid went behind closed doors and refused to let the “other side of the aisle” into committee. All of this brings us to a very serious question. What is wrong with truth that would hurt us?

As recently as this morning, Obama has exhorted that Congress should not investigate the “Fort Hood Shootings”. He claims that it is too soon. Too soon for what? For whom? What harm could possibly come from investigating what transpired to allow 13 Americans to die and 30 injured. As an aside that 13 dead doesn’t include the unborn child that that murdered woman was carrying. No one has yet had the courage to call that murder. Ask the expectant father if when his wife was killed did he lose just a wife or a son or daughter as well. A brief Internet search revealed that 4 high profile murders where a mother and unborn child were killed resulted in 2 charges of murder and not one. Why not at Fort Hood? I could only speculate what Obama told Gates to tell the Generals at fort hood.

Someone very famous once said, “You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.” They are so profound that they are engraved on the U.S. Supreme Court building in D.C. and they come from the one that so many would deny the right to worship him: Jesus.
So I guess you could say that when it comes to “O” I tend to think he is a little freaky…a super freak…when it comes to controlling. As for me I would find someone else’s company more refreshing.


  1. I wish the truth would begin setting us free of this treasonous president.

  2. I wish this president would just crawl under a rock and ... you know the rest.

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